Chapter 117 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Slip away to show respect!

The oysters were fresh and had plenty of juice in them.

Zhuang Tong frowned slightly at the sight of the oysters.

Lin Xian saw this and so he smiled and said: “You should try it first. If you don’t like it, then don’t eat it.”

Not everyone eats sashimi.

This is the case in China, most people prefer cooked food.

It doesn’t mean anything. It is just their preference.

Hearing this, Zhuang Tong nodded and picked up the oyster served on the table with a fork. Then she stuffed the oyster meat into her mouth.


As soon as the oyster meat entered Zhuang Tong’s mouth, she can’t help but exclaim.

She swallowed the oysters quickly and said excitedly: “Wow! It tastes really good.”

Seeing this, Zhang Mengyao and Xiao Xue no longer hesitated and ate the oysters.

Lin Xian also tasted one.

At the onset, the raw oysters first had a salty taste of seawater, followed by a burst of sweetness.

There is no fishy odor at all, the texture is smooth plus the fragrance of the lemon.

And when you chew carefully, you can also taste the unique flavor of hazelnuts.

After eating the oysters, drinking a mouthful of the fruity Ace of Spades gives a really enjoyable experience.

”As expected of the top quality oysters from France, it is really delicious!” Lin Xian couldn’t help but praise.

Lin Xian was originally worried that they would not be accustomed to the oysters, so he didn’t order too many. He did not expect that the oysters would taste this good. The four of them ate all the 20 oysters in a blink of an eye.

Looking at Zhang Mengyao’s unfulfilled expression, Lin Xian suggested, “Do you want 20 more oysters?”



”I cannot comment otherwise!”

The three girls nodded in agreement.

This meal has no staple. Four Australian lobster and one king crab are enough to feed four people.

The king crab, in particular, had the size of a human face, and every leg had the weight of a baby’s arm.

After consuming the last sip of champagne, Lin Xian touched his stomach with contentment.

Zhuang Tong on the other hand leaned on the chair with a look of enjoyment on her face.

Their meal was not cheap. Including the drinks, the total bill is 32,000 yuan.

While they were checking out, Xiao Xue was already mentally prepared but still couldn’t help but be speechless.

The cost of their meal is more than her tuition and living expenses for a year.

After finding a milk tea shop and taking some rest, the four of them began to do some shopping.

In just less than half an hour, Zhuang Tong and Zhang Mengyao got acquainted.

It stands to reason that because Zhuang Tong is a mistress, Zhang Mengyao should treat Zhuang Tong coldly.

But after spending time with her, she understood Zhuang Tong’s personality.

Up to this time, Zhang Mengyao could not understand what Zhuang Tong have said before.

It was only then that Zhang Mengyao seemed to vaguely understand the meaning of Zhuang Tong’s earlier remarks

She is not pretending to be cool with the current situation. She just really wants to be a mistress quietly and enjoy her current life.

As Lin Xian said, since there is no guarantee that a man will be faithful, it is better to choose a mistress who knows her limits.

Lin Xian followed from behind the three girls, looked at Zhang Mengyao’s back, and could not help but smile deep inside.

He feels that she has already fallen into his distorted logic!

With that in mind, he could not help but admire Zhuang Tong.

Lin Xian’s logic seems absurd, but it is hard to refute.

Obviously, Zhang Mengyao has tacitly acknowledged Zhuang Tong’s existence.

Shopping with just one girl is completely different from shopping with three.

If possible, Lin Xian would prefer to lie on the ground like a salted fish.

He really couldn’t understand why the girls always take time to buy things. For example, they have spent a long time discussing whether to buy a certain dress or not when they have each tried it on already.

Maybe it’s an inherent characteristic of women…

In just one afternoon, Lin Xian spent more than 200,00 yuan.

It was basically Zhuang Tong who bought a lot while Zhang Mengyao only bought one set of clothes.

As for Xiao Xue, she didn’t buy anything.

Golden Eagle Shopping Center is a high-end shopping center with famous international brands, and the price of one piece of clothing is worth tens of thousands, which she cannot simply afford.

Lin Xian planned to give her a set of clothes as a gift, but Xiao Xue politely declined as she feels it was too expensive and her status did not deserve it.

On the other hand, Zhang Mengyao accepted the clothes wholeheartedly.

After all, she and Lin Xian already had a tacit understanding when he bit Lin Xian at the Chanel store before.

They just didn’t say anything.

After strolling until four o’clock, Lin Xian took Zhang Mengyao’s hand and asked, “Do you still want to continue strolling?”

Zhang Mengyao saw her hand held by Lin Xian so she raised her eyebrows and said, “Be more respectful!”


Lin Xian nodded and let go of her hand immediately.

Then, to Zhang Mengyao’s surprise, Lin Xian embraced her waist and asked, “How’s this? Is this enough respect now?”

Lin Xian held Zhang Mengyao in one hand and Zhuang Tong in the other.

He immediately received envious gazes of countless men around.

And there was even a guy who secretly gave him a thumbs up!

”Yo, Young Master Lin feels he is really handsome huh? Is it comfortable to embrace women side by side?” Zhang Mengyao sneered as she reached out and pinched Lin Xian’s waist.


Lin Xian took a deep breath and whispered in her ear, “Zhang Mengyao, you will regret it if you don’t let go!”

Zhang Mengyao’s pretty face blushed as she seemed to understand what Lin Xian meant.

She then pulled her hand away from his waist in annoyance.

”Humph!” Zhang Mengyao snorted coldly and then took Xiao Xue’s hand and walked past Lin Xian and Zhuang Tong.

Seeing this, Zhuang Tong smiled with interest and said, “It seems she has already made a decision!”

”She and Yan Xiaoman are both people with high pride. It is hard to tell what will happen in the future.” Lin Xian sighed.

However, Zhuang Tong seemed to disagree with Lin Xian’s thoughts. She shook her head and said, “Do you know what women are best at?”

Lin Xian raised his eyebrows and guessed: “Shopping?”

Zhuang Tong smiled lightly and said, “It’s self-deception. Just give women any excuse and they can use the same to convince themselves, even if the excuse sounds ridiculous!”

Lin Xian pondered and asked: “It shouldn’t apply to all women, right?”

”You don’t believe it? Let’s wait and see!” Zhuang Tong did not explain further and decided to prove her point with facts.

Carrying the shopping bags all the way to the parking lot, Lin Xian asked, “Do you want me to take you back to Jinda?”

”You are in such a hurry to send us away so you can go back and do bad things?”

Zhang Mengyao glanced at both Lin Xian and Zhuang Tong and continued: “Aren’t you going to invite us to your house?”

‘Damn it!’

‘Are you delivering yourself to my doorstep!’

Lin Xian was immediately happy and said, “Okay. Let’s go!”

”Uh… can you send me back to school first?” Xiao Xue asked weakly.

She felt something was off, and staying any longer would not be good, so she might as well slip away to show respect.


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