Chapter 2 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Driving a Ferrari with one hand!


Lin Xian found it very interesting so he hurriedly looked at the skill bar.

【Driving a Ferrari with one hand】

Trigger condition: The vehicle must be a Ferrari.

Effects: The car skill is upgraded to master level

Charisma +20

Favorability of the opposite sex in the car +20

There is a 10% chance of triggering the love at first sight effect.

【PS: Although you are not the most handsome man in the world, the appearance as you drive a Ferrari with one hand is very handsome! 】


“This skill…”

It seems that the point is not driving with one hand, but the Ferrari itself!

Lin Xian couldn’t help but curse. But thinking about it, driving a Ferrari with one hand… It seems really handsome!

Of course, he was just thinking about it for now.

Although Lin Xian doesn’t know much about sports cars, he also knew that a Ferrari has a minimum cost of at least 3 million. The cheapest model which is the California T starts at 3.08 million, not to mention the other models.

Based on the current system’s annual revenue capacity of 680,000 yuan, it would take four to five years for him to afford it.

If he is asked whether he likes a Ferrari or not, of course, he likes it.

Only a few men can resist the glamor of a top sports car, just like very few women can resist a diamond, the size of a pigeon’s egg.

“It looks like the system needs to be upgraded!”

He intends to upgrade the level of the system as soon as possible to increase the daily income.

“I’m about to go to college. I just need a laptop.”

As for the laptop, he had already looked for a model. It’s the year’s latest model, WXR2015 17R2, priced at 14,320 yuan!

The reason why he wanted the laptop is three words: I like it!

He often read from the internet that the richest people do not buy the best things, only the most expensive ones.

Lin Xian felt that the person who wrote about it was either a nouveau riche or just spouting nonsense.

Lin Xian never really looks at the price when he buys things. He only buys what he likes. When he encounters something that he truly likes, he will buy it no matter the price.

Money doesn’t matter to follow his will!

This is the truth!

As for his mom and dad, they often eat instant noodles. Can’t they afford an expensive meal?

After deciding that he wants to buy a laptop, Lin Xian took out his mobile phone and directly placed the order without any hesitation.

He visited the store, selected the model configuration, fill in the delivery address, and made the payment. The whole process was done in just one go.

After buying the laptop that he wants, he immediately looked at the system interface.

Host: Lin Xian

Grade: LV2

LV2 privilege reward: “Every time you blink, you will get 0.2 yuan.

Upgrade experience points: 0/100000 (Experience points can only be obtained through spending, not through loans or money earned!)

System shop: not open

Props: [LV2 Privilege Gift Package]

Skills: [Driving a Ferrari with one hand]

Amount: 86.7 yuan

True enough, after the system level was upgraded to LV2, the income of each blink was also doubled, 0.2 yuan that is.

The income daily would be 3800 yuan a day!

With such an income, the laptop he just bought is only three to four days’ worth of income.

In addition, after the upgrade, he got a gift pack.

“Open gift pack!”


“Congratulations to the host for opening the LV2 Privilege Package and obtaining one-time items.”

[Critical Consumption Rebate Card]: After consumption, it is possible to get 50% to 500% crit chance and rebate at random.

“Wow! This is really good!”

After reading the item introduction, Lin Xian was overjoyed.

Every consumption, not only will he receive rebates, but also crit chance. The minimum is 50% to five times. No matter how he calculates, there is no loss.

When he got the critical consumption rebate card, Lin Xian first thought to ask his parents to borrow money.

Obviously, the more he consumes or spends money, the more he earns.

If you consume 500,000 at a time, you can earn 2 million. Even if you have bad luck and meet the lowest of 50%, you can still earn 250,000.

But he soon ruled out his idea.

Normally, it is okay to ask for a thousand for pocket money. But he suddenly wants to borrow 500,000. His parents will definitely not agree. He has to have reasonable excuses.

Lin Xian figured it out. After buying the laptop, he only has more than 80,000 left in his private money.

With the remaining 80,000, if his luck is good, he can make two to three hundred thousand.

Now he is contemplating whether to use the remaining money or not.

After thinking about it for a while, Lin Xian decided that he should wait for now.

Obviously, with the crit card, he can definitely make more money by spending more. Now that the system has been upgraded to LV2, the daily income is estimated to be 3,800 yuan a day or 114,000 yuan a month.

But Lin Xian quickly hesitated again because if the level is upgraded to LV3, he only needed to consume 100,000, and his daily income would also increase significantly after the upgrade.

From a long-term perspective, it is clear that the benefits from upgrading the level will also be higher.

“I want to wait first, anyway, the money is not enough now!”

After deciding, Lin Xian soon realized that the time was almost 2 o’clock, so he got up and said to his mom who was currently at the cash register, “Mom, I’m going to the driving school.”

Wang Hongmei said without raising her head, “Bring an umbrella. It’s so hot outside.”

Although it may look weird to look at a man holding an umbrella, considering the heat outside and the temperature nearly 40 degrees, Lin Xian took the umbrella.

Everyone who has learned how to drive knows that a dozen trainees share a single coaching vehicle. And it takes about an hour or two to wait and train for just 10 minutes. In this kind of weather, staying under the sun for an hour or two will possibly result in a heat stroke.

He reported to the VIP class of the driving school. Although there are fewer students compared to ordinary classes, the instructors are also fewer and limited, so students still have to wait.

That being after taking the college examination, many students plan to take the driving test during the summer vacation, which caused the number of VIP classes to increase significantly.

As he pushed the door open, the heat wave heads on.

It only took a few seconds for the killing sun to cause a faint tingling pain at the back of his neck.

“Bringing an umbrella is indeed a wise choice.”

Lin Xian was holding an umbrella in one hand while riding a small electronic bike on the other. He drove to the driving school leisurely.

“Lin Xian?”

Just after a stroll on the road, a familiar voice can suddenly be heard from the side of the road.

Lin Xian was taken aback, stopped and turned around to look, and smiled: “Yo, isn’t this School flower Yan?”

Under the bus pavilion on the side of the road, a slim girl stood.

The girl’s facial feature was very delicate. The face value is at 90 points even though she wore plain makeup at this time. With a height of 1.68 meters, she wore a white dress. She had long black hair, and the whole person looked like a fairy.

Yan Xiaoman gave him a blank look and said: “Lin Xian, can you speak well. You know how to make fun of me all day long.”

Yan Xiaoman and Lin Xian are classmates. Because of her outstanding looks and temperament, she was hailed as one of the top three school flowers in Experimental 1 Middle School.


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