Chapter 72 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Performing Talent?

“Are you a bodyguard?”

After listening to Lin Xian’s request, Lao Zuo quickly thought of a profession.

He also once made several suits for clients of the same profession.

Lin Xian shook his head and smiled, “No. I just think that it would look handsome to fight in a suit!”

Upon hearing this, Yan Xiaoman and Zhang Mengyao couldn’t help but roll their eyes.

Damn it, what a terrible reason!


The two women thought about it and seemed like fighting in a suit would really look handsome!

Lao Zuo then spoke: “The requirements that you mentioned are indeed possible, but with the needed fabrics, the price would not be cheap.”

”It’s okay. I can accept it within a million!” Lin Xian said indifferently.

Don’t say a million. Even if it is ten million, Lin Xian doesn’t mind and thinks that it is worth it.

The effect of [Hoodlum in a Suit] fighting skill is just so powerful. Putting on a suit will make combat power soars countless times.


Lao Zuo was a little speechless and said, “Since you are not short of money, you might as well use the best fabrics.”

”No problem!” Lin Xian didn’t even ask the price and directly nodded in agreement.

In fact, he doesn’t know much about the fabrics that would be used in his suit. If the other party cheats on him, he wouldn’t even know. So, it is also useless to even ask for the price.

However, Lin Xian believes that Lao Zuo would not cheat on him, let alone with his relationship with Zhang Mengyao.

Just by playing a few games of chess with him just now, Lin Xian can roughly tell what kind of a person he is.

Playing chess can bring out a person’s character.

After deciding on the fabric, the old man took a tape measure and began taking Lin Xian’s measurements.

He wrote down the measurements on a notebook and said: “Can I see how you hit a punch?!”


Lin Xian was taken aback.

What do you mean? Do I really need to perform talent before you make a custom-made suit?

“Didn’t you say you would fight in a suit? Of course, I have to also take note of the movements of your arms and legs so that the suit will not affect your limbs.

Lao Zuo is very professional, even taking these details into consideration.

Lin Xian said helplessly: “I practice Jeet Kune Do. There is actually no fixed routine.”

Jeet Kune Do does not have a fixed routine, it is more of philosophy with guiding ideas.

Regardless of any form of attack, the movements are free.

If you insisted on saying that there is a routine, then one word to describe it is the word ‘fast’!

In the world of martial arts speed defines the winner!

Before the enemy attacks you, you must intercept the opponent. This is the core of Jeet Kune Do.

To do so, you must be fast!

Bruce Lee’s power may not be that strong and his fighting ability may not be that terrifying. But in terms of speed, no one among the MMA fighters can compare to him.

Just like Bruce Lee’s apprentice, Dan Inosanto said, “When I was about to raise my hands, he had already retracted his fist, which made me desperate!”

Lao Zuo waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, then you can do some basic movements, punching, and kicking. Remember, you must do your best, otherwise, the data we will gather will be inaccurate and it will affect the quality of the final product.“


Lin Xian nodded. And just as Lao Zuo requested, Lin Xian threw a punch with all his might.

Lao Zuo was not idle and immediately took the measuring tape and began to record data on Lin Xian’s punch.

Then Lao Zuo asked him to punch from different angles.

Although it is tedious and boring to keep repeating the same actions, Lin Xian is very satisfied with the old man’s meticulous craftsmanship.

The two men spent more than half an hour before the old man motioned him that it was enough and that he can stop.

In that notebook the old man was holding, a dozen pages of data had been recorded.

Yan Xiaoman and Zhang Mengyao were already laughing crazily when they saw Lin Xian constantly posing as if he was a statue.

At this moment, one rubbed her belly while the other her cheeks.

Lao Zuo took a sip from his teacup and asked, “Finally we’re done with the measurements. Do you have any requirements for the style of the suit?”

“I don’t know that much. What do you recommend?” Lin Xian asked.

Looking at Lin Xian from head to toe a few times, the old man said in admiration: “In fact, your temperament is already very good. Quiet as water, exuding a gentleman’s aura like a rare jade. I think you can incorporate some elements in your suit.”

Lin Xian smiled and said, “Then I’ll let you decide!”

After the agreement, Lao Zuo exhorted: “You can come and try out the suit in a week!”

“I can get the suit in just a week?”

Lin Xian was overjoyed.

He didn’t expect the waiting time to be so fast.

“I said you can come to try it out in a week. It will take at least a month for you to get the finished product!” Lao Zuo said.

Lin Xian prepared a deposit of 200,000 yuan and also left his mobile phone number.

The 200,000 deposit is only for procuring the fabrics to be used. It doesn’t include yet the production costs which will be settled as soon the custom-made suit is finished.

Back in the Bentley, Lin Xian glanced at the time and asked, “Where do you want to eat lunch?”

Yan Xiaoman got excited and said: “Would you like to eat some local food?”

“Xin Yuan again?”

Yan Xiaoman hugged Lin Xian’s arm and said coquettishly: “Come on! I haven’t eaten at the braised pork restaurant for a long time. And Zhang Mengyao probably hasn’t been there. Let’s take her there so she can try it!”

Zhang Mengyao drank a drink provided in the car and said lazily: “It’s fine wherever. I will only eat and drink!”

“Xin Yuan’s private kitchen doesn’t accept walk-ins. You need to reserve in advance. Plus today is the weekend. We might not get a table for ourselves?” Lin Xian explained.

At this moment, the driver broke his silence and said, “Mr. Lin, if you want to try local dishes, I recommend trying GuiHuaLou in the Shangri-La Hotel.“

“Gui Hua Lou? Is it comparable to Xin Yuan’s private kitchen?” Yan Xiaoman asked curiously.

“Hehe. With all due respect, the two are completely incomparable!” The driver chuckled with disdain towards Xin Yuan’s private kitchen.

‘So confident?’

All of a sudden, the three became interested.

Lin Xian nodded and said: “Okay. Then let us go back to the hotel!”

After returning to the hotel, the three went straight to the Gui Hua Lou on the second floor.

The floor of the restaurant is not too big. The decoration is very stylish and the overall theme is red.

At this time, there were already a few tables occupied by the guests. After Lin Xian and the two girls found a place to sit down, the waiter immediately brought the menu to them.

As a foodie, Yan Xiaoman has difficulty choosing food when she is faced with a lot of options. After looking at the menu for a while, she can’t decide which dish to order.

As for Zhang Mengyao, she doesn’t even mind and stayed quiet and unmoved like a salted fish.

Lin Xian then asked the waiter: “This is the first time we’ve come here to eat, what are your specialties and best-sellers?”

Hearing the question, the waiter replied: “For specialties, we have the crystal soup yellow croaker. This is extremely popular in the Manchu and Han banquets. With the chef’s dedication to improving the dish, even more, the taste has become more layered. The second would be the Buddha jumping over the wall. It is also one of the must-order dishes.”


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