Chapter 112 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Simulation Game!

Xiao Xue thought that Zhang Mengyao doesn’t make any sense.

That is because in her opinion, she should stay away from scumbags.

But after listening to how crazy Zhang Mengyao thinks, she couldn’t seem to feel any disgust in her deep inside.

She was even curious to meet that guy.

This thought also shocked her.

Seeing the look on her face, Zhang Mengyao smiled and said, “Do you understand my feelings now?”

”Do you have a photo of him? I want to see!” Xiao Xue asked eagerly.

Zhang Mengyao shook her head and said, “No, I don’t have any! And that bastard is very special. Just by looking at his photos, you will feel that he is very ordinary. But when you see him in person, you can feel his unparalleled charm.”

Xiao Xue said with concern: “Anyway, what do you plan to do? No matter what, there has to be an outcome.”

”If I knew what to do, I wouldn’t feel so distressed!” Zhang Mengyao sighed and said helplessly.

And then, the phone on the table rang suddenly.

The two were taken aback and looked at the phone.

‘Yan Xiaoman?!’

Seeing the caller ID, Zhang Mengyao felt a little guilty.

’What the hell …’

Just now, they were talking about whether or not to pursue her feelings toward her best friend’s boyfriend, and now her best friend calls her.

Even with Zhang Mengyao’s mental quality, she couldn’t help but feel guilty for a while.

Seeing her expression, Xiao Xue said in shock, “Is she the best friend we are talking about just now?”


Zhang Mengyao took a deep breath before she answered the phone.

”Princess Yan, what do you want from me?”

Her voice was smooth, not any different from her usual tone when she talks.

Xiao Xue who was on the side, couldn’t help but extend her thumb.


If it was her, she would have panicked.

Yan Xiaoman’s slightly tired voice was then heard on the other end, “Can I not call you if I have some free time?”

“One never goes to the Buddhist temple for no reason. Say it, I still have to eat.” Zhang Mengyao said (T/N: One would not go to someone’s place except on business, for help, etc)

The tone, the look, that’s just the way the actresses do.

But this is a kind of gift you can’t envy.

”Okay, I am looking for you for something!”

Yan Xiaoman continued: “I was recently chosen by the school to participate in the National Debate competition. I am so busy every day that I didn’t have the time for Lin Xian. I am afraid that he is bored these days. If you have the time, you can go to him and have a meal together.”


’Will that bastard be bored?’

‘Are you trying to make me laugh?’

There are so many beauties in Jincai and Lin Xian should be very popular there.

Zhang Mengyao resisted the urge to complain and said, “He is not my boyfriend. And are you sure he is bored?”

”Hehe. I just thought maybe he wouldn’t be bored if I asked that you accompany him to dinner!” Yan Xiaoman said with a smile.

The meaning of her words is quite obvious, just because she can’t tend to Lin Xian, she would ask her to eat with him and spy on him.

After all, the other is an employer, while the other is an intelligence agent…

Zhang Mengyao curled her lip and said, “Princess Yan, aren’t you afraid that I would snatch Lin Xian away from you?”

”You could try it. Let’s see if you have the ability to do so!” Yan Xiaoman joked.

Zhang Mengyao could not tell whether her remarks were serious or not.

As she thought about it, she nodded and said, “Okay. I am free this weekend. I will go meet him for dinner.”

”It is settled then. I owe you! I won’t disturb you anymore, continue eating!”

Seeing things through, Yan Xiaoman hung up the phone with satisfaction.

Zhang Mengyao threw the phone on the table and let out a long sigh.

Xiao Xue on the side heard the whole conversation and at this moment said incredulously, “She asked you to accompany her boyfriend to dinner?”

Damn it!

Her heart is too big!

“If you think she is stupid, then you are wrong. Princess Yan might look innocent and sweet, but she is actually very smart!” Zhang Mengyao explained.

Xiao Xue wondered: ‘What’s the benefit of her doing this?”

”So many benefits!”

Zhang Mengyao was about to disclose more but seeing her confusion, she sighed and said: “Forget it! You won’t understand even if I told you!”

”Then do you really plan to go to him for dinner this weekend?”

”Go. Why not? I can get to eat for free!” Zhang Mengyao laughed.

Xiao Xue asked solemnly: “Mengyao, please take me with you!”

On his way to the infirmary, the nurse saw Lin Xian and said directly, “That little girl just left!”

”Oh, thank you!”

Lin Xian thanked her and then turned to go for dinner.

Ling Youyu is too sensitive. Maybe due to what happened today, she will not have the courage to face him for several days.

Lin Xian doesn’t mind. He would let her calm down first.

After more practice, Ling Youyu should get used to it.

And to be honest, Lin Xian finds it cute. He felt like he was playing a simulation game.

That is to raise low self-esteem and sensitive and shy loli into a well-behaved little wife…


This seems a little wicked!

While having some wicked thoughts, Lin Xian had arrived at the cafeteria.

As soon as he walked into the cafeteria, he saw Ling Youyu walking out as if she just finished eating.

”Have you eaten?” Lin Xian asked with a smile.


The little girl’s face blushed at an astonishing speed.

Then under Lin Xian’s shocked gaze, Ling Youyu ran off with her short legs and disappeared without a trace.


Lin Xian could not help but sigh.

It seems that there is still a long way to go for this little girl to turn into a well-behaved little wife.

Really really long way to go.

But with those short legs, Lin Xian must admit that she runs quite fast.

In addition, after so many days of military training, many girls experience heat stroke. But nothing happened to her. It could mean that her physical attributes are actually very good.

After finishing his meal, Lin Xian returned to the dormitory.

When he walked into the living room, he saw Wang Zejing packing his things, looking like he was on the run.

Seeing this, Lin Xian could not help but tease: “Lao Wang. You just slept one night and then you’re about to run?”

Wang Zejing was stunned at first then said: “Run away? With my strength capable of doing it seven times a night, why would I run away?”

Lin Xian continued to ask: “Then what are you doing?”

”Tomorrow is the weekend, and there are no classes. Of course, I am going to stay home for two days!” Wang Zejing said casually.

He almost forgot that this guy is a native of Jinling.

Lin Xian nodded, walked into the dormitory, and began to pack up his painting tools.

”Brother Lin, are you going home too? I remember that you live in Jiangzhen City, right?” Wang Zejing asked curiously.

Lin Xian replied without raising his head, “I just bought a house in Zijin Mountain two days ago and I will stay there over the weekends.”

Wang Zejing expression froze and silently exited the small dormitory.

’Excuse me! Goodbye!’


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