Chapter 108 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Are you sure you’re the mother?

Not long after Zhang Kai and the others left, they saw Lin Xian holding Ling Youyu in his arms hurrying out of the classroom.

“Holy shit!”

Zhang Kai suddenly exclaimed.

Lei Hongguang was also stunned and couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Lin, what’s wrong?”

“It’s okay, she fainted just now. I will take her to the infirmary.”

Lin Xian didn’t have the time to chat with them, so after leaving a few sentences, he hurriedly left.

Zhang Kai and Lei Hongguang looked at each other in shock.


Zhang Kai took a deep breath and said: “As expected of Brother Lin, his level is too high.”

Wang Meng who was also on the side spoke suddenly, “Guys, how do you think Ling Youyu fainted?”


Zhang Kai suddenly let out a strange lewd laugh.…


To be honest, Ling Youyu is not too light contrary to how she looked.

Her weight should be about 80 jin. (T/N: 1 jin = 0.5 Kg)

Lin Xian gasped for air as he walked while carrying Ling Youyu all the way from the teaching building to the infirmary.

When the nurse on duty saw him walking in carrying a little girl in his arms, she hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong with her?”

“She fainted!”

Lin Xian put Ling Youyu down on the bed and gasped.

The nurse stepped forward and asked, “Why did she faint? How long has it been? Does she have any heart condition?”


Lin Xian hesitated but still said, “I kissed her just now, and then she passes out. That should be about 10 minutes ago.”

‘What the heck?

The nurse turned her head and looked at Lin Xian in disbelief.

“It’s true. I am not kidding!”

Although somewhat shameful, Lin Xian answered truthfully to not jeopardize the treatment.

‘Why do I feel like you’re teasing me!’

The nurse suppressed her doubt, turned to check, and ask: “Did she have any problems with her body before? For example, a heart condition or any other illnesses?”

After all, there are many possible reasons why a person faints and it is important to ask questions in order to rule out some illnesses.

“I don’t know about this that much. Can you wait a moment while I call her family and ask?”

Lin Xian took a step forward and took out the phone from Ling Youyu’s pocket.

After raising her little hand and unlocking it with her fingerprint, Lin Xian went through her contacts and quickly found her mother’s phone number.

As soon as he dialed, it didn’t take long for the opposite line to answer.

“Who are you?”

Before Lin Xian could speak, a silvery voice came from the other side sounding very wary.

Lin Xian was stunned for a moment and asked curiously, “How do you know that this is not Ling Youyu?”


Ling Youyu’s mother on the other line snorted proudly and said, “Because my daughter never calls me!”

‘Damn it!’

‘What’s going on with your proud tone?’

Shouldn’t you worry first to find out that your daughter’s phone is in someone else’s hands?

‘Moreover, regarding Ling Youyu never calling you. It seems that there is nothing to be proud of!’

Lin Xian resist the urge to complain but said instead, “Excuse me, are you Ling Youyu’s mother?”


After Ling Youyu’s mother complained, she asked. “By the way, why is my daughter’s cell phone with you?”

‘Your reflex and focus seem a bit…’

Lin Xian coughed twice and said, “Auntie, I am Ling Youyu’s classmate. She suddenly fainted a while ago. We are now in the school’s infirmary. The nurse asked about Ling Youyu’s health condition. Does she have any illness?”

“Fainted? Why did she faint?” Ling Youyu’s mother asked in surprise.

“Uh…I accidentally kissed her and then she fainted.” Lin Xian said awkwardly.

It was fine saying so to the nurse just now, but it is not so easy saying the same to Ling Youyu’s mother

After Lin Xian finished speaking, the person on the other line fell silent.

Lin Xian raised his brows and felt a bad premonition.


There was a sudden burst of laughter on the phone.

The laughter was very pure, you can tell that she is really happy.


Lin Xian couldn’t help but take a deep breath and felt like his trigeminal nerve are tingling.

‘Are you sure you’re the mother?’

Although Lin Xian did not put the call on loudspeaker, due to the proximity, the nurse overheard the conversation between the two.

And at that moment she asked incredulously, “Did you make the wrong call?”

How can there be such a mother?

Not only did the nurse think so but also Lin Xian believed that he might have indeed made a wrong call.

“Auntie, can you tell me first. Is there any problem with Ling Youyu’s body?” Lin Xian interrupted.

After seemingly getting tired of laughing, Ling Youyu’s mother said, “She is in good health. Wait, I will go over now!”

After that, Ling Youyu’s mother hung up the phone in a hurry.

Lin Xian felt that Ling Youyu’s mother did not decide to come because she was worried, but she simply wanted to come to watch the excitement!

“I asked already. Her mother said that she is fine.

Lin Xian then added: “By the way, she has a very sensitive character and is easily agitated.”

When the nurse heard about it, and after checking for a while, she said, “Don’t worry, she’s fine! It’s just that she was too agitated, which deprives the brain of oxygen and causes her to lose her consciousness.”

Hearing this, Lin Xian was relieved and asked, “When will she wake up?”

The nurse glanced at Ling Youyu and said meaningfully, “Let’s see, when she wants to wake up.”

Lin Xian instantly understood her meaning.

‘Damn it!’

This little girl has been awake for a long time, but out of shyness, she has been deliberately pretending to be unconscious.

“You can stay here with her!”

The nurse shook her head helplessly, turned, and walked out of the ward.

Lin Xian moved a chair and sat beside the bed.

He rubbed Ling Youyu’s face.

Looking at her slightly trembling eyelashes, Lin Xian couldn’t help but pinch her little face and say with a smile: “Wake up and open your eyes!”


Ling Youyu let out a soft voice. Hearing that she has already been caught, she could only slowly open her eyes.

She immediately looked away like a frightened deer and a faint blush appeared on her cheeks.

Lin Xian asked with concern, “Do you want some water?”

Ling Youyu gently shook her head and after hesitating for a while, gathered the courage to say,

”I…I I I want…I want to hear…”

“Want to hear me sing?” Lin Xian asked.

“Hmmn-hmmmn!” She nodded and smiled.

Two cute little dimples appeared on her face.

Lin Xian smiled and asked, “What song do you want to listen to?”

“Little…little little…little dimples!”

After that, Ling Youyu hurriedly closed her eyes.

Her shy appearance looks so cute.


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