Chapter 148 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Little salted fish!

Lin Xian smiled and said, “It is very cute.”

Humans have a natural yearning for beautiful things as they can bring them a sense of joy.

This little kitten is so cute and plump that you can’t help but touch them. And this little kitten does not seem to be afraid of people. He kept his little tail up and kept spinning around Lin Xian’s feet and from time to time leaned forward to smell them.

Keeping a cat is easier than keeping a dog.

That is because cats are relatively lazy and not very hyper that they would pester their owners every time.

They can just stay still.

And they’re also quiet compared to dogs.

It would be good for Zhuang Tong to keep a cat with her.

Kneeling down and touching his head a few times, Lin Xian asked: “By the way, did you have him vaccinated and dewormed?”

”He already received his first shot and as for the rabies vaccine, we will have to wait for some time to get them.”

Zhuang Tong continued: “Don’t worry, Qinqing and I used to go to the cat café. The environment is very clean and the lady boss also takes good care of the cats.”

What’s frightening is to buy a sick cat. It is a trivial matter to spend money to treat the disease but the reason for sick cats can be caused by the unhygienic environment.

Lin Xian felt relieved when Zhuang Tong said that.

The little kitten is very plump and feels very good to the touch. It seems that the food it takes before is really of good quality.

The little kitten seemed to enjoy being touched as he squinted and licked Lin Xian’s fingers from time to time.

”Have you named him?”

Upon hearing this, Nie Qingqing couldn’t help but laugh and say on behalf of Zhuang Tong: “Zhuang Tong named him ‘Salted Fish’.”(T/N: 咸鱼 = Xianyu = Salted Fish)

”Salted Fish?”

Lin Xian immediately laughed and said, “You’re putting your life ideals on it, aren’t you?”

”Yes, I am the big salted fish, and so he is the little salted fish!”

Zhuang Tong smiled and hugged the kitten and said, “Little salted fish, you like it, right?”

Except for the cat’s necessities, Zhuang Tong also bought a small playground for little salted fish.

Anyway, the house is just for the two of them. There is more than enough space for little salted fish to play around.

After teasing little salted fish for a while, Lin Xian finally sat on the hanging chair on the balcony and picked up “The Interpretation of Dreams” and continued reading the same.

Zhuang Tong glanced at the title of the book and could not help but ask: ”Dear, are you interested in psychology this time around?”

Lin Xian replied without raising his head, “Right, I went to Jinda for a class yesterday and it was quite interesting.”

Upon hearing this, Nie Qingqing could not help but give Lin Xian a weird look.

She has seen a lot of rich second-generation and even had contact with some. But this is the first time she has met a rich person who is as unique as Lin Xian.

He is into playing the guitar, is a mathematics genius, good at painting, and is now interested and studying psychology.

And these are just what she knows, there are probably more that she doesn’t know

Is this what a rich second-generation should do?

The more she knows about him, the more mysterious he feels.

Especially last night when Zhuang Tong gave her a video wherein he had beaten down three men in just ten seconds.

At that time, she thought it was shooting for some movie as Lin Xian seemed quite professional.

After all, in real life, who can kick a person and end up three to four meters away?

But then when she learned that the clip was from a real surveillance video, Nie Qingqing was dumbfounded.

Zhuang Tong glanced at Nie Qingqing and evoked a meaningful smile.

Her best friend seems to be sinking deeper and deeper~



Early next morning…

Lin Xian felt a little itchy in his neck and his cheeks a little moist.

He slowly opened his eyes and saw that salted fish had climbed onto the bed and at some point was lying on his pillow.


Even with his short legs, which are less than 10 centimeters, it can still climb up the bed.

When the little salted fish saw that he was awake, he opened his mouth and meowed at him a few times.

The voice is very soft and cute.

Lin Xian rubbed his face and sat up.

He then touched Zhuang Tong who was sleeping next to him and asked, “Dear, salted fish has been calling at me. Is he hungry?”

”If he is, then can you go feed him?”

Zhuang Tong pursed her mouth and replied in a coquettish tone.

After that, she changed to a more comfortable position and continued to sleep.

Lin Xian then said helplessly: “But I do not know how to do it!”

”There is some sheep milk powder on the balcony. You can make a little bit of milk and then throw in some cat food into it.” Zhuang Tong closed her eyes and said in a daze.


Hearing this, Lin Xian stood up and took salted fish in his arms.

He went all the way to the balcony and saw a can of milk powder and a bag of cat food beside a food bowl.

Salted fish seemed to know that Lin Xian was going to prepare breakfast for him, and he was extremely excited so he ran back and forth in those short legs.

After the cat food got soaked in the milk, Lin Xian reached out and tested out the temperature.

Then he put the same on the ground when he saw that the temperature was okay.

Salted fish was indeed hungry and immediately leaned forward and ate his food.

After eating, little salted fish shook his head and returned to the soft cat litter contentedly.

Lin Xian glanced at the time and found that it was already almost seven o’clock so he washed up and ran downstairs for his morning run.

After his morning routine, he practiced sketching for an hour as usual and then drove to school.

After parking the car, Lin Xian could not help but freeze as soon as he walked out of the parking lot.

He saw Qi Zhenzhen standing under the tree. It seemed that she was waiting for someone.

Walking forward, Lin Xian smiled and said: “Good morning class president!”

Qi Zhenzhen raised her head and summoned the courage to say: “Lin Xian, I know that you have a girlfriend, but I won’t give up!”

After saying that, Qi Zhenzhen turned around and left.

Looking at her back, Lin Xian was a little confused.

She waited in the parking lot early in the morning just to say this?

But he found this girl quite interesting.

Lin Xian smiled and walked to the teaching building with a book in his hand.

When he came to the classroom, Lin Xian was a little surprised.

He found it strange that he did not see Ling Youyu on the way today and he did not also find her in the classroom.

Did she overslept?

He waited for a little while. When the class bell rang, she still did not come.

Lin Xian then took out his mobile phone and sent her a message.

A few minutes later, Ling Youyu replied: “I have something to do today so I asked for a leave to go home.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian put away his mobile phone took out his book, and began to read again.

But after a few minutes, he raised his head again

There is no way, Zhang Kai and others who were seated near him gave him goosebumps from their stares.

Lin Xian lowered his voice and asked, “What’s the matter with you?”

”Brother Lin, you are too much!” Zhang Kai’s tone was full of resentment.

Lei Hongguang echoed: “You registered for the 100m and 200m. You only left us to the 400m. Isn’t that a bit too inhumane?!”

Sun Jiacheng then said angrily: “Aren’t you guys ashamed to say that? You mean you’re leaving the 5000m and shot-put to me? Are you guys even human?”

Hearing this, Lin Xian curled his lips and whispered: “As soon as the sports competition is over, I will take you to the Red Bath Spa Clubhouse to relax.”

”I always knew that Brother Lin was not that kind of person. The events are interesting anyway! “ Zhang Kai’s expression changed, and then he gave a thumbs up.

Lei Hongguang pushed his glasses up and said seriously: “I got it wrong. Brother Lin just wants to train us. I accept this teaching! As for the spa… if Brother Lin insists, we cannot refuse.”


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