Chapter 110 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Jinda top student?

In the morning, except for Chinese, there are no other classes.

After Lin Xian left the infirmary, he returned to the classroom where he was in the previous class. He was in hurry earlier and didn’t bring any of his books or his mathematical modeling homework.

When he came to the classroom, he found that it was already full, and a professor with gray hair was in class.

Seeing Lin Xian, the professor pushed his eyeglasses to the bridge of his nose and said, “Student, you are 20 minutes late!”

“Professor, I am not attending this class, I just forgot to take my book and things from the previous class. I came back to get them.” Lin Xian explained.

“Oh, then you go ahead!”

The professor nodded and ignored him and continued to lecture.

Under the gaze of hundreds of people, Lin Xian walked to the back row with a calm expression, and successfully found his seat.

“What a coincidence!”

Mu Wanqing smiled slightly and greeted Lin Xian in a low voice.

Lin Xian was stunned for a moment and then smiled and said, “What a coincidence!”

It was indeed a coincidence because Mu Wanqing was seated in his seat during his previous class.

He took the books and his homework and then waved his hand and said, “See you next time!”


After Lin Xian left, a short-haired girl beside Mu Wanqing asked, “Wanqing, do you know Lin Xian?”

“Why? You know him too?” Mu Wanqing raised her eyebrows and asked curiously.

The short-haired girl responded with a smile: “Of course, I know him. He is the freshman school grass. He is young and rich and has a good temperament. A lot of girls have their eyes on him!”

Mu Wanqing said indifferently: “If you like him, then go after him!”

Hearing this, the short-haired girl sighed and replied: “Why would I. I still know my place.”


Lin Xian walked to the office building to look for Professor Dai Pingbo.

Standing by the door, Lin Xian knocked politely.

Dai Pingbo was busy reading something when he heard a knock on the door and so he said without raising his head, “Come in!”

Walking to the desk, Lin Xian put down his homework and said with a smile, “Mr. Dai, I have already finished the homework you gave me yesterday.”

“So fast?”

Dai Pingbo was stunned for a moment and was slightly surprised.

The questions he gave were not too difficult for the freshmen level, but they are not easy either.

He thought that Lin xian would need at least three or five days to finish the same. But he didn’t expect him to be this efficient.

After picking up the homework, Dai Pingbo glanced at it quickly.

He looked mainly at the problem-solving method, not the model used. Whether the modeling used is correct or not is actually not that important. The important thing is how he solved the problem.

Mathematics is different from physics. While physics only looks at the results, mathematics does not.

In physics, no matter what hypothesis or conjecture you make, everything would be meaningless if the result is wrong.

But mathematics is very different. The result is not important, it is the solving method that is most important.

Many mathematicians who won the Field medal did not solve world problems but created new mathematical tools in the process of solving problems.

And these mathematical tools may serve a crucial role in solving other problems.

That is the reason why they won.

A few minutes later, Dai Pingbo put down the homework and said with a smile, “I thought you would use differential equations to solve the problems. I did not expect you to use partial differential equations. Very good!”

Dai Pingbo is very easygoing but he rarely praises people.

To say that Lin Xian did a very good job means that Lin Xian really made him satisfied.

Lin Xian asked, “Mr. Dai, I would like to inquire about the Higher Education Club Cups’ Modeling competition.”

“Higher Education Club Cup? Why do you want to participate?” Dai Pingbo smiled kindly.

Lin Xian nodded: “I plan to!”

Hearing this, Dai Pingbo shook his head and laughed, and said: “Haha! Then you are late. This year’s Higher Education Club Cup has ended a few days ago. If you want to participate, you can only wait next year!”

“It has ended?” Lin Xian was stunned for a moment and said surprisingly.

Damn it!

He thought with the chewing gum he obtained; he could be able to hit the top three at the provincial level.

The competition turned out to have ended already a few days ago!

Glancing at the tasks in the system interface, Lin Xian sighed secretly. It seems that this task can only be set aside for the time being until next year.

“Mathematical modeling requires a wide range of knowledge. So even if the competition has not started, I wouldn’t recommend you to participate.”

Dai Pingbo paused and continued: “Try to improve first for a year, then next year you will have the chance to hit the top 3 in the provincial level.”

Lin Xian nodded and then asked, “Mr. Dai, which school won the Higher Education Club competition this year?”

There are provincial and national awards in the Higher Education Club Cup. The national awards are divided into first, second, and third prize…”

The winners of the first to the third prize are not only one but many.

But there should be only once for the highest honor of the Higher Education Club Cup!

Dai Pingbo pouted and said, “The next-door school Jinda won the cup this year!”

“Is Jinda’s mathematics department that strong?” Lin Xian asked in surprise.

He was under the impression that Jinda’s mathematics department is not that strong. At most, it should be in the top 20 in China and there should still be some gap between the top universities in mathematics like Qingbei, Fudan, And the University of Science and Technology of China.

Dai Pingbo pouted and said in a sour tone, “Hmph! They just have a good seedling this year!”

“Is that student great?”

“Really impressive!”

Dai Pingbo nodded and said sternly: “He is a sophomore whose name seems to be Lu Zhou. He almost single-handedly led his team to win the cup. If there is no accident, that kids’ achievement would not be inferior to Mr. Qiu Chengtong!”

‘What the hell!’


‘Led his teammates to win the cup by himself?’

‘I swear, this guy must also have a system, or else how can he be that good!’

The more Lin Xian thought about it, the more he felt that it could be possible so he decided to go to the neighboring Jinda and meet him there!”

“Mr. Dai, then I’ll leave first!”

Lin Xian glanced at the time and it was almost time for dinner.

“You may go!”

Dai Pingbo waved his hand and continued to pick up the book he was reading.

Lin Xian walked out of the office building.

He is thinking about whether to go to the infirmary to see Ling Youyu when the mobile phone in his pocket vibrated suddenly.

When he took it out, he found that it was a Wechat friend request.

“Jinda top student applied as your friend. Do you want to confirm?”

‘Jinda top student?’

The name is a bit arrogant.

He just talked to Professor Dai Pingbo about Jinda and now someone has added him. Is this just a coincidence?

‘Could it be Lu Zhou?’

Thinking of this, Lin Xian confirmed.

After adding a friend, he clicked the other party’s avatar and checked the friend circle.


It turned out to be a beautiful woman and her appearance is very high. He estimated it to be at least 93 points.

And the figure seems very good and she has a mature lady style…


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