Chapter 15 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Who can stand it?

Yan Xiaoman was really angered and so bit him for about half a minute, then let go.

“Fuck, you are really a dog!” Lin Xian rubbed his shoulder and sucked in a cold breath.

Yan Xioaman’s eyes were a little red, and her voice seemed she was about to cry and said with a grievance: “Who told you to always bully me, bastard, you will bully me to death one day!”

‘This damn teenage girl’s feelings…’


Lin Xian sighed and caressed Yan Xiaoman’s head and whispered, “Do you like being bullied by me?”

Yan Xiaoman’s pretty face turned red quickly and then hurriedly lowered her head.

After a while, there was a long inaudible, “Um.”

“Here is the open-air bar…Huh? Where are they?”

Wang Lan turned her head and said, suddenly discovering that there were no people behind them.

An Ran turned her head and pouted in a distance, and joked: “They are in love. Of course, they don’t want to stay under the two light bulbs.”

Wang Lan followed the direction of An Ran’s mouth and saw Lin Xian affectionately caressing her cousin’s hair while Yan Xiaoman lowered and pressed her forehead on his arms.

“Then I can’t let them leave my sight. Otherwise, if something happens, I don’t know how I will explain it to her parents.” Wang Lan said helplessly.

She doesn’t object to Yan Xiaoman falling in love since she also comes from that age. She is just worried that the two would go beyond their limitations.

‘If this will be known to my uncle and aunt, what will their reaction be?’

However, Wang Lan also knew that this is just a psychological comfort.

Thinking in another light, if Wang Lan had a boyfriend like Lin Xian, it would be difficult to guarantee that nothing would happen.

Lin Xian is young, rich, with a good temperament and personality…Who can stand it?

Walking quickly to the two of them, Wang Lan said in a low voice: “Are you too tired from walking?”

Hearing the voice of her cousin, Yan Xiaoman jumped out of Lin Xian’s arms like a frightened little rabbit.

Lin Xian was calm as usual and asked: “Sister Lan, are we there yet?”

“It’s in front of us!” Wang Lan pointed to the hotel in front of them.

“Let’s go!”

Lin Xian smiled, took Yan Xiaoman’s little hand, and walked towards the Indigo Hotel.

Looking at the backs of the two, An Ran smiled and said, “Wang Lan, your cousin’s little boyfriend is quite temperamental!”

“What do you want? He is my cousin’s boyfriend!”

Wang Lan was startled and looked at An Ran warily.

“Why are you so excited?”

An Ran patted her shoulder and said jokingly: “I don’t like this kind of kid who just graduated from high school. Don’t you know me?”

Wang Lan whispered, ‘I’m only excited because I know you!’.

After four years in the university, the two have also been best friends for four years. They know each other like sisters.

In Wang Lan’s opinion, Lin Xian fits all of An Ran’s fantasies completely.

Along the way, Yan Xiaoman kept her head down.

She raised her head and stared at Li Xian as they walked into the Indigo Hotel, and then asked: “Are we together now, just like this?”

“Yes!” Lin Xian smiled.

Yan Xiaoman was silent for a moment, pursed her mouth, and said, “But you haven’t confessed to me yet.“

“Uh…Didn’t you take the initiative to chase me?”

Seeing the smile on his face, Yan Xiaoman knew that Lin Xian was teasing her again, so she gritted her teeth and made a gesture to jump on him and bite him again.

“Don’t. It will rot if you bite my shoulders again.” Lin Xian surrendered.

It is so rare to see Lin Xian admit defeat, so Yan Xiaoman said proudly, “Hmph, let’s see if you dare to bully me again in the future!”

Although the open-air bar of Hotel Indigo is open to the public, non-hotel guests who want to go in need to pay an admission fee of 150 per person.

For just 150 yuan, you get to enjoy the night view of the entire Bund which Lin Xian thinks is very worth it.

The fee for four people totaled 600 yuan. After paying the admission fees, the four of them took the elevator all the way to the topmost floor, the 30th floor.

When they walked out of the elevator, they felt the night breeze blowing, which was extremely cool.

Due to their early arrival, there are not many guests yet in the bar.

It was said to be a bar, but Lin Xian felt that it was more like a coffee shop. There is no DJ, no flashing lights, and no hot dances. There are only guests in groups of two’s or three’s enjoying some little drinks and chatting.

At this time, Wang Lan smiled and said: “What’s wrong? Are you disappointed?”

“There is no disappointment, but is completely different from what I had imagined.” Lin Xian shook his head.

“There are many such nightclubs in the Bund, but I never go there because it is too messy.” Wang Lan enjoyed the evening breeze and said: “I like the ambiance here better, drinking, chatting, and enjoying the night scene.”

While talking, the four went to the deck in the corner.

After sitting down, Wang Lan continued: “I used to sit in this position every time I came here because the place is perfect for sightseeing in the entire bar.”

“I miss that time, carefree…” An Ran sighed after saying a single sentence.

Lin Xian looked at the night view. Opposite to them was the Oriental Pearl TV Tower with brilliant lights and below was the quietly flowing Huangpu River. Several colorful yachts sailed slowly in the river. On the streets of the river were city lights connected together like two long dragons, winding and circling each other.

The night view of the Bund is really beautiful.

At this time, a waiter walked slowly forward and handed over the wine list, and asked: “What would you like to drink?”

“Lin Xian, what would you like to drink?” Wang Lan looked at Lin Xian. They are the protagonists tonight.

Lin Xian glanced roughly at the wine list and asked: “Is there any sparkling wine?”

“Sorry sir, our bar doesn’t have sparkling wine, but there are various types of champagne you can choose from.” The waiter said apologetically.

“Thank you for your recommendations!”

Lin Xian rarely drinks. The only foreign wine he had was sparkling wine so he was thankful for the waiter’s recommendations.

The waiter smiled and said: “If you want to drink champagne, of course, the black version of the Ace of Spades is the first choice, it is dry and creamy with fruity flavor. Cristal Louis Roederer and Krug Clos du Mesnil Blanc de Blancs Brut are also good.”

As a waiter in the bar, the salary is linked to their customers’ consumption, based on commission.

The waiter only habitually promoted the most expensive champagnes, but what he didn’t expect was that the boy in front of him dressed in ordinary clothes nodded and said: “Okay, give us two bottles of the Ace of Spades first!”

The waiter once again looked at Lin Xian and cautioned: “Sir, just a reminder, a bottle of the black version of the Ace of Spades is 8,800 yuan each.”

Lin Xian’s expression did not change and said calmly: “Okay, give us two bottles first!”


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