Chapter 123 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

The trip to Yangcheng!

Damn, they found him!

He was dozing off then someone gave him a pillow.

The progress of the two tasks made Lin Xian depressed just now.

But suddenly there came a surprise.

In fact, for the 【Man and Han Banquet Task】, Lin Xian is not only interested in the final reward.

The process of completing the task is also very interesting to him.

It is like playing a puzzle game, a live puzzle game!

And he is also looking forward to the authentic version of the yellow croaker soup and how delicious it would be.

After all, in life, only food and love cannot be failed.

Lin Xian asked, “When did you find him?”

”Just now Mr. Lin. We currently have five special detectives in Yangcheng. After you book your ticket, please let me know. I will tell them to pick you up at the airport.” The manager on the other end seemed to be very enthusiastic.

But thinking about it, they should be, since Lin Xian is a VIP client.

After finding the person, they will immediately be credited the bonus of 500,000.

Hearing this, Lin Xian smiled with satisfaction and said. “No problem. I will notify you after I have booked the ticket.”

After he hung up, he thought of calling Qi Jia.

He planned to apply for a leave of absence and set off to Yangcheng tonight.

The call was quickly connected and Qi Jia’s teasing voice came from the other end. “Hey, why is Young Master Lin looking for me?”

”Teacher Qi, I want to apply for a leave.” Lin Xian replied.

Hearing the request for leave, Qi Jia got a headache suddenly and said helplessly: “Lin Xian, brother Lin, uncle Lin, you have asked for leave a few days ago. How many leaves have you taken already?”

Lin Xian explained: “Don’t worry Teacher Qi. I really have something important to attend to. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have applied for a leave.”

Qi Jia was intrigued and so she asked: “Tell me. What’s this important matter?”

”I have an elder who had been missing for 20 years. Sometime in the past, I have availed of the services of private detective agencies to help me find him. Just now, they called and said they might have found the person I was looking for. But I need to personally identify him, so I have to go.”

Qi Jia was taken aback after hearing Lin Xian’s reason.

Originally, she thought that Lin Xian would apply for leave again to do some unnecessary things like buying a house or a car, but she didn’t expect the reason this time to be in search of a family member.

Qi Jia was in doubt and still a little suspicious. “You did not lie to me. Did you?”

Lin Xian curled his lips and responded: “How could I lie and make up such an excuse?”


Although Master Liao Jie is not really a relative, but it is true that he is an elder. After all, he is older than his father, Lin Guodong.

Qi Jia now with a serious tone said: “Okay. How many days would it be?”

“Three days. I will try to get back as soon as possible.”

Lin Xian figured and felt that three days should be enough.


Qi Jia added: “Let me tell you this first before I approve your application for leave. If you ever fail this semester, don’t come to me!”

Lin Xian naturally understood Qi Jia.

After all, he is putting Qi Jia in a very tight spot. It is her first time being a counselor leading students. If something goes wrong, it may affect her career.

With this in mind, Lin Xian promised: “Teacher Qi, don’t worry. I promise that I will never fail any of my subjects!”

The professors in universities also mark the key topics and questions as pointers for the exam.

Moreover, he had absolute focus skills.

He won’t dare say he can get full marks, but there is absolutely no problem getting 70 to 80 in the exam.

Hearing Lin Xian’s promise, Qi Jia felt more comfortable and smiled and said: “Okay. Have a safe trip!”

After hanging up, Lin Xian began to pack his things.


The door lock opened, and Zhuang Tong entered the living room.

She saw Lin Xian packing his things.

Seeing this, Zhuang Tong asked in confusion, “My dear, where are you going?”

”I am off to Yangcheng!”

After Lin Xian replied, he asked: “Do you want to go with me?”

”How many days will you be gone?” Zhuang Tong’s eyes lit up with interest.

Lin Xian responded: “Tentatively, three days. Or it may be longer or shorter.”

Zhuang Tong said intimately: “If it is for business, then won’t I cause you any trouble?”

Lin Xian smiled and replied: ”It is not actually a matter of business. If we are lucky enough, we might have the chance to eat the popular dish at the authentic Man Han Banquet.”

Upon hearing this, Zhuang Tong nodded and said, “Then, I will go with you!”

Then, she also began packing her clothes.

Seeing the brand-new suit on the bed, Zhuang Tong was surprised and asked: “Dear, did you buy a new suit today?”

Lin Xian nodded and said, “Yes. I bought it in Shanghai.”

”Hehe, you must look more handsome in a suit!” Zhuang Tong said while packing the suit into Lin Xian’s suitcase.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian said, “I don’t need to bring a suit. The temperature in Yangcheng should be very hot at this time. Just pack me a few sets of summer clothes.”

”Didn’t you know? Because of the typhoon, the temperature in Yangcheng has dropped?” Zhuang Tong explained.


Anyway, a suit doesn’t add much weight to the luggage.

While Zhuang Tong packed her things and skincare products, Lin Xian used his mobile phone to book a hotel and two tickets to Yangcheng at 8 o’clock tonight. And then, he sent the flight information to the manager of the Swift Detective Company.

Booking air tickets on the same day is more expensive than doing so in advance, especially for first class.

It takes five to six hours from Jinling to Yangcheng so it would be too uncomfortable to fly in economy class. Of course, Lin Xian will choose convenience over price.

Anyway, the money spent is just a few dozens of minutes of blinking.

Half an hour later, Lin Xian and Zhuang Tong dragged their suitcases and walked out of the house leisurely while holding hands.

In the parking lot, they loaded their suitcases and Zhuang Tong drove the Beetle to the Lukou Airport.


Finally arriving at Yangcheng, at 3 am, Lin Xian and Zhuang Tong walked off the plane with exhausted faces.

Although it is a first-class cabin, they prefer the comfort of being on the sofa at home.

Also, along the way, maybe due to the typhoon, they encountered frequent air turbulences.

The plane that was also scheduled to take off at 8 o’clock was delayed by an hour.

When the plane landed at Yangcheng Airport, it was already three o’clock in the morning!

Zhuang Tong nested her face on Lin Xian’s shoulder and said with a bitter expression: “Dear, I am so sleepy and hungry!”

Lin Xian squeezed her pretty face and comforted: “Just endure it for now.”

He also felt the same.

They didn’t like the food on the flight.

Lin Xian was too lazy to complain.

After taking their suitcases, the two walked to the exit. They saw a middle-aged uncle in denim standing in the crowd.

The middle-aged uncle held a sign with Lin Xian’s name written on it.

Lin Xian walked quickly while leading Zhuang Tong towards the middle-aged uncle and asked, “Are you an employee of the Swift Detective Company?”

The middle-aged uncle responded: “Are you, Mr. Lin?”

“Yes, it’s me!”

”Hello. My name is Tang Ping. The manager asked me to come and pick you up!” After introducing himself Tang Ping asked, “Have you booked a hotel?”

”Yes!” Lin Xian nodded and could not help but yawn.

Upon seeing this, Tang Ping suggested: “Mr. Lin, if you are not in a hurry, you can rest for the night and deal with the matters tomorrow.”


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