Chapter 133 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

I do!

Judging from Tang Ping’s performance last night, he seems a reliable person.

This is why Lin Xian looked for him again.

And he has been a detective for two years and his professional ability is absolutely good.

As for the search for Liao Jie, the Detective Company sent a total of five people to find him.

Not for long, there was already a knock on the door.

Outside the door, butler Yu Jing’s voice sounded: “Mr. Lin, Mr. Tang Ping is looking for you. Do you want to see him now?”

”Let him in!”

Upon hearing this, the door opened, and Yu Jing led Tang Ping into the living room.

After he sat down, Tang Ping asked straightforwardly: “Mr. Lin, I don’t know what kind of task you want me to do?”

Lin Xian leaned back slightly on the sofa then smiled and said: “It is also looking for someone. But this is much easier than Liao Jie. I can even provide you the actual address of the person.”

After hearing that, Tang Ping frowned and asked, “What to do after finding the target?”

Tang Ping did not ask Lin Xian where he got the address of the target.

The most taboo thing in this line of business is being interested in things you shouldn’t be.

Especially after what happened last night, Tang Ping dare not despise this young man.

Not only is he rich and temperamental, but also is a master of Jeet Kune Do. How could this young man’s identity be ordinary?

At one point, Tang Ping started to imagine Lin Xian’s real identity in his mind.

Lin Xian was very satisfied with his performance and continued: “After finding the target, you should gather as much information about her. The more detailed, the better. This task should take longer but it would be better if you finish the task ahead of time. For this mission, I shall give you one hundred thousand!”

Tang Ping’s salary is not high and the bulk of each task’s earnings is for the company. He only earns seven or eight thousand a month net of various expenses.

Now Lin Xian offers him such a high reward, so there is no reason for him to refuse.

And although the task is a bit cumbersome, he shall be able to do it just fine.

”No problem!”

Tang Ping only thought for a few seconds and then nodded in agreement.

Lin Xian smiled and said: “Okay then you can go home for now. I will send you the information and other details about the mission later!”

”Okay, Mr. Lin! I am leaving now!”

After saying that, Tang Ping got up and left.

After Tang Ping left, Lin Xian changed into his sportswear and went to the hotel gym to exercise.

During this period of time, his day and night got reversed and coupled with a lot of physical work, made him feel a little weak.

This is just Zhuang Tong, there is still Zhang Mengyao and Ling Youyu waiting for him in Jinling…

Thinking of this, Lin Xian could not help but speed up his jogging pace.

Abstinence is impossible, only with vigorous and regular exercise can he maintain this kind of life.

After more than half an hour of exercise, Lin Xian returned to his room sweating.

After taking a shower, he felt refreshed.

Back in the bedroom, Zhuang Tong was already awake but was still leaning against the bed.

Her silly appearance is extraordinarily cute.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian could not help but smile and say: “My dear, are you having life realizations?”

”No. Actually, I already wanted to get up!” Zhuang Tong said puckering her lips.

“Then why are you still lying down?”

”I was wrapped by a quilt all over my body. I am still accumulating my strength to break through this seal!” Zhuang Tong smiled solemnly.

Lin Xian stepped forward and smirked and said: “My dear, shall I help you?”

”No need!”

Seeing Lin Xian’s smirk, Zhuang Tong tried and immediately got out of bed.

The fight last night was just too fierce, so she is sore all over and can’t bear doing it again for the time being.

After Zhuang Tong washed up and cleaned up, it was already five o’clock in the evening.

The two ate dinner at the restaurant in the hotel.

Lin Xian smiled and said: “Tonight, let us visit the scenic spots in Yangcheng and have fun.”


A smile appeared at the corner of Zhuang Tong’s mouth and her eyes were full of happiness.

From the favorability of 63 points when they first met, Zhuang Tong’s favorability has now risen to 90 points unknowingly.

Although the same is not as high as Ling Youyu, the improvement in favorability is like a constant stream of water.

Sitting on the Bentley, the driver asked, “Mr. Lin, where are you going?”

Lin Xian did not answer directly, but instead, he asked, “Are you a native of Yangcheng?”

The driver replied: “Yes!”

”Would you recommend a few local attractions in Yancheng?” He feels that finding locals to recommend attractions is more reliable than searching online.

The driver pondered for a moment and recommended after considering the age of Lin Xian and Zhuang Tong: “If you want to visit the attractions, I recommend Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street. Young couples have fun there. Also, you may want to consider going to the Stone Chamber Sacred Heart Cathedral. If you want to take photos, it is the most suitable place. This time of the year is just right as there aren’t many tourists.”

Hearing this, Lin Xian clapped and said: “Okay, then let us go to the Stone Chamber Sacred Heart Cathedral first!”


The driver nodded and drove the Bentley skillfully through the street.

After half an hour, the Bentley stopped steadily on the side of the road.

The driver then pointed to the cathedral then smiled and said: “Mr. Lin, we have arrived at the Stone Chamber Sacred Heart Cathedral. I will just find a place to park. Just let me know when you’re done at any time!”

”Okay!” Lin Xian nodded and pulled Zhuang Tong out of the car.

The Sacred Heart Cathedral is very large and its Gothic architectural style is eye-catching.

At this moment, the sun was setting, and the golden afterglow shone through the golden roof of the church.

Its beauty is like a painting!

Just as the driver said, the place is really great for taking pictures.

At this moment, Zhuang Tong was full of excitement as she held Lin Xian in one hand and the selfie stick in the other while taking pictures.

Good looks are obstinate. You don’t need to look for an angle to take a beautiful shot. A casual shot is already so beautiful.

The two also walked around for more than half an hour and took more than a hundred photos.

”Lin Xian, let’s go!” Zhuang Tong said with satisfaction.

”Wait a minute!”

Lin Xian smiled slightly and took her little hand all the way to the church.

When they reached the platform, Lin Xian saw that they are the only ones in the church so he took her little hand and said solemnly: “Miss Zhuang Tong, are you willing to be my lover for the rest of my life, love me and be loyal to me in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer. Till death do us part?”

There are no friends or relatives, no flowers or wedding dresses, no diamond rings, and no priests.

There are only two of them in the huge church.

But Zhuang Tong felt at this moment that there was nothing more romantic than this.

Gazing at Lin Xian’s bright eyes, a mist rose in Zhuang Tong’s eyes, and tears slowly fell down the corners of her eyes.

”I do!”


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