Chapter 6 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Ready to depart!

Because Lin Xian accompanied Wang Zixuan in the internet café last night until 2 o’clock in the morning, after a long sleep until 10 o’clock, Lin Xian was awakened by a call from his mobile phone.

“I have a delivery for you. Please come down and receive it.” The courier said and hung up the phone in a hurry.

The order he placed yesterday afternoon arrived so soon?

Lin Xian couldn’t help but give a thumbs up to the delivery guy.

After washing himself briefly, Lin Xian put on his slippers and walked downstairs.

He checked the package, and after confirming that there are no signs of the package being opened while in transit, Lin Xian confirmed the receipt.

As soon as he went inside the house, he couldn’t wait to open the package.

The workmanship of the WXR computer is indeed very fine, and the black paint on the surface glows and had a mysterious luster.

As for the computer hardware, it is remarkable.

After exploring for nearly an hour, Lin Xian downloaded various software and games.

“Let’s try to see how well this is in playing games.

Step 1: Open ‘League of Legends’.

Step 2: Select Interface.

Step 3: Choose Yasuo.

Step 4: Block chats from teammates.

Twenty minutes later, Lin Xian played GG amidst laughing.

He doesn’t know whether his teammates are happy, but he is happy anyway.

He was very satisfied with the performance of the laptop. There was no lag or dropped frames. The smoothness of the gaming experience was even higher than that of his desktop at home. It really is a professional gaming laptop.

Lin Xian put down the mouse and proceeded to check the system interface.

Host: Lin Xian

Level: LV2

LV1 Privilege Reward: Every time you blink, you will get 0.2 yuan.

Upgrade experience: 14320/100000 (experience points can only be obtained through spending, not through loans or money earned!)

System shop: Not Open.

Props: [Consumption Rebate Critical Card]*1

Skill: [Driving a Ferrari with one hand]

Amount: 2612.2 yuan

Looking at the amount earned in the system interface, Lin Xian wondered whether he should reduce his sleeping time. Sleeping for ten hours a day seemed a bit luxurious.

Of course, he was just joking to entertain himself.

He wanted to eat and sleep, and not change his lifestyle just because he has the system now.

In the future, Lin Xian intends on keeping the pace of his life.

When he wakes up, he helps in the restaurant, goes to the driving school after lunch, plays games at night, and is sometimes called out by Wang Zixuan.

Li Weiwei made an appointment with him several times, but Lin Xian tactfully refused.

In fact, Li Weiwei is not ugly. Her appearance is at least 80 points, but she is not Lin Xian’s style.

After all, preferences differ from one person to another.

Everyone has a different aesthetic appreciation. This is understandable.

The time came to August 8th, and Lin Xian successfully obtained his driver’s license.

To Lin Xian’s surprise, Yan Xiaoman also got her driver’s license on the same day while Li Weiwei is still stuck in the third subject because she didn’t take the second subject.

That night, in their restaurant, after Lin Guodong sent away the last table of guests, he lit a cigarette and walked out from the kitchen and said: “Xiao Xian, you have now your driver’s license. Would you like a car for yourself?”

Lin Xian haven’t even spoken yet when her mother, Wang Hongmei, who was in the cash register objected: “He is still in college. Why would you buy a car for him now?”

Lin Guodong let out a smoke ring and explained: “You don’t understand it! As soon as you get your driver’s license, you have to drive more. If you don’t practice driving for a few years, you will forget all about it and will have to learn it again,”

If he had no system, Lin Xian would have been happy.

But now that he has the system and acquired skills, he has been obsessed with owning a Ferrari.

Thinking of this, Lin Xian shook his head and said, “Dad, I don’t need you to buy me a car for the time being. I plan to start a business as soon as I go to college and see if I can buy a car for myself.”

Of course, saying he would start a business is just a cover-up for the money produced by the system.


Lin Guodong pondered for a few seconds and said seriously: “You can try to start a business while you are still young. But before venturing into a business, you must do market research and analysis and not invest blindly. In addition, you must be cautious about the contracts you take.”

This is Lin Guodong’s style.

Lin Guodong rarely opposes Lin Xian’s decisions and even often encouraged him, except for illegal things.

Regarding Lin Xian’s style of education, Wang Hongmei couldn’t say anything. “Huh! Lin Guodong, stop spoiling your son!”

Lin Xian ignored his mother’s words and instead he continued, “By the way, I am going to Shanghai tomorrow with my classmates to have fun for a few days.” (T/N: Demon/Magic City in raw which is the other name for Shanghai)

Going to have fun with his classmates is in fact an excuse. The real purpose is for him to consume and spend more.

During this time, he has accumulated 230,000 and it is time to use that Consumption Rebate Critical Card!

Hearing Lin Xian, Lin Guodong said: “Be careful when you travel and don’t stay in some remote hotel just to save a few hundred.”

“Don’t worry Dad. I will keep that in mind!”

Lin Guodong nodded and asked: “Do you have enough money? I can give you some.”

Lin Xian waved his hand and responded, “I have enough.”

Even if Lin Guodong gives him money, he would not give too much, only one or two thousand yuan. It won’t have much effect when he uses the Consumption Rebate Critical Card, so Lin Xian simply didn’t want it.

As for why Lin Xian is off to Shanghai to consume, the reason is simple.

Jiangzhen City is only a small country level city in the Southern Province, not even a third-tier city.

Many of the high-end luxury stores do not exist at all while Shanghai is a first-tier metropolis that is closest to Jiangzhen City.

With a one-time consumption of 200,000 yuan on luxury goods apart from cars, he can utilize the Consumption Critical Rebate Card.

Buying a house would be good, but in recent years the prices of houses have skyrocketed, and his money is not enough even for a down payment.

At this time, Lin Xian realized he could only buy luxury goods.

As to what luxury goods to buy?

He is looking on buying a watch.

A good watch can enhance a person’s temperament.

Luxury watches are far different from other luxury goods since they are very valuable.

A Rolex, for example, is as good as a hard currency in the world, almost as valuable as gold.

Of course, Lin Xian chose to buy a watch, not because of the preservation of value, but the need.

When he thinks about it, driving a Ferrari with one hand will feel lacking if you don’t have a top-grade watch on your wrist.


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