Chapter 14 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Do you like me?

In fact, Jing’an Weihai Road is not far from The Bund. It is only one to two kilometers away.

But the three of them rode Wang Lan’s car and took them half an hour before they finally arrived.

This is the case for Shanghai City transportation…

“I feel that if we have walked, we should have arrived here long ago.” Lin Xian said in a low voice.

Wang Lan, a local, apparently was offended yet smiled: “This is actually normal for Shanghai transportation. It seems that you have not experienced being stuck in traffic on an elevated highway for more than five hours.”

After parking the car, the three of them strolled along the streets of the Bund.

Looking at the crowd of people nearly rubbing their shoulders, Lin Xian asked, “Which bar are we headed to?”

Wang Lan pondered for a moment and then responded: “Let us go to the open-air bar of Hotel Indigo since the location is relatively good and we can be able to see the night view of the entire Bund.”

“Does Sister Lan come here often to have fun?” Lin Xian asked curiously when he saw the look in Wang Lan’s eyes.

“When I was an undergrad, I used to come here with my girl friends in the dormitory. But since I pursued my post-graduate studies, I have not come here for a long time.” Wang Lan sighed as she missed the leisure time during her undergraduate days.

“Wang Lan?”

At this moment, a slightly surprised voice sounded from behind them.

Everyone turned their heads and looked around, only to see a tall beauty looking at them.

This beauty is taller than Yan Xiaoman, about 1.78 meters in height. She wore a white T-shirt paired with slim jeans and a pair of white shoes at her feet looks very refreshing.

The most eye-catching feature is her exquisite face, with a face value of at least 92 points.

She had long and slightly curly hair, and the whole person has a charming atmosphere.

“An Ran!? Long time no see!”

Wang Lan stepped forward with a smile on her face and gave her a hug.

A beautiful woman named An Ran asked: “By the way, why do you have time to come out to have fun?”

“I planned to study some topics at home tonight, but my cousin and her classmate came to Shanghai to have fun today and wanted to see the open-air bar in the Bund.”

After Wang Lan explained, she then began with the introduction: “By the way, this is my cousin, Yan Xiaoman, and this is her classmate, Lin Xian.”

“Hello. My name is An Ran. I am Wang Lan’s husband. You can call me sister Ran.” An Ran has a very cheerful personality and took the initiative to introduce herself.

“Do you want to die? What husband? Stop talking nonsense in front of my cousin.” Wang Lan scolded with a smile on her face.

It can be seen that that two have a very good relationship and should be the kind of girl friends who talk about almost everything.

The two were originally university classmates and best friends who stayed in the same dormitory. Although both of them were admitted to graduate school after graduation, they did not go to the same post-graduate school.

After teasing through a few words, Wang Lan asked: “What about you? I heard your professor’s students are almost losing their hair due to a lot of stress. But you are still in the mood to visit the Bund?”

“Don’t even mention it!”

An Ran sighed and said with a bitter face: “I really regret it now. I thought that if I study economics, it would be easier for me and that it would open a lot more opportunities for me in the future. It turned out that it was not the case at all. Now, I have endless topics to do every day. I have been in the dormitory most of the time these days. After checking on the things that I still need to do, my head is about to explode. If I don’t go out and unwind myself again, I feel that my menstrual period will really bring out the worst in me.”

“Poor child.” Wang Lan caressed An Ran’s hair and said distressedly.

And Ran patted her little hand on Wang Lan’s head and raised her eyebrows and said, “Naughty girl. Do you want to take the role of Dad again?”

“Puff!” Yan Xiaoman on the side couldn’t help laughing.

Lin Xian also found it very interesting. It seems that the scale of jokes among girls is similar to that of the boys.

Wang Lan then suggested: “We are going to the open-air bar of Hotel Indigo. Do you want to have a drink together?”

“Of course, let’s go together. It’s a rare situation that we sisters meet so we must have a drink.” An Ran took Wang Lan’s arm and said with a smile.

And so, a group of four people walked in the direction of Hotel Indigo.

It seems that Wang Lan and An Ran haven’t seen each other for a long time since they walked side by side and began talking and laughing as if their topic were endless.

Yan Xiaoman and Lin Xian were a step behind.

Yan Xiaoman looking at An Ran’s back said to Lin Xian: “Lin Xian, sister An Ran is really beautiful, right?”

“It’s okay. In terms of face value, you and she are at par.”

Lin Xian’s words made Yan Xiaoman happy, but his next words made her angry. “But she is better than you. She has a bigger bear than you.”

Heh, this little girl’s routine, Lin Xian knew it all.

Yan Xiaoman glared at him madly and then turned her head and ignored him.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian smiled slightly and then put his hands in his pocket. He then looked at the night scenes on both sides of the street with interest.

After a while, seeing that Lin Xian still didn’t want to speak, Yan Xioaman said in her heart: ‘Bastard! Such a dead straight man! He will always bully me to death!’

After a few minutes, Yan Xiaoman took the initiative to break the silence and whispered: “Huh! What’s so good about a big bear.”

Lin Xian smiled and said: “Because big bears usually have no brains, they are easier to be cheated on.”

“Cousin is right! Men are big liars!” Yan Xiaoman gave Lin Xian an angry look.

Lin Xian did not speak and just looked at Yan Xiaoman quietly.

But Yan Xiaoman is a little observant and alert and said with caution, “What do you want?”

“Yan Xiaoman, do you like me?” Lin Xian asked suddenly and in a serious tone.

The sudden question caused Yan Xiaoman to be out of breath.

Feeling her heart beating crazily, Yan Xiaoman swallowed and stammered: “Ho…How could it be that I like a dead straight man like you!”


Lin Xian breathed a sigh of relief and said: “Then I can be at peace!”

‘What? What do you mean you can be at peace?!’

Yan Xiaoman was stunned, her face looking all dull.

To be honest, this is the first time that Lin Xian has witnessed such an expression on Yan Xiaoman’s face, even in their three years of high school. He couldn’t hold back for a while and then laughed out loud.

At this time, Yan Xiaoman finally reacted.

“Lin Xian! You are dead!”

Yan Xiaoman screamed and plunged into Lin Xian’s arms and bit his shoulder fiercely.


“Let go. It hurts!”

“Fuck! You’ll bite the meat off of me if you don’t let go!”


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