Chapter 86 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

A woman’s intuition

“Little brother, if you are new to painting, I don’t recommend buying too good tools. The paper consumed by a novice is a lot every day. So there is no need to buy expensive ones. Wait until you have a certain foundation, then you can begin changing a level higher. Then you can decide to get top-notch tools when your skills have improved.”

Zhuang Tong knew that Lin Xian is well-off, but she didn’t directly suggest that he buy the most expensive ones. Instead, she was comprehensive and made intimate suggestions.

Hearing this, Lin Xian’s impression of her has greatly increased.

He is not a person who likes to show off.

His shopping principle has always been not to look at the price but to buy what he likes.

Moreover, it is common for novices to directly buy tools from well-known brands. If a novice meets someone who has no understanding of painting, the other party won’t be able to help. If they meet someone knowledgeable, they will only be ridiculed.

That is why Lin Xian felt that Zhuang Tong’s suggestion was very well thought out and was very considerate.

While choosing the tools, Zhuang Tong asked, “What’s your name, little brother? I can’t just call you little brother always.”

”Lin Xian. How about you?”

”Zhuang Tong. This is my best friend, Nie Qingqing.”

Lin Xian joked: “Are all Jinyi girls as beautiful as you?”

Although they hear that a lot, it still makes Zhuang Tong very happy.

Same words when said by different people produce different effects.

In just a few minutes, the two became acquainted.

Of course, Lin Xian can also directly use the ultra-clear glasses to view her information, but in that case, the fun of the conversation would be lost.

To be honest, this is the first time that Lin Xian took the initiative to flirt with a girl and it seems that the effect is good.

As for why he did it…

Since he has scored homebase with Yan Xiaoman in Shanghai, Lin Xian has always missed that taste.

Coupled with the hormonal outbreak of a boy of his age, it is normal to have thoughts.

No matter whether the appearance or the figure it’s absolutely the top.

And because she is a dance major, her every word and action carried a unique charm and temperament

Seeing the two chatting intimately, Nie Qinqing on the side was a little depressed.

She could see that Lin Xian was more enthusiastic about Zhuang Tong than her.

After some picking, Lin Xian finally bought all the tools he needed.

Although Zhuang Tong didn’t recommend buying tools from top-notch brands, she didn’t let him buy those of poor quality, which were commonly used by art students.

A lot of tools were bought by Lin Xian including drawing papers, paints, various brushes, etc., which only cost less than 2,000 yuan in total.

Putting all the painting tools into the Ferrari’s trunk, Lin Xian raised his watch to look at the time and smiled: “Thank you girls for helping me choose the tools. Otherwise, I might be scammed. As thanks, can I invite the two of you to a meal?”

Zhuang Tong’s eyes lit up and smiled: “Okay. So long as it won’t cost you a lot of money!”

Nie Qingqing hesitated for a moment and then shook her head and said, “I have something to do so I won’t go!”

Nie QIngqing has her pride. Since Lin Xian doesn’t seem to be interested in her, there is no need to push further. Otherwise, she may be embarrassed.

And she and Zhuang Tong have a very good relationship. They are not the kind of plastic girlfriends. If the two would really work out, then Nie Qingqing will bless them.

Thinking of this, Nie Qingqing waved her hand and gave Zhuang Tong a cheering look, and then turned around and left.

”Your best friend is very special!”

Lin Xian looked at Nie Qingqing’s leaving back and couldn’t help but improve his impression of the two in his heart.

Zhuang Tong understood what he meant, and her pretty face couldn’t help but blush and asked: “Where would you like to take me for dinner tonight?”

”Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed!”

Lin Xian smiled, opened the car door, and went in.

When they drove past the gate of Jinyi, there are two girls walking toward a Porsche Cayenne with a greasy middle-aged man.

For a moment, Zhuang Tong’s face was a little awkward.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian smiled and said, “Don’t think too much. There are many kinds of birds in a large forest.” (T/N: There are all kinds of people in a big place)

Zhuang Tong shook her head and laughed and said: “To be honest, I am actually not better than them. Last year, someone said he wants me to be his mistress. He will give 50,000 a month to be with him, for three years. And he also promised to give me a house in Country Garden, Jiangning District. I actually almost agreed.”

Zhuang Tong’s frankness caused Lin Xian to be stunned for a moment. And then he said: “In this era full of vanity, everyone wishes to make their lives better. This is actually normal.”

Women who don’t care about material things are of course admirable but there is nothing wrong with wanting to make your life better.

There is no right or wrong in this regard, their beauty and body are their capital.

Zhuang Tong gave Lin Xian a look and smiled: “If I guessed it correctly, you should have a girlfriend?”

”How can you tell?” Lin Xian didn’t play innocent but asked curiously.

“The perfume of Chanel No. 5.”

Zhuang Tong sniffed and said triumphantly: “Plus a bit of woman’s intuition!”


Lin Xian admired her woman’s intuition very much as she guessed accurately.

Zhuang Tong stretched her waist and slightly adjusted her posture and said: “Then what do you plan to do with me? One-night stand? Do you want to foster me as your mistress? How many boats are you planning to sail on?”

Lin Xian said seriously: “You are the most honest girl I have ever encountered, no one comes close.”

Zhuang Tong’s honesty doesn’t disgust Lin Xian, instead, he appreciated it very much.

Compared to those green tea bitch, it is countless times better. (T/N: Refers to a woman who presents herself as innocent, sweet, and kind. Yet this woman is actually calculating, and all her good qualities are fake merely in order to appeal to a guy)

”What kind of life do you want?” Lin Xian asked rhetorically.

Zhuang Tong bit her lip lightly and after a moment of contemplation, she said seriously: “I am in my third year and will graduate next year. I am going to have a good relationship this year enjoying my last days in university. After graduation look for a rich attractive man to be a xiao san.” (T/N: xiao san = little three = 3rd party = second wife or girlfriend)

”Have you ever thought about working normally or starting a business after graduation?” Lin Xian asked strangely.

“I thought about it!” Zhuang Tong nodded then continued: “I thought about starting dance classes with Nie Qingqing after graduation. However, the reality gave me a slap in the face. I have no capital nor connection. Nowadays, dance classes are everywhere. Right, even if I borrow money to start dance classes, I still have to check whether I can continue to run it. Moreover, the situation in my family does not allow me to do it.”

”As for normal work, the salary is really not enough for me.”

Lin Xian raised his eyebrows and said, “Is your family in trouble?”

”Huh? Why? Do you pity me?”

Zhuang Tong laughed and continued: “To be honest, I don’t want to discuss the situation in my family. That will only make people think that I made this decision because I have to. I don’t want to be regarded as a white lotus because I am actually a materialistic person. When I first studied dance and took the entrance exam, I thought there would be a better future awaiting me, which would allow me to live a better life.” (T/N: white lotus = morally spotless)


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