Chapter 119 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Life is too short, why not give it a try?!

Seeing that both didn’t pay attention to him, Lin Xian shrugged it off and then went back to the living room.

He took his guitar with him, and then sat on the sofa.

He picked up a towel and wiped the guitar.

After wiping, he gently plucked the strings twice.

Although his guitar skill is already at the proficient level, it is still best to practice from time to time to maintain the feel.

Otherwise, even the master-level skills will get downgraded over long periods of no practice.

Skills are not fixed. After all, humans are not machines. They can always forget the things they have learned if not put into practice.

After tuning the guitar, Lin Xian slowly slid his fingers and then bursts of beautiful melodies sounded and filled the living room like flowing water, slowly reverberating.

He tilt his head slightly and then sang softly.

‘I want you by my side’

‘I want you to dress me up.’

‘The wind blows this night’

‘It’s itching, my love.’

‘Oh, I’m going to sing a song’

‘silently put you to think’

‘My love’

‘Where are you?’

‘Look at the dawn’

‘It’s all about the night’

‘The beautiful scenery’

‘It’s all about this guitar.’

The song that Lin Xian sang and played was “I Want You”.

The song wasn’t famous, but he loved it.

That is because the tune of this song has a unique appeal, the melody is clean and simple, and it is refreshing.

As soon as people hear it, they can’t help but think of the shady paths on campus, the sunlight permeating the gaps in the branches and leaves, scattered on the ground, full of youth, and with a faint romance…


In the bedroom, as soon as Lin Xian returned to the living room, Zhang Mengyao glanced at the small box of ‘umbrella’ on the bedside table. She blushed and asked, “How long have you been together?”

”Four to five days!”

Zhuang Tong answered while unpacking the clothes she bought and preparing Lin Xian’s clothes.

”Four to five days?!”

Zhang Mengyao was a little skeptical of Zhuang Tong’s answer. After observing them today, Lin Xian and Zhang Mengyao seemed to have known each other for a long time and they seem to get along very well.

Zhuang Tong smiled and said, “Maybe because we have very similar personalities we go along very well and don’t feel restrained.”

”Do…do you really plan to be his mistress for life?” Zhang Mengyao hesitated but still asked.

”The more you gain, the more you lose!”

Zhuang Tong ran her hands through her ruffled hair and put the same to the back of her ear then smiled and said: “Besides, there is nothing wrong with being a mistress. You can live a worry-free life and you can do whatever you wish. It is a bonus that I am with a man that is young, handsome, has an interesting personality, and romantic. This kind of life, I have always dreamed and wanted!”

Zhuang Tong’s account put Zhang Mengyao in trance.

Right, it is a very desirable life.

Zhang Mengyao frowned her brows and asked in confusion: “But how would you explain the same to your parents?”

The biggest problem of being a mistress is how one would explain it to her family and the scorn and disdain from your relatives, and friends.

Zhuang Tong said seriously: “If you care a lot about what others think and say, then you will just be tired of life. For my parents, I’ll always be filial to them, and I’ll do my duty as a child, but I won’t change my lifestyle because of them. As for friends… a true friend won’t give you a cold shoulder just because of this.”

Carefree and courageous!

Zhang Mengyao envied Zhuang Tong for a while.

She knew that a person with such a character and outlook will definitely live a joyful life!

”Do your parents know?” Zhang Mengyao asked.

”They know!”

”Your parents did not object to it?”

Zhang Mengyao regretted it as soon as her words fell, she realized that she shouldn’t have asked such a question because the answer was already obvious.

Zhuang Tong didn’t feel the need to answer and just sat on the bed and asked with interest, “How about you? Do you want to entertain your feelings for him and try to stand out among the many competitors, and then maybe even get the chance to become his true wife?”


Zhang Mengyao was speechless and didn’t know how to respond to her question for a while.

After some thought, she shook her head and said, “I haven’t thought about it that far.”

At the same moment, a beautiful and soothing melody was heard from outside of the bedroom followed by Lin Xian’s singing.

The two came to the door of the bedroom. They watched and listened quietly to Lin Xian’s singing and playing of the guitar.

Zhuang Tong leaned against the door frame and said with a smile on her lips, “This is the life I yearn for. It is not perfect, but it is what I want!”

”This bastard…” Zhang Mengyao squinted as she murmured.

“The wind blows this night, It’s itching, my love…”

When Lin Xian sang this part, Zhang Mengyao suddenly stepped forward and walked toward Lin Xian

Under Lin Xian’s surprised gaze, she bent down and cupped Lin Xian’s face with both her hands and stamped her lips to his.


After a full minute, the two separated.

Lin Xian raised his eyebrows and looked at Zhang Mengyao suspiciously.

To be honest, he could not understand how Zhang Mengyao had changed so much suddenly.

Zhang Mengyao took a deep breath, a smile bloomed on her delicate face, and said firmly: “Life is too short. Why not give this a try?!”

Those words directly had an impact on Lin Xian’s heart.

Lin Xian admits that he was successfully provoked by Zhang Mengyao.

He put his guitar down and then grabbed Zhang Mengyao by the waist and lowered his head.

After a long while, the two separated.

After the two separated, Lin Xian wiped the blood on his lips, raised his eyebrows, and said, “Zhang Mengyao, can you brief me in advance next time? Although this is indeed very romantic, but what happened just now is really painful.”

This girl is completely inexperienced and she was a little agitated and so she knocked Lin Xian’s cheek against her cheek.

”Cheap to sell good!” (T/N: The phrase means one shows off his cleverness after gaining advantages by saying something to trick the person who should have been thanked into thanking him.)

Zhang Mengyao hit him exasperatedly.

The romantic atmosphere was ruined by this bastard’s words.

”Don’t be angry. Our moment together will always be romantic!” Lin Xian smiled slightly and put her in his arms again.

Then Lin Xian saw Zhuang Tong leaning against the door frame and gesturing a peace sign mischievously.

Lin Xian was stunned for a moment and then he quickly understood.

Just now, he was wondering how Zhang Mengyao’s mind changed so fast. It turned out that it was because of Zhuang Tong.

Thinking of this, Lin Xian secretly gave her a thumbs up.


His little lover cannot only be a nanny, and a playing buddy, but now she gained an additional ability!

A wingman!

Every man needs a wingman who would let him easily trick girls.

Especially if your wingman is a beautiful woman, then your battle index will be many times higher!

He feels he had really found a treasure!

In fact, Zhuang Tong was just a catalyst. The biggest contributor is that Zhang Mengyao is a courageous girl herself.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have said such free and romantic words ‘Life is too short. Why not give it a try’.

At that moment, Lin Xian’s heart was really moved.


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