Chapter 122 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Surprise Lucky Bag!

The snails were fried with green onions. If it is eaten, you can easily feel the rich fragrance of green onion.

It is very chewy but not hard.

The next one served was the pan-seared foie gras.

The foie gras is actually rich in flavor, and it is actually quite creamy. Also, it comes with a blueberry sauce with some crisp and delicious yellow peaches. The sauce complements the foie gras and makes it taste really good.

There was some contentment in Yan Xiaoman’s face and her eyes narrowed into crescent moons.

After the meal, she said happily: “Dear, you are so kind to me!

Looking at the time, Lin Xian said: “It’s still early. Let’s enjoy the remaining time!”

Yan Xiaoman’s face blushed and was embarrassed to say: “Lin Xian, I am very tired. And I have to go back to practice in the afternoon for the debate.”

Seeing she may disagree, Lin Xian squeezed her face and smiled, and said. “What were you thinking? I know you are tired and have been working hard this whole time, so I will take you to a spa to relax.”

Hearing this, Yan Xiaoman got teary-eyed and whispered softly: “Lin Xian, I will allow you to cheat, really!”

”Don’t be ridiculous. Let’s go!”

Lin Xian held Yan Xiaoman’s little hand as they went all the way to the spa club in the hotel.

The spa club at the Shangri-La Hotel is very famous and of course, their price is not cheap.

Lin Xian chose two packages totaling more than 9,800 yuan.

But there’s a reason why it’s expensive, Aside from the great massage techniques of the masseur, those precious medicinal materials and essential oils are very expensive as well.

After an hour and a half, the two came out of the spa feeling very refreshed.

Yan Xiaoman felt like her whole person is completely renewed and all of her fatigue from all the hard work was wiped out at this moment.

Lin Xian asked, “How do you feel?”

Yan Xiaoman smiled and said, “I feel very comfortable. It feels light to walk, but the price of their services is just too expensive.”

Hearing this, Lin Xian said seriously: “I will give you a card. You shall come to the spa anytime you feel tired or stressed in the future. You can also bring your classmates.”

”No, they are too expensive…”

Before Yan Xiaoman could finish, Lin Xian interrupted: ”Don’t refuse. You will have a hard time until the national debate competition is over and there is nothing much I can do to help you. This is the only way I can express my care for you.”


Yan Xiaoman smiled slightly, leaned forward, and pecked Lin Xian on the face.

When they went to the front desk of the hotel. Lin Xian gave Yan Xiaoman a consumption card and directly loaded 500,000 into the card.

For Lin Xian, 500,000 is only four days’ worth of income.

“Lin Xian, that is too much. I won’t be able to spend it all!” Yan Xiaoman looked embarrassed.

The young lady at the front desk suddenly explained: “Madam, rest assured that this membership card is for a lifetime and has no expiration date, you can spend it freely in this hotel. The services that can be availed are almost anything in this hotel.”

Lin Xian also persuaded: “Don’t you like the food? If you feel stressed, you can also come here for a meal occasionally.”

”Okay then!”

Yan Xiaoman took the membership card and carefully put the same in her wallet.

For her, this is not a plain 500,000 consumer card, but also Lin Xian’s affection for her.

”Let us go. I will send you back to the school.”

Lin Xian held her little hand and the two walked to the parking lot.

Back in front of FD University gate, Yan Xiaoman said reluctantly: “Lin Xian, I’ll be leaving now.”

Lin Xian smiled and asked, “Did you forget about the farewell routine?”


Yan Xiaoman bit her lip and then slowly moved forward.

After a few minutes, the flushed Yan Xiaoman got out of the car.

After waving at Lin Xian, she said suddenly: “Lin Xian, I was serious with what I said earlier!”

After that, she turned and ran towards the school.

Lin Xian was taken aback for a moment. After a while, Yan Xiaoman disappeared into the campus.


When Lin Xian arrived at Jinling, it was already five o’clock.

When he pushed the door open, the house was very quiet.

”Zhuang Tong?”

”Zhang Mengyao?”

No one answered.

Lin Xian dialed Zhuang Tong out of curiosity as to where they might have gone to.

Then he learned that Zhang Mengyao went back to school in the morning, and Zhuang Tong went with Nie Qingqing to the beauty salon.

Lin Xian is not a lonely person. He can still do things on his own even if he is alone.

For example, play the guitar, practice hard pen calligraphy, play games…

Sitting still on the hanging basket chair on the balcony, Lin Xian opened the system interface and checked it.

【Host: Lin Xian 】

【Grade: LV7 】

【LV7 Privilege Reward: Every time you blink, you will get a reward of 6.4 yuan. Experience can only be obtained through spending, not through loans or money earned. 】

【System Shop: Surprise Lucky Bag 】

【Props: Ultra Clear Glasses (Upgradeable), Chocolate-flavored Gum*7 】

【Skills: Driving a Ferrari with one hand, Absolute Focus, Hoodlum in suit 】

【Amount: 2,936,017.50 yuan 】

Task: 【Man and Han Banquet 】

【Task 1: Completed! (Evaluation: S) 】

【 Task 2: You have already found the reason why the yellow croaker soup is not authentic. Please continue to work hard and find Liao Jie and unveil the real taste of the yellow croaker soup! (After completing Task 2, Task 3 will automatically begin.) 】

【Task Progress: 2% 】

【Final Reward: Depends on the task evaluation 】

【Task: Heart of a champion 】

【Task Requirement: Participate in the Higher Education Club Cup – National College Students Mathematical Contest in Modeling】

【Task Progress: 0% 】

【Task Reward: The final reward depends on the host’s performance in the competition 】


There are still nine million experience points lacking before the system level is raised to LV8.

There is less than 3 million left in the deposit. Based on the current income stream, 9 million can be achieved in two months.

By the time he reaches LV8, he will have a lot of money on hand.

There is no increase in the two tasks for the time being.

For 【Heart of a champion】, he needs to wait until September next year

As for 【Man and Han Banquet】, it is still stuck in Task 2.

Although Lin Xian had availed of the services of five detective agencies, there is still no good news so far.

To be honest, Lin Xian himself is not sure whether he can really find Liao Jie.

The system shop was refreshed immediately but he cannot afford the item in it as of now.

【Surprise Lucky Bag】: No one knows what’s inside. Price: 18 million!

The selling price of 18 million, is the most expensive item in the system shop so far.

According to the rules of the system, the lucky bag definitely delivers good things. But it is a pity he can only drool at the sight of it for now.

As Lin Xian was thinking about the lucky bag, his cell phone on the coffee table rang.

It was an unknown number.

After connecting, a slightly familiar voice came from the other end. “Mr. Lin, I am the manager of Swift Detective Company. We have found a prospect based on the information you provided. But whether is it the person you are looking for, you must identify it yourself.”

“If you have the time, please come to Yangcheng as soon as possible.”


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