Chapter 131 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

In me, the tiger sniffs the rose!

The three robbers who were laid down by Lin Xian were taken by the policemen to the hospital.

As for the other two robbers with minor injuries, they along with Lin Xian were taken to the police station.

When they arrived at the police station, the police began to question them and take note of all that happened calling in technical personnel who shall assess the surveillance footage.

Because Lin Xian’s group walked out of the convenience store, the night market on West Street had already closed, and no one witnessed what happened.

There was no one in the whole street so there was no difficulty obtaining evidence. The technical personnel was able to get the surveillance videos easily.

Looking at the surveillance footage, five robbers slowly surrounded Lin Xian’s group. The technical personnel held down the pause button, zoomed in, and pointed at the fruit knife held by one of the robbers and said, “It is clearly a premeditated robbery!”

The surveillance footage is very clear and they can all see the situation clearly at a glance.

Combining the results of the field investigation, officer Wang directly gave the conclusion.

The tall policeman on the side urged: “Officer Wang, let us keep watching. I really want to know how that guy brought down the three robbers!”

He still does not believe that Lin Xian defeated three brawny robbers in just a matter of seconds.

Officer Wang was also very curious. After clicking the play button, they stared at the computer screen without blinking.

In the video, the robber suddenly grabbed the money from Lin Xian’s hand.

the robber plunges into Lin Xian’s arms and, one second later, he collapses!

“What happened?”

The tall policeman looked dumbfounded.

Despite the surveillance footage being played on the monitoring screen being very clear, Lin Xian’s speed was too fast that the policemen only saw a phantom flashing by and then the robber fell.

” Let’s look at it again.”

Officer Wang spoke, he dragged the progress bar and looked at it again.

But the footage is still confusing.

The tall policeman then said: “Officer Wang, why don’t you slow down the play speed twice?”


Officer Wang nodded, and after slowing down the speed twice, they watched it again.

However, it remains unclear.

Officer Wang is still unconvinced, so he slowed it down by 4 times…

But still unclear.

In the end, after slowing down the play speed eight times, the two saw Lin Xian’s movements thoroughly.

Lin Xian plunged into the robber’s arms, threw punches from left to right with his two fists, and hit the robber’s chin continuously.

Lin Xian pounced on the robber and punches him repeatedly in the jaw.

“1, 2, 3…7!”

Seven punches!

The most terrifying thing is that after seven punches, the time at the top of the screen only passed one second!

The tall policeman couldn’t help but exclaim: “Damn it! Seven punches in one second?!”

And they knew that those seven punches were not just random punches. Each punch was accurate and hit the same spot repeatedly.

And the strength of each punch is so terrifying.

Judging from the reaction of the robber, suddenly lifting his head in each punch, the power of each punch shall probably be not less than 500 pounds!


Officer Wang couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

It’s really hard to judge people by their appearance!

Unexpectedly, behind Lin Xian’s delicate and graceful appearance, a wild beast is hidden!

‘In me, the tiger sniffs the rose.’

This famous sentence suddenly flashed through Officer Wang’s mind unconsciously.

The surveillance footage continued, and when the two policemen saw Lin Xian kicking the robber who held the fruit knife, and how the robber flew three to four meters away, they were completely convinced!

”Ring ring!”

Just then, the cell phone in officer Wang’s pocket rang.

After the call connected, he asked immediately: “Xiao Zhang, how are the injuries of the three robbers?”

”Officer Wang, the robber with a fruit knife did not make it alive.”

”He died?!”

Officer Wang was taken aback and then glanced at the surveillance footage

He remembered that Lin Xian just kicked the robber, and did not even do a follow-up attack.

Xiao Zhang on the other end of the phone explained: “The doctor said that the cause of death was massive internal bleeding from the fragmentation of the kidney and the spleen!”


Hearing this, the tall policeman swallowed.

With just one kick, a robber who was 1.8 meters tall was kicked and met his end.

It can only be described in one word: ‘Scary’.

Office Wang then continued to ask: “What about the other two?”

”One of them has his jaw shattered while the other one has his head violently impacted. It is hard to tell whether they can wake up.” Xiao Zhang who was on the other side answered honestly.

Officer Wang raised his eyebrows and said, “You mean they might be vegetative?”

”It’s not just possible, it is almost certain that they will be vegetative!” Xiao Zhang responded.


Hanging up the phone, Officer Wang took a deep breath and asked the tall policeman beside him: “Go and ask Xiao Li about the identities of the five robbers.”

Out of the three robbers, one died and two were in a coma. And it is not certain whether the two would wake up from the coma.

Although what Lin Xian did was legitimate self-defense, the other party is a foreigner after all. If the robbers have formal identities, it will involve diplomatic matters.

Of course, even then, Lin Xian does not need to bear any legal responsibility.

That is because it is clear from the surveillance video that Lin Xian only defended himself throughout.

After his opponent loses their fighting strength, Lin Xian did not continue to attack, so there was no excessive defense.

Soon, the tall policeman finally came back and said: “Office Wang, it is clear that the five robbers have come illegally. They have no documents.”

”Illegal entry?”

Officer Wang breathed a sigh of relief and waved his hand and said: “Okay. Find out which country they came from. The one who died should be cremated and the others repatriated.”


Inside the interrogation room, Lin Xian took a sip of tea and asked, “Can we go now?”

”Wait a moment. If you feel hungry, you can order a takeaway.”

The policeman has a very good attitude. After all, they are the victim, and the two robbers were questioned in the other interrogation room.

Lin Xian asked: “Comrade policeman, can I ask. What awaits these robbers?”

The policeman then replied: “They will be detained for a period of time and then repatriated collectively.”

At this moment, Officer Wang pushed the door and walked in. He glanced at Lin Xian and said: “Young man, you have a strong hand, one dead and two serious injuries.”


Hearing that the robber had died, Zhuang Tong immediately asked nervously: “Uncle Policeman, Lin Xian will be fine, right?”

”He should be fine. We have verified that what he did was purely self-defense.”

Hearing this, Zhuang Tong couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Office Wang then continued: “Although it is fine now, I still want to remind you to try to fight as little as possible in the future, or else you will regret it if something serious happens!”

Officer Wang saw that Lin Xian is so young and powerful so he was worried that he will be impulsive.

Thinking about how a brawny robber was kicked to death by Lin Xian, he wondered how would ordinary people bear it.

Lin Xian smiled and said: “Don’t worry. I am not a violent person!”

Officer Wang’s impression of Lin Xian is very good.

He has a quiet temperament and a warm smile.

He does not seem to be a violent person.

Officer Wang nodded and said: “Okay. You should be all good. I will have Xiao Li send you back!”


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