Chapter 141 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

I am your long-lost granddaughter!

Lin Xian drove the Ferrari all the way to Shangri-La Hotel and the two entered the lobby of the hotel.

Lin Xian booked an ultra-luxury suite.

Zhang Mengyao remained silent the whole time and lowered her head slightly.

She entered the room and Lin Yuan followed her.

The moment the door was shut, Lin Xian clearly saw Zhang Mengyao trembling slightly.

He could not help but smile and say: “Wasn’t it you who was so arrogant just now?”

”I will show you I have all the right to be arrogant! I’ll take a bath first!”

After saying that, Zhang Mengyao hurried to the bathroom.

Hearing the sound of the water from the bathroom, Lin Xian smiled slightly and walked into the small bar.

He took out a bottle of champagne and poured the same into two glasses.

Lin Xian thinks that Krug Champagne tastes good. But considering Zhang Mengyao’s preference for the fruity Ace of Spades, he finally chose the Ace of Spades.

To be honest, Lin Xian really does not intend to eat Zhang Mengyao today.

But she was the one who offer herself, so how can he refuse?!

After some time, the sound of water in the bathroom finally stopped.

After another two to three minutes, Zhang Mengyao wearing the hotel pajamas walked out like a frightened little rabbit and rushed to the bedroom.

Seeing this, Lin Xian sipped the champagne and walked slowly to the bathroom.

It is Zhang Mengyo’s first time after all so it is very important to leave a perfect memory for her.

He comfortably took a shower and put on pajamas.

He then walked into the bedroom with the champagne.

As soon as he entered the bedroom, he saw Zhang Mengyao all covered in the quilt and only her small head was exposed.

She looked extremely tense and timid, and her big teary eyes stared at Lin Xian.

Lin Xian raised his eyebrows and was speechless.

“Zhang Mengyao, why are you hiding?”

Zhang Mengyao insisted: “Don’t… don’t mind me?! I, I just like to hide in the quilt like this!”

Lin Xian just smiled upon seeing this.

Zhang Mengyao still refuses to admit defeat.

’Shouting and biting me every day? If I don’t take you to beg tonight, I won’t be surnamed, Lin!’

Lin Xian put down the bottle of Ace of Spades and glasses and then began to move.

Just when Lin Xian was about to lift the quilt, he heard Zhang Mengyao say weakly: “Grandpa, I, I am your long-lost granddaughter!”

‘What the heck…’

Lin Xian was stunned and dumbfounded.

‘Didn’t you just say whoever backs out is the grandson?’

‘And it turned out that it is you!’

“Zhang Mengyao, it’s really boring doing this.” Lin Xian said with some pain.

Zhang Mengyao blinked her eyes and said innocently: “Grandpa, what are you talking about? I don’t understand!”


Lin Xian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Although Zhang MEngyao has a funny look and is very cute.

But being cute also depends on time and situation!

After all, she is more sexy than cute!

Zhang Mengyao bit her lip and glanced at Lin Xian and asked: “Why… why don’t you go to the massage parlor?”

She seems afraid that Lin Xian would misunderstand so she added: “Don’t worry. I will never be jealous. You can also go back to Zhuang Tong!”

Lin Xian didn’t like this at all and asked. “Tell me honestly, Are you just teasing me deliberately?”

”I didn’t mean to tease you!”

Zhang Mengyao said truthfully with a bitter expression: “I thought I was ready. After I took a bath, I realized I am not!”

Lin Xian was not convinced and said, “Do you think that this is a war? That in order to be ready, you have to prepare for three to five years?”

”Alright. I admit that I do have a problem!” Zhang Mengyao sighed and admitted on her own.

Hearing this, Lin Xian got up and poured them two glasses of champagne.

After handing her one, he sat down beside her and comforted her, “It is okay. Tell me slowly.”

After taking a sip of champagne, Zhang Mengyao explained: “I seem to have problems with my skin and nerves. It’s okay to have physical contact with girls, but for boys, even touching them makes me feel sore and numb, like being electrocuted.”

Lin Xian was speechless but still comforted: “That should be… normal!”

Isn’t that normal for all girls at first?

But it seems that Zhang Mengyao is more sensitive than the others.

Zhang Mengyao shook her head and said, “I understand what you’re thinking. Do you remember the last time when we went to Shanghai? When you patted my leg?”

Lin Xian nodded and replied: ”Yes! I remember!”

Seeing that Lin Xian remembers, Zhang Mengyao continued: “I actually almost passed out that time!”

Damn it! That exaggerated!’

Lin Xian frowned and asked, “Have you been to the hospital to have your condition checked?”

”Yes! I have!” Zhang Mengyao nodded and further explained: “The doctor said that my condition is a psychologically induced allergy. There are not many available treatments and the drugs may even bring more harm to the nerves. And so, my parents did not go for the treatment.”

”Will it affect your health?” Lin Xian asked with concern.


Lin Xian could not help but breathe a sigh of relief when he heard that it would not affect her health.


She is extremely sensitive, yet it won’t have any adverse effects on her health.

’Good heavens, then does that mean…’

Seeing the light flashing in his eyes, Zhang Mengyao returned to being vigilant and wrapped her body with the quilt again.

Lin Xian looked at her vigilant appearance and could not help but ask curiously: “A condition that is psychologically induced? Have you experienced anything bad before that led to this?”

Zhang Mengyao hesitated for a moment and finally shared: “When I was a kid, one of my male friends fell into the dung pit. After he crawled out, he wanted to drag me down there also. You must know that he almost dragged me and almost took me down there! I was so disgusted and frightened. That left me a psychological shadow.”

Thinking of a child covered in feces and running after a group of children, Lin Xian couldn’t help laughing.

That scene was just so funny.

”Don’t laugh!”

Seeing Lin Xian clutching his stomach and laughing happily, Zhang Mengyao punched him angrily.

While she punched him angrily, Lin Xian suddenly squeezed her protruding peak.

All of a sudden, Zhang Mengyao felt like her body was being electrocuted and trembled involuntarily.

At the same time, the skin on her whole body turned to rose pink.

”Damn it!”

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian could not help but be stunned.

Zhang Mengyao gritted her teeth and said angrily: “Bastard!”

After some time, the faint pink layer on her skin dissipated gradually and returned to its normal whiteness.

She didn’t look like she had such a strong reaction before.

However, it is also possible that she was just too sensitive this time.

”The main reason why I chose psychology as an elective course is that I want to heal my psychological problems.”

Zhang Mengyao paused and then asked, “Lin Xian, will you give me some more time?”


Lin Xian did not want to force her. At this state, if the stimulation is too high, she may faint directly, and it may cause trouble.

After saying that, Lin Xian changed his tone and smiled, and said: “They you just use your hands!”

This girl was happily hitting him before, which shows that contacting others on her own initiative should be fine.


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