Chapter 126 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Earn some extra money!

The West Street at night is the busiest in Panyu District.

It becomes a night market with stalls lined up on both sides of the street and is visited by a huge number of people.

The driver stopped the car at the intersection and said, “Mr. Lin, this is as far as I can go. I cannot get in anymore!”


Lin Xian took out a 200 yuan tip and handed the same to the driver and said, “You may go back to the hotel now. I will call you to come and pick me up when it is time.”

After receiving the tip, the driver smiled enthusiastically and replied: “No problem. I will wait for your notice at any time.”

When the three got out of the car, they immediately received countless gazes.

Lin Xian looked around and asked, “There are so many blacks in Yangcheng?”

”It’s quite a lot, especially in Panyu District. You can see it everywhere.”

Tang Ping continued: “There used to be a lot more before. I heard there’s been a lot of deportations over the years. However, there are still many who sneaked into Yangcheng. The citizens reported then and they were given 500 yuan as a reward!”

Hearing this, Lin Xian glanced at him and smiled. “How many have you reported?”

”Hehe! Not much! Three or four? Just to make some extra money!” Tang Ping scratched his head.

Zhuang Tong wondered: “Well, how can you tell they’re to be reported?”

”There is no distinguishing factor. But 95% of them are illegal migrants. In fact, very few of them come through formal channels and legal procedures.” Tang Ping explained.

While talking the three of them arrived in front of the convenience store.

Tang Ping pointed to the convenience store and introduced: “Liao Jie works at this convenience store. But he is on the night shift. And so, he will basically show up after 11 o’clock.”

”Mr. Lin, do you want to in and find him!”

”No. Let us take a stroll first!”

Lin Xian waved his hand and took Zhuang Tong around the night market with interest.

The night market sells a lot of things, from pets to clothes, everything you could ever think of.

Zhuang Tong bought a selfie stick from one of the stalls, hooked her phone to it, and took Lin Xian to take a lot of photos.

In less than an hour, Lin Xian was already carrying a lot of things in his hands.

They are only small things, not worth a lot of money. But Zhuang Tong seems to like them a lot, saying she wanted to buy them and use them to decorate their house.

Tang Ping followed them from behind, like a devoted bodyguard.

After strolling for a while, Lin Xian took the two to a teahouse.

Yangcheng can lack anything except for the teahouse.

You can find a teahouse on any street.

In the morning, at night, or at any time, you can see groups of guests in the teahouse. Drinking tea is part of the culture of the people in Yangcheng.

One can spend a whole day comfortably just by ordering a pot of tea, a few snacks, and a newspaper.

Lin Xian admits that he feels he can fit in this kind of lifestyle of the people of Yangcheng which is particularly relaxed.

Chicken feet are almost a must to be ordered in the teahouse.

Lin Xian ordered a pot of Pu’er tea, chicken feet, beef short ribs, and shrimp dumplings. The three ate and drank leisurely while admiring the night view downstairs. It was a pleasurable experience.

Drinking a cup of Pu’er tea on a slightly chilly night makes the whole body warm.

Lin Xian put down the teacup and asked: “How did you find Liao Jie?”

”To be honest, I didn’t look for Liao Jie first, but the former owner of the Jirui Hotel, who also happens to be the owner of the convenience store where Liao Jie worked!” Tang Ping smiled.

”Tell me in detail.”

Lin Xian was interested and realized that the events of that time didn’t involve only Liao Jie.

Tang Ping sighed for a moment and then said: “I do not know the specifics, but I heard that Jirui Hotel had a new owner 20 years ago. The former owner disappeared for a while and then opened a new business in West Street in recent years, which is that convenience store.”

The owner of the well-known Jirui Hotel disappears for while and then opens a convenience store instead. There is definitely a story behind it!

The interest manifested in Lin Xian’s eyes grew stronger over time.

Lin Xian asked, “How is the business of Ji Rui Hotel now?”

Tang Ping nodded and replied: “It is doing very good. It is said that if you wish to go to Jirui Hotel for dinner, you have to book at least one week in advance. It is almost full every day!”

Hype and marketing methods may attract a lot of customers in a short time. But then, if you really want to have repeat customers for 20 years, the key is that the restaurant’s dishes must be very delicious.

It seems that the new boss who took over the business back then is not simple!

At this moment, Tang Ping interrupted: “Mr. Lin, look there is Liao Jie!”

Lin Xian looked in the direction of his fingers and saw an old man with a beard and shabby look, walking to a roadside stall and sitting down.

His hair seems to not have been cut for several months already and he wore a convenience store uniform.

If Lin Xian didn’t know his real age, he would think that he should be at least between 60 to 70 years old.

”Mr. Lin, is it him you were looking for?”

Lin Xian shook his head and replied: “I am not certain yet. I will have to go down and take a look!”

”I’ll go with you!” Zhuang Tong stood up and initiated.

After paying the bill, the three walked quickly downstairs and towards the roadside stall.

Seeing them, the owner of the stall immediately came to them and asked enthusiastically: “What would the three of you like to eat?”

”Dry fry rice noodles with beef!”After ordering, Lin Xian sat opposite Liao Jie.

He had his head lowered at this time while eating a bowl of seafood noodles. After eating two bites, he seemed to have sensed something and so he put down his chopsticks and took out a small bottle of baijiu from his pocket. (T/N: Chinese colorless liquor)

He opened the cap and took two sips before he lowered his head again to eat the noodles.

Seeing this, Lin Xian whispered: “Master Liao Jie!”

But the other party didn’t seem to hear anything as he continued to eat.

”Master Liao Jie!” Lin Xian said again.

Still, there was no response.

At that moment, the boss came up to deliver the Dry fry rice noodles with beef and said, “You are too soft-spoken. He can’t hear it!”

After that, the boss leaned to Liao Jie’s ear and shouted: “Liao Jie!”

Liao Jie slowly raised his head, plucked his ears, and said: “Why are you shouting?”

The boss pointed to Lin Xian and then said loudly: “This young man seems to know you.”

Hearing that, Liao Jie looked at Lin Xian a few times and asked: “What do you want?”

Lin Xian asked: “Master Liao Jie, do you know Gao Jianxiang?”

”Gao Jianxiang?”

Liao Jie frowned and said: “Maybe I do, or maybe not. I don’t remember!”

”I came to Yangcheng to ask you if you can cook a yellow croaker soup for me. The price is up to you!” Lin Xian said seriously.

”I don’t know how to make yellow croaker soup. You made a mistake!” Liao Jie ignored him and continued to eat while drinking.

He eats very quickly. He finished a bowl of noodles in just a few bites. He wiped his mouth and stood up swaying. He then walked in the direction of the convenience store.

”What should we do now?” Zhuang Tong asked.

Lin Xian smiled slightly and said, “Follow him!”


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