Chapter 1 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Can you make money in the blink of an eye?

In the year 2015, in Xinghen Country, Jiangzhen City.

It was the third month since Lin Xian came to this parallel world.

Although this is just the parallel world, the gap between this world and the world where he came from is not big. And the basic technology and historical processes are the same, as high as 99%.

There are only differences in some aspects.

The entire Jiangzhen City seemed to have become a giant stove.

The scorching heat of the sun creates an illusion that the asphalt on the road is melting.

On both sides of the road, the buzz of cicadas can be heard, adding a touch of irritation to the already hot and impatient pedestrians.

Lin Xian was blinking quickly as he was seated behind the cash register inside a simply decorated restaurant.

He had blinked his eyes for only a few minutes, and he could already feel soreness in his eyes. His eyes had become slightly red.

Despite the discomfort in his eyes, Lin Xian couldn’t hide his shock.

You can really make money by just blinking your eyes?

It’s amazing!

Rows of data appear in his mind.

Host: Lin Xian

Grade: LV1

LV1 privilege reward: Every time you blink, you will get 0.1 yuan.

Upgrade Experience: 0/10000 (Experience points can only be obtained through spending, not through loans or money earned!)

System shop: Not Open

Props: 【LV1 Privilege Gift Package】*1

Skills: None

Amount: 23.3 yuan


The 23 yuan was actually the result of Lin Xian’s quick blinking.

In every blink, 0.1 yuan is earned…

Lin Xian’s brain computed rapidly.

A normal blink of an adult is about every three seconds. So, there are approximately 20 blinks per minute. Excluding the 8 hours of sleep, that should be about 19,200 times per day.

Rounded to 19,000 times and multiplied to 0.1 yuan each time!

In other words, Lin Xian can earn 1,900 yuan per day by just blinking his eyes 19,200 times!

That would be around 57 thousand yuan a month, or 684,000 yuan a year!

Uh…It doesn’t seem to be that much.

To be honest, for an income of several hundred thousand a year, Lin Xian doesn’t mind.

This restaurant he was in is owned by his family. Because of its strategic location, and several office buildings near it, there is a lot of traffic. Therefore, the daily earnings are very good. It’s not much in a year but still about hundreds of thousands.

In addition, Father Lin is very generous to him. He provides him with enough pocket money during ordinary days and constantly gives him red envelopes during the holidays. Therefore, after calculating the income of the system throughout the year, Lin Xian is very happy but he is not that excited…

Of course, this is the only benefit brought by LV1.

As the level increases, the money earned in each blink also increases, but it is not known yet by how much.

System: “Do you want to raise the level to LV2 first?”

Spending or consumption will generate experience points, and it will cost him 10,000 yuan to upgrade to LV2. Lin Xian’s private money is almost 100,000 yuan and there is no need to worry about the money to spend.

Just as he was contemplating whether to raise his level to LV2, the caring voice of his mother, Wang Hongmei, was suddenly heard.

“Son, why are your eyes red? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

At this time, Lin Guodong also walked out from the back kitchen, lit a cigarette, and asked: “What’s wrong? Is Xiao Xian not feeling well?”

“It’s okay. My eyes are just itchy now. I rubbed it a few times.” Lin Xian waved his hand and replied casually. Seeing Lin Guodong smoking a cigarette, he couldn’t help but say, “Dad, give me a cigarette!”

To be honest, although Lin Xian relatively has a strong accepting ability, he is just a student after all who had just finished the college entrance examination. He then suddenly obtained the system. He still couldn’t calm down for a long time, so he planned to smoke a cigarette to calm himself down.

As soon as he asked, Wang Hongmei firmly objected: “No!”

“How old do you think you are to even think about smoking? Why don’t you go directly to heaven? Lin Xian, I think you are rushing things. Do you want us to fight over this for several days and argue day and night? You’re wasting all my efforts in taking care of you.”

Listening to her mother’s endless chatting, Lin Xian curled his lips indifferently and then turned to Lin Guodong.

Lin Guodong’s character can be described in two words: Buddha man.

That’s right, Buddha man! (T/N: ‘Buddha man’ is an internet buzzword. The main meaning of this is to refer to someone who has no desires, no sadness or joy, having an absolute calmness and peace of mind. As for the further meaning, it means someone who pursues a peaceful and simple way of living, wanting to do most things independently and at your own rhythm.)

Lives a simple life, not being too keen on acquiring too much money, just enough.

There were several opportunities to expand their existing business by opening other branches, but all were rejected by Lin Guodong. Had he accepted such opportunities, the assets of the family should have doubled several times by now.

This kind of character of Lin Guodong had led to adopting a more relaxed approach to Lin Xian’s growth and education.

So long as you don’t do bad things, and you don’t break the law, you can do whatever you want to do.

It can be said that Lin Xian has also acquired such character from his father so he can keep his composure being faced with the money brought by the system.

Sure enough, his father did not disappoint Lin Xian.

After clearing his throat a few times, he took out a cigarette and handed it over to Lin Xian saying, “Xiao Xian is an adult now, and he is about to go to university. It is not much of a big deal to smoke a cigarette. After all, he is still young. But you must keep in mind that smoking is bad for your health, so you should smoke less.”

“Even though you know that smoking is bad for your health, you still do it every day!” Wang Hongmei snorted.

Obviously, women are very attentive to details.

Lin Guodong was immediately unhappy when he heard his wife’s words. “What? I only have this hobby? Do you still want to take it?”

Indeed, Lin Guodong has the 3 standards of a good man. He doesn’t gamble or drink and doesn’t hang out. His only hobby is smoking. (T/N: 1. Be enterprising! (stable income) 2. Be responsible! (To wife and children) 3. Be filial! (to both parents) )

Seeing that Lin Guodong was going on again with his trump card, Wang Hongmei could only sigh and say: “Lin Guodong, you always say that to justify your wrongs.”

With a cigarette in his mouth, Lin Xian looked at his parents’ arguing at this time, which made him smile, having a feeling of warmth in his heart.

There isn’t much pressure on himself. Although he is not a top-notch student, he had passed the college examination in a second-tier university. Although he comes from a not super-rich family, there aren’t any issues with the finances. After graduating from college, he doesn’t have to worry about his future.

And now, there is also that system which shall provide him money every day.

Influenced by Lin Guodong’s Buddhist mentality, Lin Xian felt that it is enough that he be a salted fish quietly.

He will buy a couple of properties, pick a few fancy sports cars, travel leisurely, make fun with girls, and do whatever he likes.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but sigh and say, “Sigh! The life of the rich is so modest and boring!”

The restaurant is usually busy in the morning and evening, but not much in the afternoon.

After cleaning up the kitchen, Lin Guodong went to the hardware store near them to brag as he smokes a cigarette in his mouth. Wang Hongmei occupies the cash register to count the earnings for the day.

Lin Xian pretended to be busy with his phone as he was looking at the system interface and was ready to open the privilege package.


“Congratulations to the host for opening the 【LV1 Privilege Gift package】 and gaining skills.”


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