Chapter 149 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

I beg you to get married!

In Jiangning District…

Inside the residential unit of an old neighborhood, Ling Youyu sat on the sofa obediently, blinking her eyes, and her expression a little worried.

Early this morning, she received a call from her grandfather, asking her to come home for something.

Feeling the solemn atmosphere, she roughly guessed what would be talked about. If she was her previous self, she would have been extremely nervous right now, but ever since she met Lin Xian, she had been working hard to change and improve herself every day.

Thinking of Lin Xian, Ling Youyu felt very sweet and happiness couldn’t help but flash in her eyes.

Next to her was Ling Yiyi who was leaning on the sofa with one arm around her daughter’s shoulder. She yawned and complained: “Dad, can we talk about this in the afternoon? Do we really have to do it early in the morning?”

”It’s early in the morning?! Don’t you look at what time is it now?!”

The old man glared at her fiercely and said angrily: “Sit properly for me!”

Hearing that, Ling Yiyi rolled her eyes and straightened up her body obediently, being seated like a student in class.

Ling Yiyi has already developed a conditional reflex for her father’s disciplinary method.

Her father is an old pedantic. He used to teach at Jinda before he retired recently.

When Ling Yiyi was a child, her father was very strict. The young child, Ling Yiyi, almost had no time to play.

Apart from schoolwork, she also learned piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, and singing lessons every day.

It may be that she was too depressed and deprived of enjoyment as a child, that after she went to university, Ling Yiyi became free-spirited.

Seeing her mother being scolded, Ling Youyu couldn’t help but laugh.

”Humph!” The old man hummed coldly.

He then turned his head to look at Ling Youyu. The old man’s expression then became very kind and he said: “Youyu, Grandpa called you here today because there is something I want to tell you.”

Although her grandpa and grandma looked indulgent, she still saw the worry in their eyes

Ling Youyu bit her lip lightly and stuttered: “I, I…I…I know!”

Hearing what she said, the two elderly couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

It is such a relief that she is mentally prepared.

What they were worried the most was that Ling Youyu might be shocked and that she would not accept it

After all, she has congenital stuttering that causes her to be overly sensitive and her personality extremely inferior.

Although they are not related by blood, they have taken care of her for more than ten years and watched her grow up from a young age. How could they have no feelings for her?

For them, she is no less than their real granddaughter.

Her status in the family is even better than Ling Yiyi’s, therefore, they do not want to make her sad.

The two elderly had planned that if she showed any resistance or fear, they would immediately drop the topic and not talk about it again in the future.

Ling Yiyi curled her lips and said, “No need to be too sensitive. When I brought her, she was already four years old. How could she not know at all.”

”Shut up!” Father Ling shouted.

”If it weren’t for you back then, how could there be so many things right now?”

Ling Yiyi interrupted and said, “If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have such a well-behaved granddaughter.

Seeing that the old man seemed angry again, Ling Yiyi’s mother said: “Ling Yiyi, stop talking back to your father. Stop making your father angry!”

Ling Yiyi muttered reluctantly: “Okay then. I will stop. You continue.”

Ling Yiyi’s mother slowly stepped forward and then sat next to Ling Youyu. She embraced her petite body and said kindly: “Youyu, you know all about it, right?”


Ling Youyu nodded.

Seeing that her expression seemed normal, Ling Yiyi’s mother continued to say: “It’s not that grandpa and grandma do not love you, but your mother is not too young anymore. We want her to find someone to marry and have children. In the future, if your mother gets married, you won’t mind right?”

”No… I don’t mind!”

As Ling Youyu said that, she shook her head like a rattle fearing that if she showed a bland reaction her grandparents would misunderstand.

Hearing that her mother was about to get married, her heart did not even fluctuate. She even wanted to laugh a little.

Who can stand such a flaky mom?

Now that she is finally getting married, it feels great!

Hearing this, she suddenly smiled with relief. Ling Yiyi’s mother robbed Ling Youyu’s head fondly and said affectionately: “Our Youyu is really sensible. Nothing will ever change. Grandpa and Grandma will always take care of you.”

”Okay!” Ling Youyu nodded hurriedly.

Even if Ling Yiyi got married, Ling Youyu really didn’t mind.

Even since she was a child, her grandparents have been taking care of her. As for Ling Yiyi, it would already be good if she didn’t mess with her.

Can one even imagine a mom taking her daughter to the nightclub?

Ling Yiyi could do this!

Seeing that the matter was done in just a few words, Ling Yiyi was dumbfounded

She then looked at Ling Youyu suspiciously and raised her eyebrows and asked: “Ling Youyu. What do you mean you don’t mind me getting married? This old lady took you in from the cold wind and took care of you for more than ten years. Now that you have a boyfriend, you want to sell me, right?”

Ling Yiyi’s mother glared at Ling Yiyi and said: “How could you talk like that?!”

Ling Youyu blushed when she heard the word ‘boyfriend’ and then lowered her head and didn’t speak.

Ling Yiyi’s father said: “Ling Yiyi, don’t divert the topic. Today is all about you. Now that Youyu has already expressed her opinion on the matter and said she doesn’t mind you getting married and having children. We shall take care of her in the future. Your mother and I will be responsible for Youyu’s future. We won’t rush you, but you must say something yourself, when will you get married?”


Ling Yiyi hesitated and then said: “Actually, I, I…like women…”

Ling Yiyi’s mother’s reaction was plain. She held her daughter and sneered and said: “You used that excuse already. Qin Shi went here especially to apologize.”

”Haha, really?”

Ling Yiyi scratched her head in embarrassment while thinking of some other excuse.

Finally, under her parents’ gaze, she spread her hands and said seriously: “Do I really have to be married? I think I already live a happy life now. Life is short and there are so many interesting things to do in life. Why would I waste my time on things that I don’t like?”

Ling Yiyi’s father took a deep breath and said calmly: “Let me ask you this. You are already 33 years old. How many more years are you planning to just fool around? What will you do when you’re old? What would you do if you got sick? What would you do when you feel lonely?”

”Setting aside the family traditions and the eyes of your relatives and friends, do you really not want to have a genuine relationship? Life is all about the journey. As your father, I don’t want you to just experience half of it. In the end, you will regret you didn’t experience it!”

”I am just here to say these things to you. Think about it yourself!”

After all that was said, the old man stood up and walked out of the living room with a somewhat lonely back.

Ling Yiyi sat on the sofa in a daze. After some time, she patted her head and finally recovered herself and said: “That’s amazing. My father really deserves to be a teacher of philosophy. He almost fooled me!”


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