Chapter 124 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

It is really great to be rich!

Looking at Zhuang Tong who seemed very exhausted, Lin Xian nodded and said, “Okay! Let’s talk about it tomorrow!”

Tang Ping then smiled and replied, “Okay. I will leave it to Mr. Lin. I won’t bother you so you can rest for the day!”

”Take it easy. You may join us for a meal.” Lin Xian invited.

Although it is necessary for work, it is not easy to be awake at this hour to pick up the client at the airport.

Secondly, Lin Xian also wanted to know the current situation of Liao Jie.

”No need Mr. Lin.” Tang Ping refused.

“Let us go have a meal together. And maybe you can tell me more about the investigation while at it.”

Hearing this, Tang Ping no longer refused.

He smiled and said, “Then I shall join you, Mr. Lin!”

When the three walked out of the airport, a cold wind came to them.

Lin Xian and Zhuang Tong suddenly shivered.

Damn, it is really cold!

”Because of the typhoons these past few days, the temperature has dropped significantly. Mr. Lin, you shall make yourself warm at all times.” Tang Ping reminded.


Lin Xian nodded and took Zhuang Tong straight to a black Bentley.

As a VIP member of the Shangri-La Hotel, car transfers via a luxury car is just one of the basic benefits.

After confirming Lin Xian’s identity, the driver of the Bentley opened the door for them and took their suitcases.

Sitting on the comfortable leather seats of the Bentley, Lin Xian could not heal but heave a breath of relief.

Very comfortable!

Thinking about it, comfort is really Bentley’s selling point. The cost of the seats is as high as 200,000, how can it not be comfortable?

Zhuang Tong leaned her head on Lin Xian’s shoulder and said in disappointment: “My dear, the first-class flight is completely different from what I imagined.”

”Do you think it was an Emirates flight?”

Lin Xian smiled slightly and explained: “Short haul domestic flights are like this. If it was a long-haul international flight, it will be better.”


Zhuang Tong was indeed very sleepy. She could not help but sleep while leaning on Lin Xian’s shoulder, looking very exhausted.

Lin Xian carefully glanced at Tang Ping who was in the opposite seat.

He realized that he has made a mistake in guessing his age.

He should not be too old, 30 years old at most. But because of his dark and rough skin, he looked relatively old.

He sat there with his back straight and his hands on his legs, like the standard sitting posture in the army.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian could not help asking: “Have you been a soldier before?”

Tang Ping nodded and said, “After two years as a scout, I went abroad to work as a mercenary for another year after being discharged from the army!”

”You have been a mercenary?” Lin Xian asked in surprise.

To be honest, Lin Xian’s impression of mercenaries is only limited to movies and novels.

When you say mercenary, the first words that will come to mind are ‘licking of blood from the edge of the knife’ and ‘rain of bullets’

Seeing Lin Xian’s surprised look, Tang Ping explained: “It’s not really a mercenary, it’s basically a security guard, because places like FZ and ZD are a mess, so Chinese people there need to recruit security guards for their businesses over there. Salary is okay, but life is boring.” (T/N: Not sure what countries are FZ and ZD)

”It was the same time I became obsessed with detective novels and movies, so I quit my job and returned to China to join the detective agency I am working for now.”

Zhuang Tong, whom Lin Xian thought was already fast asleep, asked in surprise: “Are you really a detective? You don’t look like one!”

Tang Ping smiled bitterly and said: “In the beginning, I was very ignorant. When I returned to China, I discovered that private detectives have no opportunities in the country at all. They are basically just helping to catch mistresses or find people. And this industry is a dangerous one!”


The image of a private detective in Zhuang Tong’s heart suddenly collapsed.

Lin Xian was not surprised as he knew it even before.

In fact, not only is the situation like this in the country but also even abroad.

Movies are not reality after all. There is still a big gap from reality.

Lin Xian then asked, “Can you tell me about Liao Jie’s situation?”

”Liao Jie, male, 56 years old. He used to be the chef of Jirui and now is currently working the night shift as an employee of a convenience store on the West Street in Panyu District.”

After a pause, Tang Ping continued: “From my encounters with him, he seems to be mentally ill.”

Lin Xian frowned. “Does he have a mental illness? Tell me in detail.”

”I pretended to be a customer of the convenience store where he is currently working. After I talked to him, I found that his language organization is very poor. He cannot communicate properly. His thoughts seem all over the place. Moreover, his addiction to alcohol is very serious. I saw with my own eyes how he drank at the convenience store while at work!”

For a moment, Lin Xian contemplated.

Liao Jie should have been through very rough times to be like this.

However, what could have transpired that made such a royal chef become wasted like this?

Lin Xian continued to ask: “Where does he live now?”

Tang Ping replied: “He lives in the warehouse of the convenience store. Because I only had a few encounters with him, I only have this information as of the time being.”

”Mr. Lin, we arrived at the hotel.” The Bentley driver informed Lin Xian.

The three walked into the hotel and a woman in professional attire immediately greeted and bowed to them saying: “Hello, Mr. Lin. I am your full-time butler, Yu Jing. You can tell me anything you need.”

’Full-time butler?’

Tang Ping on the side could not help but be stunned.

It was the first time he heard that there is such a job at the hotel.

Lin Xian asked, “Is the restaurant in the hotel still open?”

Yu Jing replied: “The restaurant is now closed.”

Lin Xian ordered: “Please prepare dishes for us and deliver them to our room.”

He didn’t specify where to get the dishes or his preference for food.

A good butler in the Shangri-La Hotel should be competent in this regard.

The three took the elevator all the way to the 23rd floor. Lin Xian swiped his card and pushed the door open.

After Tang Ping entered the room, he looked a little restrained.

After being seated on the sofa in the living room he said: “Mr. Lin, it’s really very early in the morning. I won’t bother you so you can rest.”

”It’s okay. You may go back after eating!” Lin Xian replied.

Tang Ping would like to say that apart from KFC and McDonald’s, there are no more open restaurants that served food at this time.

However, it didn’t take long for Yu Jing and a waiter to appear, pushing the dining cart into the room.

As the waiter set up the plates on the coffee table, Tang Ping could not help but swallow while smelling such an attractive fragrance.

There were sea urchin dumplings, steamed chicken feet in black bean sauce, Steamed red cargo rice noodle roll, crab meat soup with dumplings, and abalone and scallop chicken porridge…

Just from the looks of them, you can tell that these delicacies were made by a chef and were definitely not bought from stalls on the streets.

Yu Jing said apologetically, “Mr. Lin. I am really sorry. Because it is too early, we can only serve you these.”

What? Is she apologizing for this?


Tang Ping couldn’t help taking a breath and saying deep inside: ‘It’s great to be rich!’

”I am very satisfied!”

Lin Xian smiled and took out two hundred yuan as a tip and handed the same to the waiter, and then handed more than 1,000 yuan to Yu Jing.

Feeling the thickness of the tip in her hand, Yu Jing smiled enthusiastically and said: “I shall not disturb the three of you any longer, Mr. Lin. Enjoy your food. If you need anything, just call me any time!”


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