Chapter 113 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Waste time!

Lin Xian drove back home in his Ferrari.

Back home, Zhuang Tong wore yoga clothes and was doing yoga in the living room following the tutorial on the TV.

As expected of a dance major, all kinds of difficult movements looked easy. Her movements looked even more professional than the instructor on the TV.

“Dear, you’re back!”

Seeing Lin Xian, Zhuang Tong smiled sweetly and was about to get up.

Seeing this, Lin Xian waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry about me. You can continue with what you’re doing. I will sit for a while.”

Lin Xian threw his shoulder bag on the sofa and then sat comfortably.

Whoever invented yoga clothes is a genius. It is simply a blessing for men.

This kind of clothing can really accentuate a woman’s figure.

And Zhuang Tong’s figure is already great, with a score of 92. And at this moment being dressed in yoga clothes, Zhuang Tong looked even more attractive.

Coupled with her excellent face value, watching her do yoga is such a pleasure.

Ten minutes later, Zhuang Tong stood up and walked to the sofa. She sat on Lin Xian’s lap and asked intimately, “Why did you go home so early today?”

“I have no more class in the afternoon and tomorrow’s the weekend, so I came back early!”

Lin Xian wrapped his arms around her slender waist and asked, “Why are you doing yoga?”

“Hehe. Yoga can keep you in shape and many of the movements are quite fun.” Zhuang Tong smiled as she answered.

What a seductress!

Just one sentence awakened Lin Xian.

“Have you practiced for the past two days?” Lin Xian asked.

“Of course!”

“Then let me see if there is any progress…”

Hearing this, Zhuang Tong bit her lip lightly and slowly squatted down.


They spent the whole afternoon and steamy night together.

Both Lin Xian and Zhuang Tong enjoy such a life of leisure and pleasure, just like the lyrics in the song.

‘I wasted my time in this way, not concerned.’

‘This is the most perfect day.’

The next day, after Lin Xian’s morning run, he bought some breakfast and then returned home leisurely.

After breakfast, he took out his drawing tools like usual and leaned on the hanging chair on the balcony, and began to practice sketching.

Painting is really a very good hobby. It can make him feel relaxed and cultivate emotions.

After sketching a water cup, Lin Xian wondered whether the chocolate flavored chewing gum can also be used in painting.

There should be a possibility since the brain’s activity increases by 50% and so various brain-related functions can also improve his abilities.

He originally planned to use these chewing gums for the Higher Education Club Cup competition. But since the same had ended, he can use it for other purposes.

He decided to use them on painting first. Anyway, there is still a year until the next competition, maybe he can get better props by then.

“I shall then try it!”

Thinking like this, Lin Xian took out a piece of chewing gum and stuffed it into his mouth.

It is uncertain whether it is the smell of chocolate that put him in a hyperactive state.

The basic painting tutorials he had seen before, kept flashing in his mind.

At this moment, Lin Xian was moving like a painting genius with all kinds of techniques right at his fingertips.

After half an hour, a sketch of a water cup has been done. There is no need for comparison for Lin Xian to see if he made any progress or not.

But of course, compared to professional art students, the gap is still very wide.

Before the lasting effect of the chewing gum wears off, Lin xian picked up a pen and continued to draw.

It was only until half past nine in the morning when Lin Xian put away his drawing board and other tools.

He then walked into the bedroom and saw Zhuang Tong still sleeping sweetly like a lazy kitten hugging the quilt.

Lin Xian pinched her face and smiled and said, “Dear, get up!”


Zhuang Tong slowly opened her eye and asked lazily, “What time is it now?”

Lin Xian replied: “It is almost ten o’clock. Didn’t you say yesterday that you are going out shopping today?”

When she heard the word shopping, Zhuang Tong’s eyes lit up and her whole person has been awakened suddenly and all the sleepiness disappeared.

This made Lin Xian’s eyebrows raise in amusement.

‘Ah! Women!’

Half an hour later, Zhuang Tong was already standing in front of him and smiled softly. “Dear, let’s go!”

To be honest, Lin Xian originally thought that it would take at least an hour for Zhuang Tong to get ready.

She unexpectedly prepared herself quickly and just put on light makeup.

Coming to the parking lot, Zhuang Tong suggested, “Let us take my car. The Ferrari’s trunk is too small.”

She must be really going to buy a lot of things so the Ferrari’s front trunk is not enough.

Lin Xian nodded and said, “Okay!”

In less than 20 minutes, the royal blue Beetle stopped directly at the Golden Eagle Shopping Center.

The two did not go to Xinjiekou. For one, it is too far. Secondly, the Golden Eagle Shopping Center is a high-end shopping mall. They have big international brands no worse than the malls in the central business district.

After parking the car, Zhuang Ting took Lin Xian’s arm, and the two walked into the mall like a sweet couple.…


“It is almost noon, shall we go to Jincai?”

Xiao Xue said expectantly while she bit the straw as she sipped some milk tea.

Zhang Mengyao glanced at her and was speechless. “Why are you so excited?”

Xiao Xue giggled and said, “Hehe. Of course, you always have to eat fresh melons. And to be honest, I am very curious about Lin Xian. I wanted to see how holy he is that he can make School Flower Zhang go crazy.”

“Okay. We will go to Jincai in a while..”

As Zhang Mengyao was talking, her whole body suddenly froze.

Seeing this, Xiao Xue asked, “Mengyao, what is wrong with you?”

She followed Zhang Mengyao’s gaze and saw a man and woman snuggling on the elevator. They are talking and laughing as they walked into the Chanel store.

She can say that the girl is very beautiful and has a very good figure, not any worse than Zhang Mengyao.

She sported short cyan hair that looked particularly youthful and fashionable.

As for the guy, he is not the type that is super handsome but his temperament is very good that you can’t help but have a good feeling about him.

Most importantly, the guy’s skin is so good that even a girl like Xiao Xue can’t help but be jealous.

“That guy’s skin is so good…Wait!”

Xiao Xue was still in awe when she suddenly realized and asked with her eyes widened, “Damn it. He is not Lin Xian, or is he?”

“That bastard!”

Zhang Mengyao looked very complex. She bit her lip as she took out her mobile phone and made a call.

The call was soon connected, and Lin Xian’s slightly mocking voice was heard on the other end: “Yo, school flower Zhang finally remember me!”

“Stop joking with me, where are you now?” Zhang Mengyao asked directly.

“In the Golden Eagle Shopping Center!”

Lin Xian’s reply made Zhang Mengyao stunned for a moment.


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