Chapter 120 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

I always feel like you are messing with me!

With his arms around Zhang Mengyao, Lin Xian couldn’t help but be lost in thought.


This is the real stuff!

The size of her bear was even bigger than he had imagined!

Among the women he knows, she has the highest points in terms of figure, even Zhuang Tong can’t compare.

Feeling them, Lin Xian could not help but draw near her ear and whisper: “Zhang Mengyao, what is your size?”


Zhang Mengyao’s face flushed slightly. After breaking free from his embrace, she gave him a stern look to cover up her shyness.

After all, she is still an innocent girl. Even if she has a good psychological qualities, she still can’t handle this kind of teasing.

Zhang Mengyao glanced at Zhuang Tong and then said softly: “Lin Xian, I…I am going back to school!”

Zhang Mengyao is afraid that if she stayed tonight, she probably wouldn’t be able to refuse Lin Xian.

But she didn’t want to hand over to Lin Xian her first time so rashly.

Not to mention, there is another woman in this house.

Although she doesn’t hate Zhuang Tong, she still feels a little guilty deep inside.

Hearing this, Lin Xian smiled slightly and understood what Zhang Mengyao thought. He held her and said softly: “Don’t go back tonight. You can share the bed with Zhuang Tong tonight. As for me, I will stay in the guest room.”


After hesitating for a while. Zhang Mengyao nodded and agreed.

Lin Xian’s thoughtful act warmed Zhang Mengyao’s heart.

Actually, she doesn’t want to go back to the school dormitory. She just broke through her psychological bondage. She can’t wait to be with Lin Xian every moment. Even if they don’t do anything, she can spend a whole day just looking at him.

A girl who is in love is so innocent, easily deceived, and naïve!

She thought it will be okay to sleep with Zhuang Tong.

But Zhuang Tong is Lin Xian’s little lover, won’t she leave the door open for him at night?

”Dear, I am going to cook dinner!”

Zhuang Tong then slowly walked towards the kitchen. looking at the sky outside through the window.

”I’ll help too!” Seeing where Zhuang Tong was headed, Zhang Mengyao followed her.

Lin Xian lay on the sofa while listening to the whispers of the two girls in the kitchen.

He could not help but smile.

It feels so good to be a scumbag!

They will have home-cooked dishes for dinner. Zhuang Tong and Zhang Mengyao each cooked two dishes.

After eating, the three sat on the sofa. Lin Xian put his arms around the two while watching TV and chatting, no need to mention how comfortable it is.

Time passed by quickly.

Lin Xian stood up and smiled and said: “It is late. Let us all go to bed!”

After saying that, he secretly winked at Zhuang Tong and then turned around and walked towards the guest room.

Just then, Zhang Mengyao suddenly grabbed Lin Xian and said, “I thought about it and I think it would be better for me to sleep in the guest room!”


Lin Xian was taken aback for a moment, this is completely different from what he expected!

Seeing his surprised expression, Zhang Mengyao smiled and said: “Hmmph! You think I wouldn’t know what you were thinking?”

”Good night!”

Zhang Mengyao waved her hand and quickly walked to the guest room and locked the door immediately.

Lin Xian and Zhuang Tong were left in the living room and could only look at each other helplessly.

They then went to the bedroom where Zhuang Tong did her usual facial routine.

The doors in the rooms if locked from the inside cannot be opened even with the key from the outside.

Whoever invented this door must have a boring life!

Lin Xian sighed. He washed and then returned to the bedroom.


The next morning, at 8 am, after he finished his morning run, Lin Xian returned home with his bought breakfast. Zhang Mengyao and Zhuang Tong were still fast asleep.

In the bedroom, Lin Xian picked up his wallet and the car keys. He squeezed Zhuang Tong’s face and whispered: “My dear, the breakfast is ready. I am going to Shanghai!”

”Go ahead.”

Zhuang tong did not open her eyes and just replied while still half asleep.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian didn’t disturb her sleep anymore. After a peck on her pretty cheek, Lin Xian went out.

It is more than 300 kilometers from Jinling to Shanghai.

Fortunately, the Ferrari is fast enough, and with his driving skills at master level, Lin Xian arrived in Shanghai around 10:30 am.

He first made a phone call and made a reservation at a French restaurant at the Shangri-La Hotel and then he walked to Lao Zuo’s suit shop.

Lao Zuo stood under the sign of his shop, as usual, playing chess with a few old men.

Seeing Lin Xian coming, Lao Zuo immediately waved to him enthusiastically and shouted: “Lin Xian! Come on! Come and accompany me in the next game!”

”Lao Zuo, didn’t you ask me to come so I can try my suit? I still have something to do after I try out the suit.”

Yan Xiaoman is very busy and she only has time at noon. He came to Shanghai to try on his suit and then go and pick up Yan Xiaoman at school. How can he afford to play chess?

Lao Zuo said reluctantly: “It is just one game. It won’t take much time!”

Seeing that he was so persistent, Lin Xian had no choice but to nod his head and say: “Let’s go then. The next set!”

After being seated, the two played a game of chess.

Lao Zuo smiled and said, “Old rules! Give me a 1-cannon handicap!”


Lin Xian nodded and picked up a cannon.

Three minutes later…


The match seems like that of a first-class chess player playing against an amateur.

The reason why Lao Zuo won in their match last time was that Lin Xian let him win deliberately.

He was in a hurry today so he was too lazy to prolong the match and so he used his true strength to end the match quickly.

Lao Zuo watched as Lin Xian won against him and couldn’t believe his eyes. He raised his eyebrows and said, “You kid. Did you just let me win last time?”

Lin Xian had a nonsense reply to Lao Zuo: “Impossible! I think Lao Zuo had regressed his chess skills.”


Lao man touched his head and was skeptical.

He always felt that Lin Xian was messing with him.

“Of course, the game of chess is like sailing against the current. If you play chess with someone at a lower level of your chess skills, then, of course, you will fall back!” Lin Xian explained thoughtfully.

“It makes sense!”

Lao Zuo nodded and took it seriously.

However, the old men who watched the game to the end could only condemn the idea.

”Lao Zuo, I have been accompanying you to play chess every day and you still dislike me?”

”Lao Zuo you are not a human!”

”Your skills are bad but you are blaming it on us?”


”People with poor chess skills are not allowed to talk!”

Lao Zuo grinned and then stood up and dragged Lin Xian to his suit shop.

Those who were left sat down and continued to play.

They have no ill feelings towards Lao Zuo since they have been neighbors for decades, how could they be angry because of these words?

Lao Zuo said Lin Xian would try a suit, but it was actually just a few pieces of rags that hung on his body.

After testing, Lin Xian looked at the suits hanging on the walls of the store. His heart moved and asked Lao Zuo, “Do you sell finished suits?”

”You want to buy?”

Lao Zuo looked like he was drawing something on a small notebook and then asked Lin Xian without even looking up.


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