Chapter 128 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

In the world’s martial arts, speed is unbeatable!

There were three men in front and then two at the back.

Moreover, each of them is tall and strong looking. The tallest one is about 1.9 meters, his shirt can’t even hold up the chunk of his muscle.

”Robbery?” Lin Xian said coldly.

The crime rate in Yangcheng is high, and there have been frequent robberies and harassment towards women.

Lin Xian did not expect that he would encounter this just a day after he arrived at Yangcheng.

Tang Ping frowned and said, “Mr. Lin, it may be more than just a robbery. The man who seems to be the leader is a bit familiar. He seems to be the one I reported the other day.”

”So it’s revenge!” Lin Xian said calmly.

”Mr. Lin, I am really sorry that I caused trouble. I will try my best to hold them back for some time. You and Miss Zhuang can take the opportunity to run back to the convenience store to call the police.”

As expected of someone who used to be a mercenary. Tang Ping’s mental quality is quite excellent. Even in this situation, he can quickly come up with the most logical response.

Moreover, the first thing he thought of was to hold these men so Lin Xian can run first.

This kind of person is worthy of a deep friendship.

The robbers got closer and are looking at them playfully.

Zhuang Tong swallowed. Although her expression was calm, Lin Xian could feel that her body was trembling slightly while hugging his arm.

The distance was getting closer, and Lin Xian saw clearly that one of the robbers was holding a fruit knife in his hand.

The fruit knife is more than 30 centimeters long and shone under the dimly yellow streetlamp.

Lin Xian then whispered: “Tang Ping, the other two robbers, I will let you handle them!”


Tang Ping was taken aback.

He was very nervous at the moment and did not react for a while.

”I will leave the last two to you. Can you handle them?” Lin Xian repeated.

Hearing this, Tang Ping said anxiously: “Mr. Lin. Don’t be impulsive. They have a weapon. Listen to me, take Miss Zhuang, and run first!”

That fruit knife is not a joke.

If the same is used to stab the upper body, it can be fatal.

If it was a one-on-one battle, Tang Ping is confident to win against the opponent easily.

But their opponent is five people, and they even have weapons. And they are only three and Zhuang Tong is a woman who does not know how to fight.

Lin Xian chuckled lightly and said in an indisputable tone: “It is settled. I leave the other two to you.”

At this moment, the five robbers had already surrounded the three of them, blocking any way to escape.

The leader took a look at Lin Xian and then set his eyes on Zhuang Tong, his eyes full of obscenity.

Lin Xian said calmly: “Zhuang Tong, put your hands in your head and then squat down. Don’t stand up unless I tell you!”

Although she doesn’t understand why Lin Xian asked her that, out of her trust in him, Zhuang Tong just obeyed and do as she was told.

Lin Xian asked her to do this so as to protect her.

Once the fight begins, it would be difficult for him to look after her in the midst of chaos. And the opponent also possesses a murder weapon.

If she squatted, even if she gets injured, it should only be a minor injury.

”Money, woman, I want!”

It seemed that it hasn’t been long since this robber arrived in Yangcheng and so his Mandarin is awkward.

Hearing this, Lin Xian evoked a chilly smile and slowly took out his wallet from his pocket.

After opening his wallet, he took out a thick bundle of money.

The bundle seems to be at least more than ten thousand yuan.

When the three robbers in front saw this, their eyes lit up.

The leader stepped forward and stretched out his hand and rudely grabbed the money from Lin Xian.

”Do it!”

At that moment, however, Lin Xian yelled and suddenly slammed the money in his hand against the leader’s head.

One of the leader’s eyes was hit causing him to shriek painfully.

The money flew in the sky like there was a rain of money.

At the same time, Lin Xian moved.

Like a cheetah, he swiftly jumped into the leader.

With the blessing of the [Hoodlum in a suit] skill, Lin Xian completely erupted.

”Bang! Bang! Bang!!!”

In just one second, Lin Xian threw seven punches very fast that only the afterimages could be seen.

This is the ultimate meaning of Jeet Kuno Do, rapid!

In the world’s martial arts, speed is unbeatable!

Theoretically, when you are fast enough, no one can be your opponent.

In addition to his speed, Lin Xian’s strength is also massive.

With the blessing of skills, his strength in every punch can reach the level of an MMA fighter. Although it can’t match the strength of a heavyweight, it is more than enough to knock out a person.

The seven punches he threw all hit the opponent’s chin.

Lin Xian clearly heard the sound of jaw bone cracking…

The leader didn’t even know what’s going on, he just see darkness in front of him and pain in his jaw, and then he lose consciousness

From throwing money to punching, it only took two seconds!

Not to mention them, even Tang Ping wasn’t able to react.

But when he saw Lin Xian making a move, Tang Ping also took advantage of the opponent’s bewilderment and quickly grounded one of them.

After dealing with the leader, Lin Xian quickly rushed to the man who was holding a fruit knife.

Of the remaining opponents, only the one who held the weapon has a certain threat to Lin Xian.

At this moment, the man holding the fruit knife finally reacted and held the fruit knife high acting to stab Lin Xian by the head.

However, as he just was about to raise his hand, Lin Xian took a step forward.

Using the force from this step he kicked out his right foot ala Bruce Lee-style sidekick.

The side kick of Jeet Kune Do is completely different from the side kick of karate.

Jeet Kune Do do not have many moves. Sidekick is counted as one and this is Bruce Lee’s killer move.

After many improvements, the side kick in Jeet Kune Do not only becomes faster, but also has no motion of turning the hips, so it does not expose the gap of the body.

Moreover, the step before the side kick incorporates the style of Wing Chun’s one inch punch, so that the side kick has more destructive and penetrating force.

Kicking the opponent’s abdomen at full force could directly destroy the internal organs.

The physical quality of these robbers is really amazing, their arm span is much longer than normal.

But unfortunately, no matter how long the arm is, it never has legs!

Lin Xian’s sidekick caused the robber’s upper body to pull away from him.


The violent impact reverberated on the quiet street.

In just four seconds, Lin Xian had already defeated two and only one is left.

Facing the last robber, Lin Xian stepped forward and hooked towards him.

The last robber is the tallest and also the strongest of the five of them.

Lin Xian’s height is 1.78 meters, not even enough to match the robber’s height, and the difference in body size is very big.

But at that moment, the robber could not help but swallow and took a step back, as if facing a raging beast.


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