Chapter 13 | Please, I really didn’t want to fall in love with my master!

Master, the disciple has won!

“Master, stop joking. How can I be your opponent…?” Li Ran said with a smile.

Leng Wuyan placed her hands behind her back and said, “Don’t worry, this King won’t bully you. This King won’t use her cultivation base and will just use this finger. If you can touch this King’s body, you win.”


‘Good heavens, her lines are exactly the same as mine earlier.’

Li Ran wanted to cry without tears.

“Master, calm down. There is really nothing special going on between me and Lu Xinran.” Li Ran explained.

Leng Wuyan put her hand behind her back and said sincerely, “This King just wants to test your actual combat ability. What does this have to do with Lu Xinran?”

‘Test the strength?’

‘This is clearly an act of revenge!’

Sure enough, she really is a female devil. Don’t be deceived by her usual silly and cute appearance. Once she becomes jealous, she would really kill him!

Li Ran barely responded: “This disciple accepts his defeat.”

“Don’t concede!”

Leng Wuyan put her hands on her waist and said: “If you just concede, then…then this King will ignore you!”

After much deliberation, she only came up with such ‘punishment.’


Li Ran is faced with a dilemma.

In the end, he decided to ‘satisfy’ her, otherwise, the outcome would be not so good.

“Master, you shall act lightly. Don’t kill me, or else you will be widowed.” Li Ran warned.

Leng Wuyan laughed and said: “Don’t worry, I know that in my heart. This is just a test. You will be fine.”

“With the words of master, this disciple feels more relieved.”

“Can we start?”


“What is wrong this time?”

Li Ran licked his lips and said, “If… I mean, what if this disciple wins out of luck, will there be any reward?”

Leng Wuyan thought for a while and responded, “If you win, I will grant you one thing for as long as it will not be too excessive.”


Li Ran nodded in agreement.


With that soft sound, a gloomy shadow spread from Leng Wuyan’s body like a translucent film and covered the entire Rear Hill Courtyard.

Suddenly, no sound could be heard.

Li Ran was still standing there but has lost all of his perception of the outside world.

The entire Rear Hill Courtyard seemed to have become an isolated island.

‘Is this the domain of the Emperor-level experts?’ There was a little panic in Li Ran’s heart.

“Go ahead. No one will bother us.” Leng Wuyan said.


Li Ran didn’t say anything.

His body instantly turned into a shadow appearing behind Leng Wuyan.

Li Ran’s speed was more than a hundred times faster than Lu Xinran’s!

But the moment he attacks, a slender jade finger has already pointed to his forehead.

“Too slow…” Leng Wuyan commented

Before she could even finish, Li Ran suddenly appeared again behind her. His palm was wrapped in the wind and was about to slam at her.

“It’s a good idea to use shadows as disguises, but unfortunately your speed is too slow.”

Leng Wuyan flexed her fingers and Li Ran’s attack was deflected and he bounced off.

Li Ran rolled over to the ground, holding his aching forehead.

“Come again!”

Then Li Ran’s body turned into an overwhelming shadow, surging like a tsunami.

But no matter what Li Ran did, there would always be a jade finger charging back in front of him which seemed to be a defensive line that could not be broken!




Li Ran had lost count of how many times he was sent flying.

He half-squatted on the ground. There was a trail of blood leaking from the corners of his mouth.

In fact, Leng Wuyan did not use her strength at all. Li Ran’s injury was inflicted by himself.

The flesh of the emperor-level powerhouse is really terrifying!

Leng Wuyan couldn’t bear it anymore and said: “Okay. Let us stop comparing notes…”

“No, it’s not over yet!” Li Ran was already up on his feet.

With a stroke of his hand, a bright silver spear appeared on his hand.

Li Ran took a step forward and the air suddenly stopped, the silver spear trembled frantically, constantly emitting a fierce spear intent.


Leng Wuyan lightly raised her brows.

The white light in Li Ran’s eyes grew brighter until Leng Wuyan could only barely look directly at him.

The world suddenly dimmed as Li Ran held the spear in his hand.

It was as if the light was converging on the tip of the spear.

“White Rainbow · Sun Shade!”

After shouting this, a silver light surged.

The terrifying spear intent filled the place crazily, shining the entire Rear Hill Courtyard like daylight!


Leng Wuyan smiled slightly. Her eyes were full of amazement.


She tapped lightly her index finger on the tip of the spear and the white light was instantly annihilated.

“The spear technique is good, from whom did you learn it?”

“This is the Li family’s spear technique!”

As Li Ran spoke, he suddenly stretched his right hand and pressed it onto Leng Wuyan’s arms.

Just as Leng Wuyan was about to push him away, she saw a seal form in his left hand. Li Ran’s eyes were deep, and pressure suddenly hit Leng Wuyan.

It was the Youluo Temple Secret Technique – Spirit Suppression Secret Seal!

The air suddenly resembled a swamp, having great resistance to ever move.

Li Ran wanted to use this technique to delay Leng Wuyan’s reaction time.

“Good thinking!”

There was even more admiration in Leng Wuyan’s eyes.

It took a bit of effort for Leng Wuyan to break free from the shackles of the secret seal.


Li Ran suddenly spouted a mouthful of blood and then he was thrown away.

He fell to the ground, motionless and breathless.


Leng Wuyan was shocked. Could it be that she wasn’t able to control her strength?

She flew right over to Li Ran in a hurry and hugged him in her arms. Her spiritual Qi suddenly swarmed over his body.

“It’s strange. The meridians are stable, he is completely fine…’

But then Leng Wuyan froze suddenly.

She looked down slowly and found out that one of Li Ran’s hands was grasping her towering place!

Li Ran spouted blood and smiled slyly, “Master, the disciple has won.”

Leng Wuyan: (⊙_⊙)


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