Chapter 145 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Don’t you already know?

In an old-fashioned neighborhood in Jiangning District, Ling Yiyi sat on the sofa with her pair of slender legs resting on the coffee table comfortably.

Looking at Lin Xian’s side face on her phone, a smile could not help but appear from the corners of her mouth.

The skin is so good. She does not know how that boy takes care of it.

”I really want to squeeze his face. It should feel better than Youyu”

Just as she was muttering to herself, an old man with gray hair walked out of the room.

Seeing her in such a sitting posture, the old man coughed twice.

Hearing this, Ling Yiyi reluctantly put her legs down from the coffee table and assumed the sitting posture of a proper woman.

The old man sat across from her. Holding a teacup, the old man said coldly: “You are already an adult, yet you don’t know how to sit properly!”

”You know that I am an adult, and yet you still treat me like a child every day!” Ling Yiyi said dissatisfied.

”You always have an opinion, don’t you?”

”No comment.” Ling Yiyi dropped her head and was very unhappy.

After sipping some tea, the old man’s expression relaxed a little. He then said with a serious face: “It just so happened that you came back today. Let us talk about some things.”

’Here we go again!’

Hearing those words, Ling Yiyi’s face suddenly turned bitter.

”I am always after your own good. You are already 33, yet you still think you are 18 years old?” The old man put down his teacup.

Then he continued sincerely: “Back then, your mother and I did not object when you brought Youyu, right? We also did our best to help and take care of her. Now that she is all grown up, she should know the truth.”

”With her character, are you sure she can accept it?” Ling Yiyi raised her eyebrows.

”Hmph, Youyu is braver than you. How can’t she accept it?” Speaking of Ling Youyu, the old man had a smile in the corner of his eyes.

But when he saw Ling Yiyi on the opposite side, he reduced his smile and said straightforwardly: “I have discussed it already with your mother. Find a time to tell Youyu. You should also find somebody whom you’ll marry and have kids.”

Ling Yiyi blurted out and asked, “What about Youyu?”

”What do we do? Youyu is my granddaughter, of course, I am raising her. Your mother and I have also saved money over the years. Although it may not be a lot, it can at least guarantee that Youyu will not have to worry about her future.”

Ling Yiyi explained: “I am afraid that you won’t be able to take care of her!”

As soon as those words came out of Ling Yiyi, the old man suddenly became angry and said: “Ling Yiyi, can you look at your conscience and tell me who’s been taking care of Youyu these years? Don’t you already know how she’ll grow so big and stable? Thankfully, Youyu has a good temper, if it were another kid they would have been so mad.”

Seeing the agitated expression of her father, Ling Yiyi smiled and said: “Dad, don’t get excited. I am just hesitant to part with Youyu!”

The old man took a deep breath and said: “It is not to drive you away. You can see her a few times a week. After all, you just don’t want to get married, right?”

”This kind of thing can’t be forced. It all depends on fate. Qin Idiot is also still single. And she is a few months older than me!” Ling Yiyi decisively used her best friend as an example without any hesitation.

She didn’t even have to say that.

When the old man heard it, he became even more angry: “How can it be the same? Qin Shi has her difficulties. And you? You are in good health. Why would you compare yourself to Qin Shi? Do you think I don’t know you enough? You just wanted to play every day.”

”Before, your mother has always persuaded me that you are still young and it is just normal to play around. When you grow up and become more sensible, you will naturally take care of yourself more. And as a result? The older you get the more unreliable you become, Youyu is even more sensible than you. I shouldn’t have listened to your mother’s advice. There wouldn’t have been many things to take care of now!”

”Anyway, I just don’t want to get married!” Ling Yiyi directly said with the posture of a dead pig who is not afraid of boiling water.

In the past few years, her parents have been telling her almost every day about it and he feels her head would explode any time soon.

She used many reasons and excuses before, but now she really has no way out.

Because she had already used all the excuses she could think of.

And even her ultimate excuse, Ling Youyu, has grown up into an adult now.

The old man held his chest and pointed to her slightly trembling: “You…you really want to piss me off to death, don’t you?”

Seeing this, Ling Yiyi suddenly panicked and hurriedly stood up to pat her father’s back gently and said kindly: “Dad, don’t be too emotional! Think about it. If I get married, I won’t have time for you in the future!”

The old man sneered and said: “Haha, I don’t need you. Your mother and I having Youyu is enough!”


‘Are you really my father?’

Ling Yiyi was stagnant and her face was full of black lines. (T/N: meaning sullen/unhappy)


After half an hour of soothing the old man, Ling Yiyi rushed out of the neighborhood as if running away.

If she would have stayed longer, she would have been dead today if her mother came back.

She took out the car keys and got into her BMW M2 and drove to Jinda.

She carried her bag and went to an office.

Qin Shi raised her head and saw Ling Yiyi looking dejected.

She could not help but ask: “Did uncle and aunt urge you again?”

”You are right! It makes me even more afraid to go home. Every time they saw me, they kept on telling me that. Who can stand it?” Ling Yiyi sat down and picked up the teacup. She took a sip of black tea on Qin Shi’s table.

Qin Shi shook her head and said, “When you took Youyu home, I already told you that it would only treat the symptoms but not the root cause.”

”It’s okay, at least I’m unrestrained for more than ten years!”

Ling Yiyi tasted the black tea and frowned slightly.

Then she got up and picked up a can of coffee from the cabinet and skillfully made a cup for herself.

Qin Shi gazed at her back while she made coffee and asked, “Then, what do you do next?”

”Drag one day after another. Aren’t you with me anyway?” Ling Yiyi grins.

Hearing this, Qin Shi smiled bitterly and said: “I’m different from you.”

Ling Yiyi sat down with her coffee and said, “Just the same ending!”

Upon seeing this, Qin Shi shook her head and stopped asking.

The two have known each other for more than ten years so they know each other’s personality very well.

Taking a sip of coffee, Ling Yiyi took out her phone and said happily: “Let me show you the little brother I know. He is handsome!”

Qin Shi glanced at the photo, pursed her lips, and said: “That is the little boy I met!”

”What a coincidence?!”

Ling Yiyi was taken aback.


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