Chapter 143 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Lovely and distressing!

At 7:30, Lin Xian returned to the room from the gym, sweating profusely.

In the bathroom, Zhang Mengyao was washing her hair.

The two chatted for a while last night and then turned off the lights and went to sleep.

They have morning classes so they get up very early.

Seeing Lin Xian walking into the bathroom while undressing, Zhang Mengyao said vigilantly: “What are you doing?”

”What a nonsense question. What do you think? I am going to take a bath! Could I be surfing?!” Lin Xian glanced at her and continued walking into the bathroom.

Although she had already seen everything last night, Zhang Mengyao was still shy after all.

Her pretty face flushed.

She has to admit that Lin Xian really has a very good figure.

He looks thin when covered but actually has more flesh when undressed.

His muscles are not as exaggerated as those of a fitness coach, but they are also defined and angular. With a white complexion, he looked as delicate as a sculpture.

When he saw the look in Zhang Mengyao’s eyes, Lin Xian quipped: “You can watch it all you want. It’s not like you haven’t seen it last night!”


Zhang Mengyao hummed and walked out of the bathroom.

She only reacted like that but this way of bonding with Lin Xian made her happy.

She had never imagined that she would share the same bathroom with a man one day.

After Lin Xian came out of the shower, Zhang Mengyao had already changed her clothes.

After eating breakfast, they drove to the gate of JinDa, and the time was already eight o’clock.

”I’m going first!”

Zhang Mengyao unlocked the seatbelt and pushed the door of the car: “Slow down your driving. I will send you the time and schedule of Teacher Qin’s elective courses!”

Lin Xian smiled and said, “Aren’t you gonna kiss me farewell?”


She only said that but she still obediently leaned forward to give him a peck on the cheek.

Watching Zhang Mengyao completely disappear into the school crowd, Lin Xian started the car and returned to the Zijin Mountain community.

Back home, the room was quiet.

Lin Xian pushed the door to the bedroom only to find out that Nie Qingqing sleeping soundly and being held by Zhuang Tong.

Lin Xian then closed the door gently.

Zhuang Tong is really great.

She does not even need Lin Xian’s company too much.

Even if Lin Xian is not around, she always finds something to do and spends a whole day comfortably.

Back in the living room, Lin Xian took out his painting tools, put out a brand new piece of white paper, and put the same on the drawing board, and began to practice sketching.

In the past few days, during their trip to Yangcheng, he was not able to practice his painting and drawing skills.

In fact, it takes 21 days for an action to develop into a habit and only three days to destroy or lose the same!

No matter what you do, persistence is the key.

Lin Xian has already read a lot of books on the basics of drawing, from which he has learned about the various techniques.

What he needs to do now is to practice and draw and paint some more.

In order to master the skills he learned from the books, he needs to apply them through practice.

After half an hour of practice, Lin Xian can draw a vivid image of the water cup on a paper.

The glass of water is almost the same as the real thing. Even the shadows around the glass were present.

Sketching places great importance on the effects of light and shadow. It mainly expresses the structure of objects through perspective and virtual realization.

According to this progress, Lin Xian feels that in less than half a month at most, painting skills can be thoroughly grasped.

The biggest credit for such swift progress shall belong to the magical skill: [Absolute Focus].

The knowledge and skills taught for a whole week’s worth shall be learned in just an hour.

Then there is also the skill upgrade card to achieve higher levels.

Lin Xian raised his hand and looked at the time.

He found that it was almost nine o’clock.

He then packed his painting tools and drove to school.

This is the busiest time on campus. Countless students are rushing to the teaching building from all directions with their books, notebooks, and pens in their hands.

As soon as he arrived at school, Lin Xian saw a lovely girl at a glance.

The temperature is a little bit cooler in the morning and evening following autumn. Ling Youyu wore a big coat while walking towards the classroom using those short legs.

Looking from behind, she looked like an exceptionally happy little Loli wearing adult clothes.

”Ling Youyu!”

Hearing someone call her name, the little girl paused and then turned her head.

Seeing that it was Lin Xian, her pretty face flushed.

She was very shy but still stood there obediently waiting for Lin Xian to come to her.

Walking towards her, Lin Xian asked, “Have you had breakfast?”

Ling Youyu shook her head and responded with difficulty: “Not…not…not..yet!”

”Wait for me here!”

Lin Xian said that and then left in a hurry!

After a few minutes. He ran back and handed Ling Youyu a bottle of milk and a pack of bread and smiled: “Eat it!”

Her eyes were teary as she looked at the bottle of milk and bread in her hand.

Seeing her appearance, Lin Xian rubbed her little head and said fondly: “The class is about to start. Eat while walking!”

At the time of military training, she gave Lin Xian watermelon juice every day. But today, Lin Xian showed the same kindness by buying her breakfast, so she was so emotional.

She becomes happy with the little things and small gestures.

She pursed her mouth slightly while carefully holding the bread and bottle of milk in her arms.

She felt like she could faint with happiness at this moment.

Walking all the way to the teaching building, Lin Xian could not help but ask: “Why are you not eating it? Don’t you like it?”

Ling Youyu nodded and said:”I…I…I like it!”

Looking at how she tightly held the breakfast in her arms, Lin Xian immediately understood her thoughts and was a little dumbfounded for some time.

This little girl is lovely yet distressing at times.

If Lin Xian does not urge her to eat, it can be said that the food will just expire as it is unmoved as she is not willing to eat it.

Lin Xian squeezed her little face and whispered: “Eat it. I’ll buy you some again tomorrow!”

Hearing what Lin Xian said, Ling Youyu opened the pack of bread and took small bites. There was a trace of happiness in her eyes.

They sat down in the back row as usual.

As soon as Lin Youyu finished eating breakfast, the school bell rang.

The class is a minor subject.

The subject teacher’s way of teaching is also a bit boring.

Only then did Lin Xian realize that he did not have any books to read today. He had already finished the Basics of Sketching and the two math books recommended by Professor Dai Pingbo.

He felt embarrassed for the subject teacher.

Does he even need to listen to class seriously this time?

If he had any book to read, Lin Xian would have chosen to read instead. After all, he learns a lot from it.

But now, the subject’s book seemed to have been revised several times.

He feels uninterested.


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