Chapter 136 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

I treated you as a friend, but you…

Every time Lin Xian activates the [Absolute Focus], he feels that time flies quickly.

When he finished reading the whole book “Art of Sketching”, the bell also rang as scheduled.

”Let’s go!”

Lin Xian put away the book, squeezed Ling Youyu’s face then stood up and stretched.

The little girl followed him obediently, like a little wife of the Lin family following his every step.

Walking out of the classroom, Ling Youyu blushed while saying: “I…I, I, I…I will go… go first…”

She said goodbye with difficulty.

Lin Xian nodded and said: “Goodbye. See you tomorrow!”

Ling Youyu breathed a sigh of relief, then she smiled and nodded, and walked towards the direction of the girl’s dormitory with those short legs.

Zhang Kai then asked Lin Xian: “Brother Lin, are you going home?”

Everyone knows that Lin Xian has moved out of the boy’s dormitory already.

Lin Xian smiled and said: “I’m going to the dormitory to see Lao Wang first and give my condolences.”

Hearing this, Lei Hongguang and others laughed.

Pushing the door into the dormitory, Wang Zejing was lying on the bed, playing with his mobile phone looking very bored.

Lin Xian stepped forward then smiled and said: “Lao Wang, why did you twist your waist so carelessly?”

”Brother Lin, don’t believe what you hear. They are nonsense. I got this from playing too much basketball.” Wang Zejing explained.

Lin Xian suppressed his laugh and said, “Oh, this is the only time I learned that you could play basketball!”

”Hehe. It is not that long since I have played basketball. I am just learning too.” Wang Zejing smiled awkwardly.

“Yesterday, the Red Bath Spa clubhouse sent me a message saying that there were some new technicians. I was going to take you to relax today. But it’s a pity that you twisted your waist.”

Lin Xian quipped: “Let’s go. You continue to lie down. I will take my other brothers to relax!”

New technician?

Wang Zejing’s eyes suddenly brightened.

Seeing that Lin Xian was about to leave, he gnashed his teeth and struggled to say: “Brother Kai, help…help me up. I am already feeling better!”


Hearing this, everyone couldn’t hold back their laughter.

It is actually impossible for Lin Xian to take them to Red Bath Spa. He has already made an appointment with Zhang Mengyao for dinner tonight.

Lin Xian spent some time with Wang Zejing and the others for a while.

And then, Lin Xian drove his Ferrari to the gate of Jinda.

After picking up his phone and dialing, Zhang Mengyao’s voice soon sounded on the other line: “Are you finally willing to come to me?”

Tsk tsk!

Her tone was not only full of jealousy but also full of resentment.

Lin Xian quipped: “Eating lemon again?”

”Lin Xian!”

Then Zhang Mengyao continued to say angrily: “Where are you now? If I don’t hit you to death, my surname will not be Zhang!”

Lin Xian didn’t care about the threat at all.

He just smiled and responded: “I am at the gate of Jinda!”

”Okay, you wait!”

After saying that, Zhang Mengyao hung up the phone.

Many students walked in and out of the university at this time.

The black Ferrari 812 surely caught and attracted everyone’s attention.

Of course, it is just a few more glances and comments.

After all, it is now already 2015. A million worth of cars is not that rare.

And Jinda students also have their own pride.

Not for long, Lin Xian saw Zhang Mengyao walking out of school.

As soon as she saw Lin Xian, her steps went faster with an angry look on her face as she walked towards him.

As soon as she walked in front of him, Lin Xian suddenly stretched out his hand, wrapped her in his arms, and lowered his head to kiss her.


Zhang Mengyao let out a soft hum and her eyes widened suddenly.

The sudden attack caught her by surprise.

When she reacted and realized that they were at the entrance of the school, Zhang Mengyao felt very ashamed and struggled to get away.

But Lin Xian seemed prepared and just hugged her.

Ferrari, expensive car, Jinda, plus beautiful student.

These are all present, so onlookers can’t help but be intrigued.

Some students even picked up their mobile phones and secretly began to take photos.

After a while, they slowly separated.

Zhang Mengyao’s face blushed and after looking around with a guilty conscience, she gave Lin Xian a fierce look.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian smiled and said, “Miss Zhang, weren’t you bold and brave the other day?”

”It’s up to you?!

Zhang Mengyao raised her fist and punched Lin Xian’s arms.

She puckered her lips and said: “I have another elective course. You have to accompany me to my class!”

”Okay!” Lin Xian replied helplessly.

”Hmphh! It’s good you are smart!”

Zhang Mengyao showed a satisfied smile and took the initiative to take Lin Xian’s hand and walked into the campus.

The two strolled on the campus.

Lin Xian felt the envious look from time to time.

Feeling those gazes, he couldn’t help but smile and say, “Miss Zhang seems very popular in Jinda!”

Zhang Mengyao proudly said: “You think that my title ‘freshman school flower’ is for nothing?”

”So I earned a lot?” Lin Xian quipped.

”It’s a profitable deal!” Zhang Mengyao said with a smile on the corners of her mouth.

She has to admit that being with Lin Xian is very relaxing and enjoyable.

”By the way, did you get to eat the authentic yellow croaker soup when you went to Yangcheng?”


Lin Xian sighed and explained Liao Jie’s situation.

”It’s pitiful!”

After listening, Zhang Mengyao could not help but feel pity.

Women are very emotional animals.

Liao Jie’s experience is indeed devastating.

The two talked until they finally arrived at the teaching building.

Walking into the classroom, Lin Xian suddenly felt countless eyes scanning him from top to bottom.

At this moment, Xiao Xue seated in the back row waved and shouted: “Mengyao, here!”

They walked over to where she was seated and sat there.

Lin Xian looked around and found a number of boys in the classroom.

“It seems I have a lot of rivals here!”

Upon hearing this, Xiao Xue smiled and said, “Hehe. Mengyao is very popular in school!”

This is no bragging.

Zhang Mengyao’s beauty is a full 90 points.

Her temperament is pure and charming.

Moreover, she has a nearly perfect figure.

Even someone as proud as Yan Xiaoman is envious of her figure.

While the three of them talked and laughed, everyone else in the classroom looked at Lin Xian and gossiped about him in low voices.

”Who is the guy? I haven’t seen him around!”

”The goddess has a boyfriend. My heart aches!”

”He doesn’t even look that good!”

Several girls raised their eyebrows when they heard such a remark.

Dear, are you serious?

This kind of face does not even look that good?

Lin Xian’s appearance is indeed not very high, barely 80 points.

But as the saying goes, a white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults.

Lin Xian’s white jade skin added a few more points to his appearance, coupled with a quiet temperament, making him more attractive like a male god!

”By the way, what is this elective course?” Lin Xian couldn’t help asking.

Zhang Mengyai replied: “General Psychology!”

”Why are you interested in this?” Lin Xian raised his brows and asked out of curiosity.

”Humph! When I learn this, I can tell when you’re lying!”

”I didn’t see that Miss Zhang has such a long-term vision!”

”What do you mean?” Zhang Mengyao was taken aback.

Lin Xian smiled and explained: “You chose this course at the beginning of school which meant you have been eyeing me since then. I treated you as a friend, but you have a hidden desire for me?”


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