Chapter 3 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Can’t be a licking dog!

Looking at her, she seemed to be waiting for the bus going to the driving school. Lin Xian couldn’t help but ask, “Why didn’t your flower protectors send you off?”

The so-called flower protectors are Yan Xiaoman’s persistent suitors, Lin Junkai, who was in the same class as them, and Wang Hong, who was from another class.

Of course, there are a lot of people who like Yan Xiaoman, it’s just that the two of them are the most active and persistent ones.

Hearing this, Yan Xiaoman gathered the hair in the side of her ear and said indifferently: “Don’t talk nonsense. They are just classmates.”

Lin Xian continued to ask curiously: “I heard that Wang Hong confessed to you a few days ago.”

Wang Hong is a flower protector from the class next door. He just doesn’t look like it, but he is in fact from a rich family. He can be regarded as a rich second generation.

Two days ago, during the birthday of a female student in the class next door, Wang Hong who had been a licking dog for three years finally confessed his feelings to the girl he likes.

“I rejected him. I don’t plan on falling in love before I graduate from university.” Yan Xiaoman said indifferently.

Yeah, this is the goddess’ way of rejecting people.

As to whether she really doesn’t plan to fall in love? Only ghosts will know.

Lin Xian was not surprised by the ending of Wang Hong’s confession.

A licking dog will remain a licking dog. Even if Wang Hong is a rich second generation, then he is just a rich licking dog.

He will remain a licking dog to the end!

At this moment, Yan Xiaoman took out her mobile phone and glanced at the time. Then she said suddenly, “Lin Xian, it is very dangerous for you to ride your bike with one hand like this.”

“Riding my bike using one hand is nothing. I can even drive a Ferrari with one hand to look more handsome. “Lin Xian joked.

‘What the hell?’

‘Driving a Ferrari with one hand?’

Yan Xiaoman was taken aback for a moment and was clearly stunned by Lin Xian’s words.

When a normal boy hears the same, they’ll say, ‘It’s really unsafe. Then can you ride with me and hold my umbrella from behind?’

This dead straight man…

In fact, what she meant was another thing but she didn’t say it directly.

Yan Xiaoman has a very beautiful appearance, she has a good temperament, and academic performance but her personality is a little arrogant.

She was obviously in a hurry to the driving school but she wanted Lin Xian to take the initiative to take her with him.

Lin Xian knew about this so he decided to tease her deliberately.

For a moment, the two of them stared at each other’s big eyes with a little awkward atmosphere.

The roof of the bus stop can only block half of the sunlight, and Yan Xiaoman’s lower body is mercilessly exposed to the harsh sunlight.

Yan Xiaoman looking at Lin Xian holding the umbrella diagonally, looked very comfortable.

In the end, Yan Xiaoman couldn’t wait any longer for the bus to arrive and said: “Are you going to the driving school?”

“Yes! What’s the matter?”

Lin Xian smiled discreetly pretending not to know what Yan Xiaoman was thinking.


Yan Xiaoman is not stupid. She already knew at this moment that Lin Xian was deliberately teasing her.

This made her angry!

If it hadn’t been him but other students, they would have all rushed to take her to the driving school.

While thinking about it, a white BMW 520d slowly stopped in front of the bus stop.

The car window rolled down and Wang Hong’s face which was full of pimples peak through the window.

Looking at Yan Xiaoman, Wang Hong was surprised. “Xiaoman, why are you here?”

Damn it, didn’t he already confessed and was rejected?’

‘In just two or three days, here he comes again.’

But Lin Xian soon understood.

Yan Xiaoman’s excuse to reject Wang Hong was very clever. She wanted to graduate from university first before she can allow herself to fall in love. This excuse didn’t bring much damage to Wang Hong but instead gave him a glimmer of hope.

If Xiaoman does not intend on falling in love before graduating from university, then Wang Hong is willing to wait for her until she graduates.

Yan Xiaoman obviously did not expect to see Wang Hong. She was taken aback for a moment, and then whispered softly: “I’m going to the driving school to learn how to drive.”

Wang Hong said with a joyful and diligent look: “I’ll send you there. I was just on my way there.”

‘Fuck, what do you mean you are on the way?’

‘Regardless of the conditions at home, with your level of EQ, if you can seduce a girl, I will live broadcast and eat shit live!’

Lin Xian couldn’t help but complain in his heart.

He wanted to say, ‘Brother, give up. You should just use your money and find another girl to be your girlfriend in the future. Using normal routines in picking up girls is not suitable for you.’

True enough, Wang Hong’s words made Yan Xiaoman frown.

His inappropriate words are one reason, and the other, his appearance.

Although Yan Xiaoman knows that judging people by appearance is bad, Wang Hong’s face has a lot of pimples which makes it hard to look at.

Moreover, she has Trypophobia, and when she sees Wang Hong’s face, she gets goosebumps all over her body. (T/N: Trypophobia = a fear or disgust of closely-packed holes like honeycomb)

In comparison, Lin Xian looks much better.

Although Lin Xian’s face is not too handsome, but his smooth and fair skin, makes him look very refreshing.

So Xiaoman said directly, “Thank you but I won’t trouble you anymore. Lin Xian has promised to give me a ride to the driving school.”

Lin Xian was taken when he heard her words.

Before he could even react, Yan Xiaoman stepped forward and sat on the back seat.

A fragrant wind suddenly came from behind.

At this time, Lin Xian couldn’t definitely ask Yan Xiaoman to get off, otherwise, he would look bad to have mistreated an innocent girl.

“You hold the umbrella?”

Passing to Yan Xiaoman the umbrella in his hand, Lin Xian waved goodbye to Wang Hong and said: “We’re going ahead first. See you later!”

Looking at the backs of the two leaving before him, Wang Hong looked gloomy and hammered heavily the steering wheel in front of him.

On the little seat of the e-bike, Yan Xiaoman sits gracefully and is quite a few inches away from Lin Xian.

Smelling the faint fragrance spreading from the tip of his nose, Lin Xian smiled and said, “School Flower Yan, you owe me a favor this time.”

“Stingy!” Yan Xiaoman snorted softly.

After a moment of silence, Yan Xiaoman asked: “Lin Xian, do you like Zhang Mengyao?”

Zhang Mengyao is the squad leader of the third year of senior high school, class eight. And her beauty is not inferior to that of Yan Xiaoman. She is also one of the top three school flowers.

Faced with such a sudden question, Lin Xian wondered: “Why do you ask?”

“Want to quibble?”

Yan Xiaoman directly said: “I went to the school to get my admission notice last week, and I found that you have been staring at Zhang Mengyao.”

Zhang Mengyao wore cooler and lighter clothes that day and her figure is very good naturally attracting the attention of many people.

“I can’t say that I like her. Everyone appreciates beauty! And I was not the only one who looked at her that day.”

Lin Xian’s voice changes and he chuckled: “Why does the School Flower Yan pay so much attention to me? Are you interested in me?”

“You wish!”

Yan Xiaoman patted his shoulder irritably and said in a calm tone: “What’s so attractive about Zhang Mengyao?”

Sure enough, there is competition and struggles between women everywhere, and school flowers are no exception.

Lin Xian smiled and chuckled as he said every word: “Because her bear is so big.” (T/N: Bears = Boobies)

Yan Xiaoman didn’t expect Lin Xian to be so direct.

Her pretty face flushed and coldly snorted, “Pervert!”

Just as the two were about to fall silent, Yan Xiaoman’s voice was heard again.

“Do you guys all like women with big bears?”

Hearing this, Lin Xian almost couldn’t hold back his laugh.

It is needless to say that Yan Xiaoman’s only shortcoming is that she is flat as a chopping board.

Lin Xian coughed, suppressed his laugh, and said sternly: “No, men’s preferences are different. Some people like big bears, some like small bears and others like bald strong…” (T/N: Sorry I didn’t really get the bald strong joke, but I believe Lin Xian is referring to the animated series ‘Boonie Bears’ where the main characters are Xiongda (Big bear), Xionger (Small bear) and Guangtou Qiang (Bald strong / Logger Vick).


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