Chapter 71 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Young man, how about giving me some handicap?!”

Hearing this, Lin Xian smiled and said, “Thank you, Uncle. Let’s play next!”

Lin Xian then sat on the small bench and began to organize the chess pieces.

The old man couldn’t help but ask: “Young man, can you play chess?”

”There is no one who can’t play chess in Xinghen.” Lin Xian joked. (T/N: They are playing Xiangqi or Chinese chess)

Lin Xian isn’t wrong though. The rules of chess are very simple.

“Forget it. I don’t want to bully a young man. I will let you take the first shot!” Lao Zuo said generously.

Seeing him take off his chariot on the chessboard, Lin Xian smiled and said nothing.

The old man who had just given up his seat to Lin Xian joked: “Lao Zuo, don’t overturn your chariot!”

”It won’t overturn!”

The old man waved his hand indifferently with much confidence to himself.

However, five minutes later…

”Double Cannon Checkmate!”

Lin Xian set up a double cannon and laughed.

It stands to reason that the Double Cannon Checkmate attacking position is no longer effective because the intention is too obvious that one can see it at a single glance.

However, Lin Xian’s own chess skills are at a much higher level than that of Lao Zuo.


Lao Zuo take a deep breath and touched his head and said sternly: “The young man is quite capable. The game just now is not counted, I will now play seriously!”

“Okay, let’s play another one!” Lin Xian nodded and agreed.

After setting the pieces, Lin Xian asked: “You go first, or I go first?”

”You go first!”

Lao Zuo still has much confidence in himself.

He thinks that he lost just now because he didn’t take the game seriously.

At the beginning of the game, Lin Xian played slowly and steadily.

The purpose of which is to find out the other party’s pattern.

Everyone plays chess according to their own styles and methods.

As long as one gets familiar with the opponents’ methods, he can easily win.

After a few minutes of probing, Lin Xian found out that Lao Zuo likes using double horses. All his tactics are set off by using the double horses as the core.

So, he tried and found the chance to block Lao Zuo from using double horses by using one cannon and one horse.

After the two horses were gone, Lao Zuo was left dumbfounded.

After 3 minutes.


Lao Zuo had no choice but to move.

Lin Xian saw this and moved his chariot directly. “Checkmate!”

Lao Zuo lost again!

Lao Zuo could only habitually touch his head, his hair even thinner now.

”Aigoo, this young man is quite skilled!”

”Haha, Lao Zuo, you really overturned.”

”Lao Zuo made a mistake just now. If he hadn’t moved his pawn, he would have a chance!” A group of old men discussed.

Lao Zuo lost his face and complained: “Do you know the rules, young man? What’s the point in exchanging pieces like this?”

”Okay. I won’t exchange your double horses.” Lin Xian said helplessly.

The two set up the chessboard and Lin Xian asked again: “Are you going first or me first?!”

”Me first!”

The old man replied decisively.

Three minutes later, the old man fell into deep thought, and the old men who were onlookers ran behind him to help and make some suggestions.

”Hurry up or else we might miss lunch after the game is over!” Lin Xian urged.

”No hurries!”

The old man glared at him before moving the chariot.

Yan Xiaoman and Zhang Mengyao also know how to play chess, but their skills aren’t very good that they may not even defeat elementary students…

But at this moment, they still watched attentively.

The skill gap cannot be made up in just a few minutes.

Therefore, Lin Xian won effortlessly again.

Although Lao Zuo had been losing, he still felt very challenged and urged: “Come on. Let’s play again!”

Lin Xian stood up and said: “No. I have to order a suit!”

”I’ll do it for you!”

Lao Zuo is obviously very addicted to chess. In order to keep Lin Xian to play, he agreed to make a suit for him.

”Then let’s have another game!”

Lin Xian sat down again. Then he turned to the two women: “If you feel bored, you can go back to the hotel or go to surrounding shopping malls.”

”No. I think that chess is quite interesting!” Yan Xiaoman smiled.

Zhang Mengyao lowered her voice and said, “How about you give him some handicap!”

”What are you saying!”

Lao Zuo looked quite old but Lin Xian didn’t expect his ears to work so well.

After he hesitated for a while, he said with a serious face: “Young man, how about giving me some handicap?!”


Lin Xian forcibly resisted a smile then nodded and said: “No problem. If it will make you happy!”

After giving a 1-cannon handicap and missing one cannon, Lin Xian’s offensive was not as fast as before.

The situation seemed intense but Lin Xian deliberately let Lao Zuo win. Or else Lao Zuo would have lost again.

This round has been played for more than half an hour.

Finally, Lao Zuo narrowly won.

After winning, Lao Zuo flushed and laughed: “This young man has very good skills, and played well.”

After saying that, the old man prepared to leave and patted his butt, “Go in for a cup of tea.”

The shop is not big, with various fabrics, semi-finished suits and mao suits hanging on the walls.

There are still many photos on the wall behind the counter.

One of them is a photo of Lao Zuo and a big shot.

The photo frame is spotless and it can be deduced that the old man always wiped it.

Pouring a cup of tea for the three, Lao Zuo asked: “Young man, what type of suit do you want to make? Formal or casual?”

”Casual!” Lin Xian replied.

”How many sets?”

Lao Zuo asked in detail and kept writing and drawing on the small book.

Lin Xian pondered: “Three-piece suit!”

The so-called three-piece suit is a coat, pants, and a shirt.

Suits are different from ordinary clothes. If the clothes don’t fit well, it will only make people feel uncomfortable.

But if the suit doesn’t fit, it would be a disaster.

Armani suits are very famous. Except for some upstarts, real rich people never buy finished Armani suits.

Everyone is different, especially in style.

A suit can set off a person’s temperament through its style.

Lao Zuo took a sip of tea and continued to ask: “Do you have any requirements for a suit?”

”Something that’s durable and not easily worn out and can withstand fighting for long periods!”


Lao Zuo couldn’t hold back and sprayed some tea on the table.

Yan Xaioman and Zhang Mengyao also choked.

They didn’t expect Lin Xian’s request and preference to be so weird.


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