Chapter 39 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Beautiful Dining!

Sure enough, as he expected, after rising to LV4, he can earn 0.8 yuan for every blink!

He can make almost 15,000 a day, 450,000 a month!

Well, he is one step closer to buying his own Ferrari.

The next step is the highlight, which is opening the two privilege packages.

“Open the gift pack!”


“Congratulations to the host for opening the LV3 Privilege Package and gaining a skill.


Lin Xian’s eyes lit up and then hurriedly check on the skill.

[Absolute Focus]

[Effect: Immediately obtain a calming effect.]

[Memory +100% ]

[Learning ability +100% ]

[Perception +50% ]

[There is a 1% chance of triggering a special effect of ‘a flash of inspiration’.]

[Duration: 60 minutes ]

[Cooling time: 48 hours ]

[PS: Serious men are always the most handsome! ]


After reading the skill introduction, Lin Xian, who had already been exposed to a lot of system black technologies still couldn’t help be shocked. (T/N: Mysterious/Powerful Technology)

The skill is too awesome!

Within an hour, memory and learning ability is doubled, and his perception increased by 50%.

Although he still didn’t quite understand the meaning of ‘a flash of inspiration special effect’, but just by looking at the pitiful trigger rate, the effect must be exaggerated.

Lin Xian thought that although his IQ is not comparable to the super genius, it is at least around 120.

If he activates this skill, would it be possible to be instantly incarnated to the second Tao Zhexuan? (T/N: Terence Tao, widely regarded as one of the greatest living mathematicians)

Who can stand this?

Although for only a short hour, it is enough.

As for the shortcomings, it is that the cooling time is too long, a full 48 hours.

However, Lin Xian didn’t care at all. If the skill description is really true, then his learning ability for one hour would be worth an effort of three to four days for others, or even a week.

Thinking of this, Lin Xian took out his mobile phone and quickly searched for the electronic version of the first edition of Advanced Mathematics.

This is the mathematics textbook for the first year of Jin Cai.

After opening the e-book, Lin Xian silently said in his mind, “Turn on the skills!”

For a moment, he only felt coolness on his brain, and at the same time, his originally impetuous heart returned to calm.

His whole person became calm and focused.

The mathematical symbols which are originally upsetting to the eye are now particularly cute.

It stands to reason that there is no teacher to explain, and many knowledge points can cause information overload, but with the blessing of the +50% perception, Lin Xian did not feel the slightest difficulty at all.

Soon, he felt as if he had entered a state of high concentration, completely forgetting other things.

It was not until his phone screen lighted up and the phone rang that he quitted his extremely focused state.

After answering the phone call and the voice of the takeaway brother came from the other side: “Sir, Tuanmei takeaway. Your takeaway has arrived. I already knocked at the door for a long time. Can you please come out and take your order?”

‘Fuck! I almost forgot the takeaway!’

Lin Xian opened the door, and there was really the takeaway brother standing outside.

“Sorry I was too devoted to reading just now that I did not hear a single knock!” Lin Xian smiled after apologizing.

“It’s okay, I understand!”

Hearing this, the takeaway brother returned a smile.

‘What do you understand?’

Lin Xian looked dumbfounded.

Back in his room, he casually put the takeaway on the table and continued to look at the e-book on his phone for a while.

Lin Xian never thought that he would be too addicted to a book, and a math book that is!

One hour passed without him knowing.

When the skill time was over, he returned to his normal self, and the mysterious state just now has completely disappeared.

Looking at his phone again, Lin Xian found out that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t stand looking at it for long.

Learning ability is one thing, but it is impossible to calm down completely.

Putting down his phone, Lin Xuan recalled the various knowledge points he had just learned suddenly appeared in his mind.

“Damn! This is simply a magical skill!” Lin Xian said in shock.

If he had gotten this skill earlier, he would have become a scientist…

Of course, this skill he cannot only use in acquiring technical knowledge, but he can use it also in his hobbies, such as the hard pen calligraphy, guitar, and so on.

After calming down, Lin Xian realized that he had to open another gift package.

“Open the gift pack!’


“Congratulations to the host for opening the LV4 Privilege Package and getting the props.”

[Beautiful Dining Task Card!]

[Task: Invite beautiful women to dinner. There is no limit as to the number of beautiful women that can be invited.]

[Condition: The face value of the women should be at least 90 points (system-based points). If the face value is less than 90 points, it will not be counted. ]

[Reward: After completing the task, the host will receive the amount of (number of beauties * the average face value of the beauties * dinner amount). The maximum that you can get is 15 million. If the final reward exceeds this amount, it will still be settled at 15 million!]

[PS: “Her skin, soft and tender, and her beauty, deliciously desirable.”] (T/N: A line from the poem titled ‘The Sun comes Out from the Southeast”. (日出東南隅行) by Lu Ji (陸機)

After reading the detailed introduction of the props, Lin Xian knew that the system was being naughty again.

But the reward for the task is a big sum of money!

In simple calculation, if he had dinner with three beauties, with an average face value of 90 points, and a meal costs 10,000 yuan, then he can get 2,700,000!

For 2.7 million, he can already afford the cheapest version of the California T!

If there will be a hundred beauties he can invite to dinner with at least 90 points face value and a million in dinner cost, then…

‘Well, I’m thinking too much!’

The system had obviously addressed this loophole so the maximum amount is set to 15 million.

In other words, no matter how many women he invites to dinner and no matter how high the multiplier of dinner cost is, he can only get 15 million at most.

Lin Xian flicked his fingers and counted. So far, he only knows 4 beauties with a face value of more than 90 points.

They are Yan Xiaoman, Zhang Mengyao, An Ran, and the young lady whom he came across at the gym of the Four Seasons Hotel.

As for Miao Shanshan, she is also beautiful, but her face value is at most only 85 points.

Moreover, the young lady whom he came across at the gym of the Four Seasons Hotel, doesn’t even know her name and her contact, so he can’t invite her to dinner at all.

Lin Xian meditated: ”Counting An Ran in, I can only invite up to three women with at least 90 points face value to dinner!”


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