Chapter 135 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Excessive Force!

Back at the hotel, Lin Xian told Yu Jing to help him book two plane tickets back to Jinling tomorrow morning.

Then he transferred 100,000 yuan to Tang Ping and at the same time sent him information about Liao Jie’s daughter.

Afterward, he turned off the lights and slept.

He has to resume his normal routine, otherwise, his body clock will be turned upside down, which would be bad for his health.


In the classrooms…

The bell rang and so the students walked out of the classroom to take advantage of the 15-minute break between classes.

Ling Youyu was alone in the back row as usual, without any intention of getting up.

Glancing at the empty seat next to her, she was a little depressed and she could not help but think wildly.

Lin Xian didn’t come again today.

It is already the third day.

Did Lin Xian misunderstand her reaction last time in the cafeteria?

Thinking of this, Ling Youyu could not help but make a sad face.

She didn’t mean to do it but she just couldn’t help it.

“Sigh, how can I not be nervous!”

Ling Youyu put her cheeks in her hands and said deep inside.

”What are you thinking?”

At this moment, a familiar voice sounded around her.

Ling Youyu did not even turn her head to look.

Her face turned red just hearing the sound.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian could not help but shook his head.

”No…no, no, no…I am not thinking about anything!”

The little girl finished speaking with difficulty and glanced at Lin Xian secretly. Seeing Lin Xian looking and smiling at her, she immediately turned her head.

Lin Xian squeezed her small cute face and asked softly: “Did you miss me?”

Lin Xian finds pinching her face very addictive.

The feeling of pinching her soft, slightly chubby, and very flexible cheeks make people not want to stop.

If possible, Lin Xian can do it all day.

Hearing what Lin Xian was asking, Ling Youyu’s face got even redder and her white neck also flushed.

”Y… yes.”

The little girl bowed her head and her voice sounded like a mosquito.

Lin Xian then said, “Whatever happened to what I teach you the other day? Always be confident and raise your head!”

Upon hearing this, Ling Youyu slowly raised her head as her eyes dodged.

She cannot dare to look directly into Lin Xian’s eyes.

“Look into my eyes!”

Lin Xian looked at her directly and encouraged her.

Ling Youyu then answered weakly: “No…no, no, no…I … I will… will faint…”


Lin Xian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry

Lin Xian was a little dumbfounded for a while.

”Forget it. Let us take one step at a time!”

It seems that she still has to experience it one step at a time so that it develops into a habit.

For example, now that Lin Xian pinches her face, her reaction is not as strong as before.

Ling Youyu did not think so much. She just felt very happy.

That is because Lin Xian came back and sat next to her again.

After the 15-minute break passed, all of the students returned to the classroom.

Zhang Kai walked up and said in surprise: “Damn it! When did you come back, Brother Lin?”

”Is it necessary to be surprised?”

Zhang Kai wanted to reply, why am I surprised? Don’t you have any idea in your mind?

How many times have you taken a leave since school started?

But thinking that he may be hit to death if he says that, so he changed his words and said: “Hehe, didn’t I just miss you?”

Lin Xian glance at the people around and asked, “Where is Lao Wang? Did he dare to skip major classes?”

”Brother Wang has twisted his waist and is now lying in the dormitory as of the moment!” Zhang Kai revealed with a weird expression.

Twisted his waist?

Lin Xian was taken aback.

He vaguely remembered that Wang Zejing seemed to have used this excuse before.

Seeing Lin Xian’s expression, Zhang Kai explained: “It was a fake excuse last time. This time, his waist is really twisted. We accompanied him to the hospital for an examination.”

”What happened?” Lin Xian suddenly became interested.

Zhang Kai lowered his voice, and said, “Exercising too much!”


Lin Xian almost couldn’t hold it back and spewed out a mouthful of water.

After coughing twice, Lin Xian said: “I already told him a long time ago that senior sisters in Jincai, particularly from the foreign language department, are something that ordinary people can handle. He just wouldn’t listen. Zhang Kai, you have to learn this lesson!”

”Brother Lin, teach me how to have a girlfriend!” Seated beside Lin Xian, Zhang Kai said expectantly.

Zhang Kai laughed at Wang Zejing but in fact, he is so envious.

Boys at this age have unparalleled urges and fantasies about love and such things.

Lin Xian glanced at him and said: “What love are you talking about? Are your novels bad or are your games not fun anymore? When you closed your eyes at night, everything is just in your dreams!”

Zhang Kai fell silent, and after cursing with his middle finger deep inside, he stood up and walked toward Lei Hongguang’s side.

It’s not that Lin Xian didn’t want to teach him, but that he had learned from the past.

Take Wang Zixuan for example.

He is no different from Zhang Kai, the same silent kind.

This is a major class, international finance.

Lin Xian took out the book “Art of Sketching” and read the same silently.

Although painting is the same as hard pen calligraphy wherein more practice makes progress, but you just can’t simply practice hard. It should be supplemented with some skills and professional knowledge.

Especially for a beginner like Lin Xian, the basics are very important.

If you want to paint freely and immerse yourself in practice, you must at least begin and master all kinds of painting skills.

After activating the [Absolute Focus], Lin Xian immediately entered the sage mode, instantly turning into a sponge constantly absorbing the knowledge in the book.

Ling Youyu put her cheek on one hand and listened carefully to the class. She turned her head to look at Lin Xian from time to time. Her jewel-like eyes were full of happiness.

She has to admit that serious men is full of charm.

Not only Ling Youyu but also other girls seated in the front row turned around and peeked frequently at Lin Xian.

There are many girls that like him, but not many of them can pick up the courage to even strike up a conversation.

The main reason is that Lin Xian is just too good.

Whether in appearance, temperament, or character, it is almost that of a perfect male god.

This gives women a lot of pressure.

Qi Zhenzhen glanced at Lin Xian with a complicated expression.

She suddenly felt a little envious of Ling Youyu deep inside.

If only she didn’t hold back in giving him drinks, it should have been her seated next to Lin Xian at this time!

If Lin Xian knew what she is thinking, he would definitely say ‘you are thinking too much’.

With a face value of less than 90 points, Lin Xian does not even look at her.

It could be because of having been long exposed to high-value beauties such as Yan Xiaoman and Zhang Mengyao that his vision unconsciously has become higher.

It was just like when Zhuang Tong and Nie Qingqing first saw Lin Xian, they did not find him super handsome.

Because there are too many handsome men in Jinyi, you will naturally have higher standards.


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