Chapter 11 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Is this the life of the rich?

While Lin Xian was paying for the watch, Wang Lan couldn’t help but sigh and said: “I didn’t know that your little boyfriend is actually a rich second generation.”

“Wh… what Boyfriend? We are just classmates.” Yan Xiaoman explained quickly.

“You still deny it to me?”

Wang Lan smiled narrowly: “Do I still not understand you? Since childhood, when did you get so close to a boy?”

Yan Xiaoman’s pretty face turned red slightly.

Glancing at Lin Xian’s back, Yan Xiaoman proudly said: “We are just classmates. I only invited him to dinner because I owe him a favor!”

“Lin Xian’s family should be rich, right?” Wang Lan asked.

A watch that is worth more than 200,000 yuan was bought in less than a minute from presentation to the process of paying.

Although Wang Lan’s family status is pretty good, she believes that she is really incomparable with Lin Xian.

Her BMW MINI cost around two hundred to three hundred thousand, but one has to know the difference between a car and a watch.

Cars can be regarded as necessities, while watches are not.

Moreover, the car was taken out by her parents after she got admitted to graduate school, and she had to pay the car loan every month.

In order to buy her car, she worked hard for half a month, gone into seven or eight 4S shops before she finally decided after multiple comparisons. (T/N: vehicle sales (Sale), parts (Sparepart), service (Service), information feedback (Survey))

But what about Lin Xian?

He bought a watch that is more than 200,000 yuan and decided only for a minute as if buying a cup of milk tea for 20 yuan…

Calculating in proportion to his spending, Wang Lan estimated that Lin Xian’s assets should be at least 100 million yuan.

Hearing her cousin’s question, Yan Xiaoman frowned slightly and said: “I don’t know about Lin Xian’s family. He is usually quiet at school and I didn’t see anything special about him. He often rides a small electric bike to and from school. He is no different from ordinary students”

Upon hearing this, Wang Lan recalled how the process of interacting with Lin Xian earlier.

He is obviously very rich, but he wears ordinary clothes and does not look at branded ones. His personality is not intimidating, on the contrary, very low-key.

Being able to be cool while sitting on the suitcases represents an easygoing personality.

Suddenly, Wang Lan’s favorability towards Lin Xian soared high.

Thinking of these, Wang Lan lowered her voice and said: “There are very few boys like him Xiaoman. You have to hurry up. Otherwise, he will definitely attract a lot of girls when you wait for college.”

Yan Xiaoman didn’t think that much. She has just graduated from high school and had never been in contact with society. She is an innocent girl, full of longing for love. She doesn’t pay much attention to money either.

This is true for a girl at this young age. The reason they would like someone is due to very simple things like a man wearing a clean shirt, or he had beautiful handwriting, etc…

In fact, Yan Xiaoman felt very strange. For the three years in high school, she and Lin Xian didn’t have much interaction. They didn’t even say a few words to each other.

It wasn’t until they met at the bus station that they became gradually acquainted.

Although Lin Xian always bullied her and made her teeth itchy out of anger, Yan Xiaoman actually didn’t hate him.

On the contrary, she felt comfortable and pleasant around him.

“I don’t really care. I’m not his girlfriend.”

Yan Xiaoman thought that this bastard hasn’t confessed to her yet. And even if he did, she might not accept his feelings.


Seeing the arrogant expression of Yan Xiaoman, Wang Lan didn’t speak but smiled meaningfully.

She knew very well that her cousin also likes Lin Xian, but she is just too arrogant and doesn’t want to say it.

After Lin Xian swiped his bank card to pay, the reward followed immediately.


[The consumption crit is 380%, and the rebate amount is 851,200 yuan!]


‘Seems I am in good luck. I bought a watch, but I made more than 600,000 yuan.’

In addition, his level has also successfully risen to LV3.

Host: Lin Xian

Grade: LV3

LV3 Privilege Reward: Every time you blink, you will get 0.4 yuan.

Upgrade experience: 0/1,000,000 (Experience points can only be obtained through spending, not through loans or money earned!)

System Shop : [Mystery tape] (PS: 24 hours after purchasing the merchandise, the system shop will refresh again.)

Props: None

Skill: [Driving a Ferrari with one hand]

Amount: 867,822.3 yuan

After the level is upgraded to LV3, the amount obtained doubled again and became 0.4 yuan.

The daily income has also changed from 3,800 to 7,600.

That will be more than 200,000 yuan a month which is one step closer to the Ferrari!

The system shop was also successfully opened, but the merchandise in it made Lin Xian a little confused.

But Lin Xian decided to wait until he gets back to the hotel and studies it slowly.

At this time, sherry asked: “Mr. Lin, do you want to wear the watch now or shall I pack it for you?”

“I will wear it now!”


Sherry smiled and nodded then picked up the watch and gently put it on Lin Xian.

Looking at the watch on his wrist and feeling the slight coolness coming from it, Lin Xian smiled and was very satisfied. “Looks very good. Thank you for your recommendation.”

“It is my honor to be able to serve you.” Sherry said humbly and then continued: “In addition, we will give you two straps for free, one made of crocodile leather, and the other of rubber, to ensure that you can wear it in any environment. You can wear it to match your clothes for any occasion.”

After putting the gift strap in the box, she also put her business card inside and smiled: “Mr. Lin, if you have any question about the watch in the future, you can always contact me.”

“Finally, I sincerely thank you for choosing Vacheron Constantin. We guarantee that this will be your most satisfying shopping experience.”

Holding the shopping bag, Lin Xian said to Yan Xiaoman and Wang Lan: “I am finished. Let’s go!”

Yan Xiaoman looked curiously. She looked at the watch and wondered: “Lin Xian, why did you think of buying a watch? I remembered you didn’t wear a watch before.”

Lin Xian then joked: “It is too plain to drive a Ferrari with one hand, so I bought a watch to decorate it.”

Speaking of a Ferrari, Yan Xiaoman recalled suddenly the last time that Lin Xian bullied her at the bus station, and she couldn’t help but grind her teeth.

Wang Lan and Sherry on the side couldn’t help but twitch their mouths. Lin Xian felt that driving a Ferrari with one hand is too plain, so he spent more than 200,000 yuan on a watch just to decorate it…?

Is this the life of the rich?’


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