Chapter 116 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

What do you want?!

To be honest, Xiao Xue thinks that it might be not unacceptable to be a mistress of someone like Lin Xian.

Of course, she just thought about it. It is impossible for her to really be a mistress.

Not to mention her parents and her family, she herself won’t be able to accept it.

After all, in her opinion, getting married and having children is what makes a woman’s life complete.

But Xiao Xue is completely convinced of Lin Xian.

A scumbag man whose charm is so annoying.

Money and appearance aside, Xiao Xue found Lin Xian very interesting.

As one great man once said: ‘Beautiful appearances are all alike, but an interesting soul is one in a million!’

But when this ‘interesting soul’ also has beautiful skin and a lot of money…

Obviously, Lin Xian is such a person.

Thinking of these, Xiao Xue couldn’t help but be shocked.

What kind of woman can resist such a guy?

Glancing at Zhang Mengyao, Xiao Xue finally understood her.

Zhang Mengyao then sneered and asked: “Lin Xian, when are you going to buy me a house?”

”Buy a house?” Lin Xian was stunned for a moment.

Then he said seriously: “Aren’t we going too fast? I think we should take it one step at a time. For example, go to a hotel first and rent a room or something.”


Zhang Mengyao glared at Lin Xian with a look of exasperation and said, “I should have recorded what you said just now and sent it to Princess Yan!”

Lin Xian was amused and quipped: “Yo, you are quite a professional intelligence agent!”

”So I suggest you be careful with your words and actions and be proper in front of me!” Zhang Mengyao snorted proudly.

“Zhang Mengyao, do you know what the highest level of intelligence agent has?” Lin Xian asked.

Zhang Mengyao knows that this guy has nothing good to say but she still couldn’t help but ask, “What is it?”


Lin Xian turned his head and said seriously “The professional spies you see in movies are mostly beautiful women who willingly offer themselves just to get the information that they want!”


Zhang Mengyao sneered and asked Lin Xian: “Tell me honestly Lin Xian. How many girls have you fooled into going to hotel?”

”Does Yan Xiaoman count?” Lin Xian asked.

”She’s not counted, even Zhuang Tong!”

”Just them! No one else!”

Lin Xian’s reply made Zhang Mengyao stunned and so was Zhuang Tong who was driving.

If someone else said it, no one would have believed it.

But since it was Lin Xian, everyone believed it.

After all, he is even very transparent about looking for a mistress, why lie now?

Suddenly, Xiao Xue’s good impression of Lin Xian became stronger.

Scumbags also have a hierarchy.

Undoubtedly, Lin Xian belongs to those of the highest quality.

In other words, a very stylish scumbag!

”You’re still a scumbag!” Zhang Mengyao then exclaimed.

Her words seem to be true…

After all, the leader of a group of beggars is still a beggar…

Lin Xian curled his lips and said, “If you don’t yell or curse me for a day, you won’t feel comfortable for a day, won’t you?”

”Don’t you know it yourself?”

Hearing this, Lin Xian looked at her and said deep inside, ‘If I don’t make you beg in the future, I won’t be surnamed Lin!’

Zhang Mengyao was a little uncomfortable when she saw him looking at her. Her pretty face was slightly red and then she asked vigilantly: “Wha… what do you want?”

”I want!”

Lin Xian nodded his head and said solemnly.


Xiao Xue, who was beside Lin Xian, couldn’t hold back from laughing.

Zhang Mengyao rolled her eyes in resignation.

This bastard…Every time I talk to him, I can’t win against him…

While talking and laughing, Zhuang Tong continued to drive the car to their destination.

After the four got off the car, they went straight to the Sea Shark Bay Seafood Club.

The owner of this restaurant is probably a man with a story. Instead of a seafood restaurant, this place was called a seafood club…

When they walked in, there were already many diners.

Lin Xian asked for a private room. After the four sat down, he handed the menu to the three girls and smiled and said, “Order whatever you want!”

“So expensive!”

Looking at the price on the menu, Xiao Xue couldn’t help but be stunned.

“Australian lobster, 3899!”

“Gillardeau Oysters, 199 yuan a piece!”

Upon seeing this, the waiter explained: “That is because all the seafood here is fresh and high-quality seafood, such as the Gillardeau Oysters no. 0. If you are in doubt, you can come with me and go to the seafood counter to pick them yourself.”

The so-called seafood counter is a row of aquariums.

It is filled with all kinds of fresh seafood.

As soon as they entered the door to the seafood counter, they all saw it.

“Xiao Xue, order whatever you want. This guy has loads of money. He doesn’t need to save any!” Zhang Mengyao said.

Xiao Xue hesitated for a moment, and then finally ordered some scallops in garlic.

Zhuang Tong handed the menu to Lin Xian and smiled and said, “I don’t know much about seafood. You go ahead and order.”

“Okay!” Lin Xian took charge and ordered: “Four Australian lobster pan-fried in butter, ten each of Gillardeau Oysters. Oh, and also scampi crayfish, and twenty orders of sashimi. Lastly, A king crab!”

The last time when he ate at the Ultra violet, Lin Xian was most impressed with the scampi crayfish.

The meat is very fresh, sweet, and refreshing, without any fishy smell.

Seeing that this seafood restaurant also serves it, Lin Xian wouldn’t let go of the opportunity to try theirs.

“Sir, do you want some drinks?” The waiter asked.

“A bottle of Krug champagne please!”

And then Lin Xian also added: “And Ace of Spades!”

He wanted to try some new champagne but was afraid that the Krug champagne might not suit his taste, he also ordered an ace of spades.

“Okay! Please wait a moment!”

The waiter nodded and then bowed as he went out of the private room.

Soon, the waiter pushed the dining cart into the room.

He first served the oysters.

After all, the oysters don’t take time to prepare, you can just open them, season them, and place them in a tray.

Lin Xian glanced at the oysters and nodded in satisfaction.

The waiter did not lie. The Gillardeau Oysters are really of high quality, Each of them is plump and looks appetizing.

And then, the waiter poured the champagne into their glasses. Lin Xian picked up the glass and sniffs the champagne. This Krug Champagne had no fruity aroma, but more of a natural fragrance.

A very peculiar scent!

After tasting the same, Lin Xian raised his eyebrow and said, “This champagne is not bad. It is not inferior to the Ace of Spades.”

Hearing this, Zhang Mengyao also took a sip and commented: “I still prefer the fruity aroma of the Ace of Spades.”

Lin Xian smiled, picked up a lemon, and squeezed its juice onto the oysters. Then, he handed one to Zhuang Tong who was seated beside him.

“Thank you, dear!” Zhuang Tong smiled and pecked Lin Xian’s face.

Seeing Zhang Mengyao pouting, Lin Xian took another oyster and handed one to her.

“So you still have some conscience!”

Taking the oyster, Zhang Mengyao snorted softly.


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