Chapter 144 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Queen of online dating!

Lin Xian turned his head and saw Ling Youyu earnestly listening to the class. She would occasionally turn and peek at Lin Xian and then quickly turn her head back.

She looks extra cute.

Due to boredom, Lin Xian took out his mobile phone and opened messages.

Countless messages suddenly appeared and it appears that almost 99+ messages were sent by ‘Jinda Top Student’.

” Where are you, little brother?”

”Why so aloof?”

”I’m so angry! How can you ignore this old lady?!”

”Very good little brother. You have succeeded in attracting my interest!”

“Little Brother don’t you really consider online dating? I have long legs!”

”Little Brother, how many girlfriends do you have?”

”Little brother…”


Damn it! This girl is really persistent!

Lin Xian would have suspected the messages to come from automated text messaging but since the messages seemed to be normally sent by a person, he didn’t.

After hesitating for a while, he typed and replied: “It’s already 2015. Without a picture, I won’t believe it.”

After replying, Lin Xian then clicked and opened Zhang Mengyao’s chat interface.

She sent a picture of the course schedule of Teacher Qin’s general psychology.

After saving the picture of the schedule, he then typed a message to Zhang Mengyao: “Dear, what are you doing?”

It took a few minutes before Zhang Mengyao replied: “I’m in class. I’ll message you at noon!”

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian could not help but curl his lips.

This girl is still very serious with her classes. After all, she got admitted to Jinda, so she is serious with her studies.

And she is completely different from Zhuang Tong.

Zhuang  Tong is like a lazy cat.

Her drive to excel is not that strong.

And now that she doesn’t have any pressure in life, she is more laid back and carefree.

Zhang Mengyao is like Yan Xiaoman. She has her ideals and pursuits in life and will not give up on her dreams, just because Lin Xian is rich.

These are overall two completely different personalities that cannot be categorized as to which is right or wrong. Each has their own ways.

If Lin Xian were to choose…

The hell, why would he choose?

Only children make choices. As an adult, I want them all!

Lin Xian’s phone vibrated again. There was another message from ‘Jinda Top Student’.

‘Jinda Top Student’ sent a picture.

After clicking on the picture, Lin Xian could not help but freeze slightly.

There was a beauty in the photo, holding a cup of coffee.

She wore a ladies’ watch on her white and tender wrist which added a touch of sophistication to her perfect face.

In all honesty, the lady in the picture is very beautiful and has a mature elder-sister style.

But it was only a picture after all. Who knew if was true or if the same only came is just photoshopped.

Lin Xian does not even know if this person is real.

Moreover, the facial features of the beautiful lady in the photo gave him a familiar feeling, as if he had seen her somewhere.

So, Lin Xian replied with a photo of Daniel Wu he randomly found on the internet.

Soon, the other party responded: “Do you mean that this old lady has grabbed some other person’s picture from the internet?” (So angry, but still have to keep smiling.jpg)

Lin Xian smiled as he typed: “You’re pretty smart! (You are great.jpg)”

Jinda Top Student: “I will teach you what a temperamental elder sister is like today.”

Jinda Top Student: [Picture] [Picture] [Picture]…

In just ten seconds, the other party sent more than a dozen photos in a row.

However, the other party does have a reason to be boastful. Even if it’s just a casual photo, there are still no dead ends.

It seems that the profile photo is really her.

But since she is so beautiful. She should have a lot of suitors and licking dogs chasing her. Does she still need online dating?

Is she a scammer?

But it may not necessarily be true. Everyone has their own preferences. Maybe she likes to find a lover through online dating.

After all, didn’t the wealthy man Xiao Ma find his lovely wife through online dating?

Some people are like this. They may be shy in person, but if they communicate online, they immediately become extroverted.

Ling Youyu happened to turn her head and glanced at Lin Xian.

Seeing the photo on Lin Xian’s mobile phone, she could not help but freeze and the corners of her mouth twitched.

The lady in the picture is definitely her mother!

She is already an adult but she wants to do online dating?

Well, the point is not online dating.

Her mother has always been single, so Ling Youyu can understand her a bit, but she actually messages the man her daughter likes? Isn’t that a bit too much?! Are you even human?

Lin Xian raised his head and saw Ling Youyu staring at his mobile phone.

Lin Xian then could not help but ask: “Do you know her?”

Hearing Lin Xian’s question, Ling Youyu was a little guilty.

She immediately shook her head like a rattle signifying that she did not know who the woman in the picture was.

She will never admit that the woman is her mother!

That is because she feels too embarrassed!

Fortunately, she always blushes, so Lin Xian cannot tell the difference or if there is anything unusual.

Lin Xian lowered her head and replied: “Were you a student of Jinda?”

Jinda Top Student: “What kind of question is that?! I still have photos of when I got a scholarship from Jinda. Would you like to see them?”

Lin Xian curled his lips and asked: “Do you know Teacher Qin Shi?”

Jinda Top Student: “You mean Qin Idiot? Of course, I know her.”

Qin Idiot???

Lin Xian raised his eyebrows and asked: “What the hell is up with ‘Qin Idiot’?”

Jinda Top Student quickly replied: “Qin Shi is a nerd. I usually call her Qin Daizi or Qin Daidai.” (T/N: Daizi = Idiot; Daidai = dumb)

This lady is too unreliable which makes Lin Xian doubt if she was telling the truth or not.

However, the other party is a graduate of Jinda, so she should know Teacher Qian also. And so, Lin Xian patiently asked: “Which of the teachers who majored in psychology at Jinda has the highest proficiency?”

Jinda Top Student: “Are you interested in learning psychology?”

Lin Xian replied: “I plan to.”

Jinda Top Student: “Little brother, if you send a selfie, I will tell you!”

Lin Xian sneered and closed the chat interface directly.

Ling Youyu was feeling a little guilty when she suddenly felt the phone in her pocket vibrate.

Ling Youyu took out her mobile phone and checked on it.

She saw a message from her mother saying: “Take a picture of him and show me!”

Ling Youyu almost died of anger and embarrassment.

She bulged her mouth and typed: “I won’t!”

Jinda Top Student: “I will personally come to the school if you don’t take a picture of him. And I would also tell your grandpa and grandma about you fainting after being kissed!”

Looking at the response on the mobile phone, Ling Youyu suddenly had a bitter face.

How can she have such a flaky mother?

Ling Youyu doesn’t care about being told to her grandparents, but when she thinks of her mom coming to school…

She can’t imagine what would happen!

In desperation, Ling Youyu held her phone angrily and secretly took a photo of Lin Xian.


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