Chapter 88 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Stick to beliefs

Lin Xian pondered for a moment and then said: “What you are saying is just the best possible scenario based on your ideals.”

“What is a mistress most afraid of? Isn’t it being abandoned when they get a little bit older?”

“And usually, mistress won’t stay as mistress once they get older.”

“Most of the people who have a mistress ‘loves the new and hates the old’. In 2 or 3 years, when the freshness is gone, they would most likely be leaving their mistress.”

In response to Lin Xian’s question, Zhuang Tong sipped the champagne after a toast, and said with a smile on the corners of her mouth: “That is why I walked into this hotel with you.”


In such a short sentence, she not only answered Lin Xian’s question but also gave him a hint.

“You’re so sure that I am the kind of man you imagined?” Lin Xian suppressed the fire in his heart and asked.

“A woman’s intuition!” Zhuang Tong smiled and continued to say: “There are many luxury cars at the gate of Jinyi, and each one represents a choice. I don’t think I made a wrong choice.”

Lin Xian hugged Zhuang Tong, looked down at her, and said seriously: “I don’t want a temporary mistress. If you don’t mind me getting married or having another woman in the future, then you can be my girlfriend forever!”

Suddenly, a mist appeared in Zhuang Tong’s eyes.

Gazing at Lin Xian for a long time, Zhuang Tong said in a slight choking voice: “Lin Xian, are you this good to every woman?”

This is the second time that Lin Xian has heard this question.

The first time was Zhang Mengyao. This time it was by Zhuang Tong who he had only known for less than an hour.

Then a knock on the door was suddenly heard.

”Hello, Mr. Lin? I am your butler, Alan. The dinner has been prepared for you. Would you like to have dinner now?”

Lin Xian let go of Zhuang Tong and said, “Come in.”

Soon, the door of the room was opened, and the butler, Alan, and several waiters walked into the room while pushing the dining cart.

After the waiter set up the table, Alan bowed and said respectfully: “I won’t bother your dinner. If you need anything, please ask me any time!”

Lin Xian and Zhuang Tong sat at the dining table.

Lin Xian poured another glass of champagne for Zhuang Tong.

This Louis Roederer Champagne is not any better than the Ace of Spades and it does not have a slightly fruity aroma.

Lin Xian had already discarded this champagne in his mind.

They glanced at the dishes on the table which looked as exquisite as a work of art. The two of them didn’t know where to start for a while.

Huaiyang cuisine attaches great importance to chopping skills. If you want to learn Huaiyang cuisine, you often need to practice your chopping skills for two to three years.

For example, the Wensi tofu. A whole piece of tofu, cut into countless pieces as thin as hairlike strands, each can even pass through the eye of the needle. You can only imagine how difficult it is.

The puffer fish is even more exaggerated. Each piece of fish has the same thinness, as thin as that of a cicada’s wing, placed on a plate forming the shape of a crane. It looks very lifelike.

“This dinner shouldn’t be cheap, right?” Zhuang Tong was speechless.

Lin Xian smiled and said: “It’s okay. The price is very affordable. This whole course is not as expensive as the champagne you are drinking.”

Zhuang Tong picked up a piece of fish fillet and stuffed the same into Lin Xian’s mouth. She then smiled and asked, “Can I always enjoy this kind of life in the future?”

“If your demand is too high, I may not be able to satisfy it for the time being. But consumption of several hundred thousand is still no problem.”

Hearing such words, Zhuang Tong was choked by the fish fillet.

After coughing a few times and taking a sip of champagne, Zhuang Tong asked, “If I may ask, how much is your monthly allowance?”

“I can’t talk about allowances since I made the money from stocks myself. About one to two million a month.” Lin Xian said calmly.

“I changed my mind. I want to get married!” Zhuang Tong said solemnly.

“As a human, we must learn to stick to our beliefs. I think your idea of being a mistress is already very good, keep it that way and don’t change it easily.”

Having said that, the two looked at each other and smiled.

Lin Xian admits that chatting with Zhuang Tong was very enjoyable.

Many things he keeps to himself, and he cannot say to Yan Xiaoman and the others, he can easily say to Zhuang Tong.

This is the biggest difference between a mistress and a real girlfriend.

In addition, they share the same ideals and similar personalities. They found a confidant in each other.

Zhuang Tong asked curiously: “Apart from me, how many women do you have more?”

“In addition to you, I have a girlfriend who goes to school in Shanghai. In addition, my girlfriend’s best friend seems also interested in me. There is also a cute girl in school, but there is no progress with her so far.” Lin Xian said truthfully.

“Your girlfriend’s best friend? Is it exciting? Have you ever thought of taking them down together?” Zhuang Tong teased with a narrow smile.

“As a man, I definitely have such thoughts. But I never intend to hurt others and I also don’t want to destroy their relationship. Let it come naturally!”

Hearing this, Zhuang Tong picked up a wine glass and said sternly: “For what you said, I propose a toast!”

The two clinked their glasses slightly. Zhuang Tong drank the champagne in one sip and continued to ask: “What about the girl in your school? What’s the situation?”

“If I said I didn’t take the initiative to flirt with them, would you believe me?”


Zhuang Tong nodded. She really believed it.

She believes it is just normal for a good man to attract a woman.

Lin Xian further explained: “The girl at school is in a complicated situation. She feels very inferior and sensitive because of some congenital defects. I still don’t know what she likes about me.”

“She is very cute, like a treasure. The more you discover her, the more interesting it gets.”

“The more you said that, the more I wanted to meet that girl.” Zhuang Tong said.

Lin Xian smiled and said, “That girl doesn’t seem to mind if I have a girlfriend. Maybe there is a chance to introduce you two in the future.”

Ling Youyu has 98 points of favorability towards Lin Xian. If Lin Xian takes her to a hotel, she would agree without even blinking her eyes.

But that would be boring.

As he said, Ling Youyu is like a treasure. It is fun to discover her little by little and slowly uncover the veil of the treasure.

“Let’s not just talk about me. What about you?” Lin Xian asked.

“My life story is very ordinary. I don’t like studying, but I want a better life. So, I decided to major in dancing. I had a boyfriend during my freshman year, but it only lasted for two days.” Zhuang Tong shrugged indifferently.

Lin Xian was surprised. “Two days? Did you dump him?”

“He dumped me! Someone spread a rumor all over the school that I was a mistress of an old guy, so he broke up with me. Actually, it wasn’t a rumor because I was really moved at that time. If it wasn’t for the guy being old and ugly, I am afraid I would have agreed.” Zhuang Tong explained.

Zhuang Tong also has her own pride, and it depends on the man who would support her.

If she was a mistress of a greasy middle-aged man and they go out together, she will suffer a lot of scorn and it’s hard to introduce him to her family.

The most important point is that when the two of them are getting intimate… just thinking about it is hard for her to stomach.

But it feels different with Lin Xian. He is young and has a good temperament. Going out together with him will bring her a lot of face.

Being a mistress of Lin Xian, it’s hard to say who takes advantage of who. Anyway, in her opinion, she made a lot of profit.


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