Chapter 111 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Wait a minute, I’ll go buy a melon!

After being confirmed, the other party soon sent a voice message.

Lin Xian raised his eyebrows and opened the voice message: “Little brother, are you up for online dating?”

The voice is indeed like a mature elder sister.

It’s just that Lin xian felt that the voice seemed a little familiar as if he had heard it somewhere before, but he couldn’t seem to remember.

He replied: “Is this the kind that commits suicide after breaking up?”

The other party did not send another voice message this time but an emoji.

The emoji was a person holding two guns accompanied by a line of words that said: “Giving you another chance to organize your words!”

Seeing this, Lin Xian pouted and put away his phone and no longer replied.

‘I thought it was Lu Zhou. But it turned out to be just online dating. Forget it. I can’t afford to waste my time.’

With such a lovely treasure girl like Ling Youyu around, how could he be interested in online dating?

Remembering Jinda, Lin Xian couldn’t help but think of Zhang Mengyao.

That girl has not contacted him since they came back from the last trip to Shanghai.

She should be currently under the struggle of choosing between friendship and love, wandering away between reason and emotion.

In other words, does she want to have an intimate relationship with her best friend’s boyfriend or not.…


Meanwhile at Jinda’s female dormitory…

Zhang Mengyao was seated at the table under her bed, eating fried rice.

She has been eating recently in the dormitory.

She didn’t want to go to the cafeteria because she felt annoyed.

Every time she eats in the cafeteria, there would always be a swarm of boys who would come up to her and strike up a conversation.

The way they strike up a conversation is sometimes awkward and it affects her mood to the point that she loses her appetite.

She could only pack up her lunch and go back to the dormitory to eat.

But Zhang Mengyao’s appearance and figure really attract men, especially since she prefers to wear pleated skirts.

After eating two bites, she glanced at the mobile phone on the table and then continued to lower her head to eat…

Seeing this, Xiao Xue on the side could not help but ask: ”Mengyao, why do I feel like you have been acting weird lately?”

“Did I?”

Zhang Mengyao was stunned for a moment and then raised an eyebrow.

“Yes! It seems to have started ever since you came back from your last trip to Shanghai.” Xiao Xue nodded and said sternly.

Hearing ‘Shanghai’, Zhang Mengyao suddenly asked, “I have been acting weird? How can you say so?”

“You would smirk inexplicably and always get distracted in class.”

Xiao Xue paused for a while and asked: “By the way, you are not in love, are you?”

“No. You are thinking too much!”

She panicked as she denied but the expression on her face didn’t seem to change at all.

She should be commended for her great acting skills. It is a pity she is not an actress.

After looking carefully at her, Xiao Xue asked suspiciously: “Then what happened to you recently?”

Zhang Mengyao suddenly thought of an excuse, raised her eyebrows, and said, “I’m just worried about my cousin. I went to Shanghai to visit my cousin.”

Xiao Xue suddenly became curious and asked: “What happened to your cousin?”

Women are always game when it comes to gossips.

Zhang Mengyao quickly organized her thoughts and said: “My cousin fell in love with a guy who is her bestfriend’s boyfriend. And so, I am very problematic now. I don’t know what to advise to her.”

“You… are you sure it is your cousin and not yourself?” Xiao Xue asked with a meaningful smile.

She is not stupid. After all, the IQ of those admitted to Jinda is definitely not low.

“Okay! It’s me!”

Zhang Mengyao sighed and admitted earnestly.

To be honest, it’s already 2015, and taking cousin as an excuse is too old-fashioned.

Hearing Zhang Mengyao’s admission, Xiao Xue became very excited.

She felt that she had discovered such a huge gossip and at this moment, she could not wait to go and buy watermelon downstairs. (T/n: Eating watermelon meaning gossipy)

How can she resist eating watermelon after hearing such gossip?

However, considering that Zhang Mengyao would most likely kill her for doing so, she could only drop the idea, full of regret.

Xiao Xue continued to ask, “Is the guy from our school?”

“No. You don’t know him. He is my high school classmate.” Zhang Mengayo replied casually while poking the fried rice with chopsticks.

“He must be very good, right?”

After Xiao Xue asked this, she realized she had asked a very stupid question.

Just on the second day of school, Zhang Mengyao was given the title of freshman school flower by some people who have nothing to do in the school forum. Since then, a lot of men in school wanted to chase her.

If the other party is not good, how can she like him?

Xiao Xue coughed twice and asked: “Tell me about it carefully. Maybe an outsider like me can help you analyze the situation.”

Zhang Mengyao glanced at her and saw the fire of gossip burning in her eyes.

So Zhang Mengyao asked helplessly: “Are you sure you just don’t want to eat watermelon?”

“Don’t worry about the detail. Eating watermelon is just incidental. Of course, my purpose is to help my good friend solve her trouble.” Xiao Xue waved her hand and had a dignified look.

Maybe they have a good relationship, or Zhang Mengyao had been keeping it to herself for too long that she wanted someone to talk about it with.

So she told her everything.

After listening, Xiao Xue touched her chin and asked, “Does your best friend know that you like her boyfriend?”

“Maybe she knows, or maybe she just hides it!”

Zhang Mengyao knows Yan Xiaoman very well. She knows that she is not a silly white rabbit.

“Since you are not certain yet, put that issue aside for now.”

Xiao Xue pondered for a moment, and then continued to ask, “Also, you said that the guy is a scumbag and has more than one girlfriend?”

Zhang Mengyao gnashed her teeth as if thinking of Lin Xian and said, “Although he did not admit it, he did not deny it also. And I can feel that bastard is a scumbag”

Lin Xian is a scumbag whom she both loves and hates.

And because she knows that Lin Xian is essentially a scumbag, she felt that even if she doesn’t get involved with him, he would still have another women which made her feel a lot better.

Although she felt sorry for Yan Xiaoman, she feel a little less guilty.

But she is a proud person, how can she accept herself and other women sharing the same man?

That is why she is so confused…

“Are you stupid? You already know that he is a scumbag, and yet you still like him?”

At this moment, Xiao Xue stared at her as if looking at someone with mental retardation.


Zhang Mengyao sighed and smiled bitterly: “I know I am stupid. But I just can’t help liking him!”

“Just how much do you like him?” Xiao Xue quibbled.

“It is the kind that if he takes me to a hotel, I will most likely agree! Do you understand that?” Zhang Mengyao spread her hands and said earnestly.


Xiao Xue could not help but take a deep breath and then asked, “He hasn’t contacted you since you both came back from Shanghai?”

Zhang Mengyao said in distress: “No. And that is also one of the reasons why I like him!”


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