Chapter 35 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Is that a joke from the ’90s?

The system shop has also refreshed the night he returned from Shanghai but embarrassingly, Lin Xian could not afford the system merchandise.

[Professional Chess Skill Book]: After using this item, the host will immediately obtain first-level chess skills. If the host already possesses first-level chess skills, then there will be a 50% chance of upgrading the existing skills to master level! Price: 1.8 million! 

1.8 million in exchange for first-level chess skills is definitely worth it!

In China, there are five professional levels in chess.

From highest to lowest: Grand Master, Master, First Class Chess Player, Second Class Chess Player, and lastly, Third Class Chess Player.

If someone excels in chess tournaments. The best among the best is given the honor and title of a chess master.

A first-class chess player should not be underestimated as it is extremely difficult to even reach this level.

You need to make it to at least the 32nd place in the national individual competitions, make it to the top 6 among individual competitions of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, top 3 of the national industry sports association, and then the top 3 from national youth individual competitions.

Only if you pass one of these can you be regarded as a first-class chess player. It is obvious how difficult it really is.

And now, he only needs to spend 1.8 million to easily get the results that others can’t attain for more than ten years or even decades.

Only fools won’t buy it!

The problem is that he has no money so he can only drool over it.

He needs to raise his level to LV4 as soon as possible and quickly accumulate funds.

According to the recent increase, after upgrading to LV4, he should earn 0.8 yuan per blink, and 450,000 in income a month.

In addition, if he reaches LV4, the system will also reward him with a gift pack. He had kept the LV3 gift pack and decided to open it after the upgrade to LV4.

This time, Lin Xian is going to Jinling and planned to pack lightly.

He only brought his wallet, laptop, and admission notice, nothing more.

He intends to buy the other things he needed In Jinling which is more advantageous as it can also help him gain experience points.

He didn’t want to be tired and be troublesome in carrying big bags with him.

Lin Xian didn’t even bring a set of clothes.

He only wore his backpack and set off.

Compared to Shanghai, Jinling is closer to Jiangzhen City and it only takes an hour on the road. As for the high-speed train, it’s faster and doesn’t even take half an hour.

There is no need to buy tickets in advance since there are more than dozens of servicing trains every day.

This is why Lin Guodong didn’t send Lin Xian off.

Buying a ticket, getting through security and ticket check, and finally alighting the train wouldn’t even last for half an hour.

“Are you going on an outing or reporting to school.”

As soon as Lin Xian sat down, he heard a familiar voice from behind.

Lin Xian stood up and looked around.

He couldn’t help but freeze for a while.

Zhang Mengyao!

“Are you going to report to school today?” Lin Xian raised his eyebrows.

Zhang Mengyao chuckled and responded: “Didn’t Princess Yan tell you that I am also going to a college in Jinling?”

“Princess Yan?”

Hearing of this alias, Lin Xian couldn’t help but remember how Zhang Mengyao called Yan Xiaoman Princess Taiping last time at the hotpot restaurant.

Not to mention the alias ‘Princess Yan’ is also quite obvious.

“Why would she tell me…? Wait, which university are you enrolled in?”

Lin Xian seemed to have thought of something and suddenly asked.

“Jinling university!”

“I knew it! So you are the so-called intelligence personnel?!”

Lin Xian thought that the intelligence personnel Yan Xiaoman mentioned before was just a joke. But he didn’t expect it to really exist.

This is a big surprise!

Jinling University and the Jinling University of Finance and Economics are very close to each other. Both are in the Xianlin University town. It only takes a ten-minute bicycle ride between two campuses.

“But isn’t it that the two of you disliked each other?”

Lin Xian found it strange Zhang Mengyao agreed to be Yan Xiaoman’s eyes when the two obviously disliked each other.

“I can’t really understand women’s affairs!”

Zhang Mengyao lifted her legs and her pleated skirt suddenly revealed her white legs.

After changing to a more comfortable posture, she smiled and said, “Would you like to consider bribing me? In school, you can do whatever you want!”

“You are such a clever girl!” After saying this, Lin Xian then sat down.

Not for long, Lin Xian felt a little itchy in his neck and so raised his head and found Zhang Mengyao in a lying position.

Her long hair hanged down naturally down to his neck.

Zhang Mengyao then said condescendingly, “Really? You don’t want to consider bribing me? Men who have money usually become bad, especially rich guys like you will definitely attract a lot of bees and butterflies in college.”

Lin Xian brushed the hair around his neck, raised his eyebrows, and said, “Are you sure you are asking me to bribe you and not to tease you?”

Her posture seemed too strange and Lin Xian always felt that this woman is attracting him.

Zhang Mengyao was not shy at all. Instead, she smiled and said, “That’ll be better, Princess Yan will surely be mad!”

At this time, the train has set off and Lin Xian saw that no one was seated beside him, so he said, “It’s too troublesome to talk this way. Come and sit beside me if you want to talk!”

Zhang Mengyao didn’t hesitate and came to Lin Xian to sit beside him.

After looking at Lin Xian for a few times, Zhang Mengyao smiled and said, “First you asked for my Penguin account, and when you returned to school to get your admission letter, you kept on staring at me. I thought you would chase me, but I didn’t expect you to end up with Princess Yan instead.”

“How did you know that I kept staring at you that day?” Lin Xian was taken aback and asked curiously.

“How? Other boys are usually guilty and sneaky, as for you, you don’t shy away from it. I think It will be hard not to pay attention.”

Zhang Mengyao hurriedly changed the tone of her voice and asked. “What about you? Do you really want to chase Princess Yan over me? I’m much bigger than Princess Yan!”

This girl is really good.

She and Yan Xiaoman are completely different styles.

Lin Xian joked: “You are late. You can only be my little wife.”

“Don’t even think about it!” Zhang Mengyao looked uninterested.

Upon hearing this, Lin Xian suddenly smiled and said, “Have you heard of this joke?”

“What joke?”

“Once there was a girl who tried everything to pursue her girl friend’s boyfriend. She successfully ruined their relationship and finally…”

“Finally the girl and her girl friend’s boyfriend ended up together? Is that a joke from the ’90s?”

Zhang Mengyao raised her eyebrows.

“No! In the end, the girl and her girl friend lived happily ever after!”


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