Chapter 130 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Are you sure you are not making a movie?

By analogy, Jeet Kune Do is not a form of boxing technique but is essentially a kind of martial arts discipline.

Using no way as a way, having no limitation as limitation.

The reason why Jeet Kune Do is not so well known isn’t because Jeet Kune Do is weak, but because its threshold is too high.

Brazilian Jiujitsu for example is purely technical and can be learned by men, women, and even children.

But Jeet Kune Do is different, the essence of Jeet Kune Do is speed.

Intercept the enemy before they strike!

And to be faster than the enemy, you need to have an incredibly strong physique.

That alone excludes the vast majority

Secondly, is the martial arts boundary.

If you really want to understand Bruce Lee’s martial arts boundary, you can’t do it without martial arts talent.

For these two reasons, the Jeet Kune Do cannot be as popular as karate and taekwondo, leading to a gradual decline in popularity

But if you ask some MMA fighters, they’re all highly in favor of Jeet Kune Do.

That is because MMA fighters are superior when it comes to physique and even combat talent.

They understand Jeet Kune Do better than ordinary people.

Tang Ping continued: “I studied it for a period of time, but later found out that my physique could not keep up, so I decided to give up!”

Tang Ping smiled bitterly and then looked at Lin Xian with envy.

Physique is something he can only envy.

Besides exercise, genes are more important.

Lin Xian smiled and said, “Your grappling technique is also very good. You should have learned it in the army, right?”

”Yes!” Tang Ping nodded.

”Do you have time to play?”

The fight just now made Lin Xian feel a little unhappy and unsatisfied.

Although his opponent’s physique is good, but they have no fighting skills at all and just moved based on instinct.

Hearing this, Tang Ping waved his hand and said quickly: “No more!”

He saw just now how strong Lin Xian was. If he would receive the same blow, he knew he would end up lying in the hospital for a few days.

Tang Ping clearly remembered what his foreign instructor once said: “There are only two types of people who do Jeet Kune Do, one is a rookie and the other is a master.

There is no third type!

That’s how extreme Jeet Kune Do is!

With Lin Xian’s performance just now, it is obvious that he is the second one!


At this moment, Zhuang Tong suddenly laughed.

Suddenly, there was a wide smile on her face and finally turned to laughter.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian frowned and asked, “What’s the matter?”

”Dear…Dear, I suggest you go back to the hotel and change your clothes first!” Zhuang Tong held her belly as she laughed that tears almost fell.

Lin Xian hurriedly looked down and was stunned to see that his originally handsome suit has now turned into a rag…

It is torn in many places and hung on the body, especially the pants which tore from the crotch to the knees and showed his smooth and white skin.

A gust of cold wind blew, and it was chilly.

Tang Ping’s expression was flat but then he turned his head and judging from his shaking shoulders, this guy must have laughed in secret.

For a moment, Lin Xian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry

No wonder why the system has repeatedly urged that he wear a specially tailored suit.

Otherwise, this kind of ordinary fabric will surely tear and cannot withstand this skill!

Just as Lin Xian was hesitant to go back to the hotel to change clothes, the sound of police sirens was heard.

Not long after, three police cars stopped in front of them. The door opened and nine police officers rushed out.

After all, it was a robbery, and they were told that it is five brawny robbers, so the police station in this district almost deployed nearly half of its force.

However, when these policemen saw the scene, they could not help but be dumbfounded.

”Who called the police?” A middle-aged policeman stepped forward and asked loudly.

Zhuang Tong raised her hand and said weakly: “I did!”

The square face policeman glanced at the five robbers lying on the ground and asked, “What happened here?”

Zhuang Tong explained shortly and quickly: “Oh! We came out of the convenience store and met with these robbers who tried to rob and harm us and…. that’s all”

After hearing her account, the policemen looked at Lin Xian incredulously as if they had seen a ghost.

Damn it!

One person defeated three brawny robbers in only a matter of 10 seconds?!

Are you sure you are not making a movie?

They did not believe it at once, but Lin Xian’s torn suit suggests that he really had a fierce fight just now…

For a moment, everyone was in shock.

The square face policeman coughed and said: “Anyway, I need the three of you to come to the police station with us to make a transcript. Afterward, we may call you for more information and evidence collection.”

Lin Xian said, “Uh…can I go back to the hotel and change my clothes first?”

”I can’t let you leave for the time being. Don’t get us wrong but it is just our protocol.” The head police suppressed his smile.

”Mr. Lin, cover yourself first!”

Tang Ping took a step forward, took off his denim jacket, and handed the same over to Lin Xian.

”Thank you!”

Lin Xian thanked him and wrapped the denim jacket around his waist.

A tall policeman then asked: “By the way, who owns the money on the ground?”

Lin Xian replied: “They’re mine!”

”The money can’t be returned to you for the time being until we finish the investigation!” The policeman reminded.


Lin Xian did not care about the money.

He just wanted to get this over with, finish the transcript, and finally return to the hotel.

After all, it’s a little hard to feel the wind’s chill.

”Officer Wang, this robber seems to be dying!” A policeman suddenly spoke.

The square face policeman known as officer Wang immediately stepped forward and looked carefully at the robber lying on the ground.

He was motionless and blood constantly gushed out of his mouth and nose. His breathing was weak, and it seemed that he would lose his breath at any moment. His hand is clutching a fruit knife.

After all these years as a police officer, officer Wang could see at a glance that the robber might have suffered a massive internal hemorrhage.

After gasping for air, officer Wang looked at Lin Xian and whispered: “So ruthless!”

”I can’t help it. He has a fruit knife in his hand.” Lin Xian said helplessly.

”Officer Wang, this guy’s jawbone is completely broken…”

”Officer Wang, this guy fainted and the exact extent of the injury cannot be determined…”

The two robbers who were brought down by Tang Ping were in relatively minor condition, with fractures and soft tissue sprain at most

But for the other three who Lin Xian defeated, they all sustained injuries heavier than the other.

Suddenly, the way the policemen looked at Lin Xian changed.

How powerful it is to be able to shatter a person’s jawbone without a weapon!


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