Chapter 106 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Wang Zejing is…

The subject of his sketch is still the water cup.

After finishing the sketch, Lin Xian took out yesterday’s output to compare and he couldn’t help but nod.

“Very good. There is slight progress. At least today’s water cup looks more rounded and realistic.”


The bedroom door was pushed open.

Lin Xian saw Wang Zejing walking into the living room with one hand on his waist and the other carrying a small bag.

His face was sullen and there are two visible dark circles under his eyes.

Seeing this, Lin Xian couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Lao Wang, were you sucked dry by a demoness?”

Hearing this, Wang Zejing showed a smile uglier than crying and said: “I twisted my waist by accident yesterday, so I went to have some medicine prescribed in the morning.”

‘Twisted your waist?’

‘Then why did you buy Liu Wei Di Huang Teapills?”

Lin Xian could clearly see the five characters on the medicine inside the plastic bag.

‘Liu Wei Di Huang Teapills!’

“Lao Wang, Didn’t I tell you yesterday, senior sisters from Jincai are not something that ordinary men can handle!” Lin Xian patted Wang Zejing’s shoulder and said bitterly.


Wang Zejing said pretentiously: “Brother Lin, are you joking. I really just twisted my waist”

Seeing that he was still trying to maintain his dignity as a man, Lin Xian did not go any further.

He patted him on the shoulder and said seriously, “Okay. I believe in you. But remember to take care of your body!”

“By the way, I won’t go to class today. If the professor calls my name, Brother Lin, please answer it for me and I will treat you to dinner later.”

After he finished speaking, Wang Zejing walked back to the bedroom while holding his waist.

After the door of the bedroom was close, Lin Xian couldn’t hold it and laughed out loud.

After some time, Zhang Kai and several others got up one after another.

After getting ready, they walked toward the teaching building with their books in their hands.

On the way, Zhang Kai asked suddenly: “By the way, is brother Wang back?”

“Yes. He came back early!”

After Lei Hongguang replied, he suddenly lowered his voice and said, “Let us not aim for senior sisters. I think freshman girls are better.”

“Why? That wasn’t what you said yesterday.” Zhang Kai wondered.

Just like Wang Zixuan, Zhang Kai also is a mensao. He dares to say anything in private. But if he really faced a girl alone, he couldn’t say a thing.

They can only pin their hopes on the dorm socializing.

Hearing this, Lei Hongguang gave him a strange look and said, “I won’t go anyway. I think that freshman girls are better.”

He must have witnessed Wang Zejing’s tragic situation and was probably frightened.

The class in the morning was Chinese. But for Lin Xian, no class is as important as mathematics.

Ling Youyu came very early and her petite figure sat alone in the back row.

Lin Xian sat down beside her and said, “That doll is very cute. I like it very much!”


Ling Youyu clasped the ballpoint pen tightly in her small hand and blushed.

“For real!’

Lin Xian nodded and asked curiously, “Did you buy that doll or did you make it yourself?”

With simple short words, Ling Youyu can speak properly, but once it exceeds five words, it is better to write it.

Lin Xian saw her holding a pen and writing on the paper: “I made it myself.”

“It is very cute!” Lin Xian praised with a smile.

Lin Xian didn’t expect her to have such skill.

And honestly, the doll is really cute.

After receiving such a compliment, Ling Youyu’s face turned even red.

Thinking of her 90 point-figure, Lin Xian couldn’t help but glance at her front.

After hesitating for a moment, Lin Xian finally couldn’t help but ask softly: “Ling Youyu, what is the size of your underwear?”


Ling Youyu exhaled softly her pretty face turned red instantly like ripe cherry and bury her face down on the table like an ostrich.


Seeing this scene, Lin Xian couldn’t help but laugh.

This girl is so sensitive!

Lin Xian only speculated before, but now he can be sure that if he kisses her, she will surely faint!

Thinking of this, Lin Xian did not dare to tease her anymore, so he just opened Xu Senlin’s “Mathematical Analysis” and began to read the book seriously.

The scene just now was witnessed by many girls in the class and so they gathered in twos or threes to gossip.

“Heh! What a pretentious girl!” A long-haired girl glanced at Ling Youyu and sneered.

“Who made her so pretty!”

“What is the use of being pretty? With just her short legs, when the freshness is gone, Lin Xian would lose interest in her.”

“I heard that Ling Youyu seems to have congenital stuttering. Isn’t it a bit bad to say ill things about her?” A girl hesitated and said.

“Who knows if she’s just faking it? Forget it. Let’s not talk about her?


Their professor was a middle-aged woman named Gu Hai.

It can be perhaps her constant exposure to language that gave her a bookish aura. And with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, she has that very intellectual feel.

There were no roll calls and even signing for attendance.

After putting down the textbook, Gu Hai gave a brief self-introduction and then began to lecture.

Although the professor does not check the attendance, she likes to ask questions. In just ten minutes, three students were asked to stand up and answer questions.

Lin Xian was focused on reading the book when he suddenly heard Gu Hai’s voice.

“Student Wang Zejing, please answer what was the earliest collection of poetry in the pre-Qin period?”

‘Wang Zejing?’

Hearing the name, Lei Hongguang raised his eyebrow.

Lin Xian sighed and stood up slowly.

There is no other way since he had promised Lao Wang, he must keep his promise.

“The earliest collection of poetry is the ‘Book of Songs’!”

Fortunately, the question that Gu Hai asked was not that difficult and the answer can be found in the book. She just wanted to ask so as to check whether the students were listening in class.

Gu Hai looked at Lin Xian and smiled slightly and nodded and said, “Very good, please take a seat.”

Lin Xian frowned. He felt that Teacher Gu Hai’s smile seemed teasing him.

Not long after Lin Xian sat down, Teacher Gu Hai asked again, “Which book of poetry did the earliest source of romanticism come from? Student Lin Xian, please answer this question.

‘What the hell?!’

At this moment, Lin Xian finally understood the meaning of Professor Gu Hai’s smile.

For a time, more than 200 students looked at Lin Xian strangely.

At this point, how could Lin Xian not understand?

Gu Hai knew him obviously, so when he stood up for Wang Zejing, she immediately called him afterward.


It is not so good to be so famous!

Lin Xian sighed, stood up again, and replied, “The source is Verses of Chu!”

Gu Hai’s smile was the same as she teased: “Lin Xian looks very familiar!”

Suddenly, the students couldn’t hold it any longer and there came bursts of laughter in the classroom.


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