Chapter 26 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

My System is Amazing!

“Skill Upgrade Card?”

Lin Xian was taken aback for a moment and was a little disappointed because he only has one skill at the moment.

And it is still an unreliable skill, driving a Ferrari with one hand…


After reading the item description carefully, he found out that he might have misunderstood it.

Initially, he thought that the skills being referred to by the item only include that which is displayed on the system interface.

But looking at the item description once more, he suddenly realized one thing.

He can also choose to upgrade the skills he hasn’t mastered yet.

The meaning became very clear. Aside from the system skills, he can also upgrade skills he hasn’t mastered yet.

This is great!

Take the simplest example, the piano.

Lin Xian has never touched a piano but after using the skill upgrade card, he can master the skill. Of course, it is only up to the beginner level.

Another example, his guitar skills are also beginner level. He can instantly become proficient with the use of the upgrade card.

Thinking of this, Lin Xian couldn’t help but take a breath.

Good stuff!

[Silver Skill Upgrade Card] can greatly save Lin Xian’s time.

What is the most expensive thing in this world?

Undisputedly, time is the most expensive!

Gold can’t even buy time!

You know, when you want to acquire a skill, how to start is very simple. Take the guitar for example. A person with average talent can basically reach the beginner level after three to five months of continuous practice.

But if you want to go a step further to the level of proficiency, it shall take some three to five years of persistent practice. So, if you are not willing to invest that much time, don’t even think about it.

As for the professional and master level, it will take even more time.

Many people may spend a lifetime and not reach the master level because at this point, in addition to time, talent matters most.

Such awesome props cost only 300,000, this is a bloody profit!

‘Buy! Buy! Buy!’

Without hesitation, Lin Xian directly clicked the purchase button.

Host: Lin Xian.

Grade: LV3

LV3 privilege reward: Every time you blink, you will get a 0.4 yuan reward.

Upgrade experience: 841,239/1000000 (Experience points can only be obtained through spending, not through loans or money earned!)

System Shop: 23:59:54 left before the next product refresh.

Props: [Silver Skill Upgrade Card]*1

Skills: [Driving a Ferrari with one hand]

Amount: 39,808.70 yuan

After buying the props, Lin Xian only had less than 40,000 yuan left.

The upgrade experience, however, has skyrocketed and he only needs 160,000 to upgrade to LV4.

Lin Xian didn’t pay much attention to the balance as the daily income will then be 7,860 so it will be earned soon.

What he is more focused on is where to use the Silver Upgrade Card.

In other words, what skill shall it be used?

First of all, the skills which he hasn’t mastered yet are excluded because then the cost-effectiveness would be too low.

After much deliberation, Lin Xian finally decided to use it to upgrade his guitar skills.

He has already acquired a beginner level in his guitar skills, so after using the Silver upgrade Card, he can become proficient and shall save some three to five years of practice.

“Use the Silver Upgrade Card to upgrade guitar skills!”


[It is detected that the host’s guitar skills are at the beginner level. Do you want to use the props?]


For a moment, Lin Xian felt a slight coolness in his brain and then returned to normal.

Looking at himself from top to bottom, he found out that he hadn’t changed that much.

However, he became more familiar with the various techniques of the guitar. Some places that he didn’t understand before, all seemed to have been mastered.

The feeling was so strange that Lin Xian felt the urge to play the guitar.

“My system is awesome!”

He praised his system and felt that he should cultivate more hobbies and learn more skills.

He doesn’t need to learn too hard, just at the beginner level.

The system shop is refreshed every 24 hours, so he will definitely get more skill upgrade cards in the future. He can learn some new skills, and then he can improve his temperament more.

“I will start as soon as I get back home tomorrow!”

Lin Xian picked up his phone and sent Yan Xiaoman a good night message. After that, he turned off the lights and went to bed.

The next day, Lin Xian got up as early as usual, 6:30 am.

After washing up, he replaced the metal strap of his watch with the rubber one.

Then, he went all the way to the gym on the topmost floor.

The young lady whom he met yesterday arrived earlier than him and as of the moment was jogging on the treadmill.


Lin Xian smiled and greeted the young lady with a smile.

He put his headphones on and started jogging as well.

Half an hour later, Lin Xian stepped out of the treadmill and the young lady handed out a bottle of water again.

“Thank you!”

After taking a sip of water, Lin Xian said suddenly, “I am leaving today.”

“I have to stay a few more days. See you by any chance!” The young lady smiled.


After returning to his room and taking a shower, Lin Xian packed his things and went to the second floor to have breakfast.

While he was eating breakfast, Yan Xiaoman also sent a message on WeChat, “Lin Xian, I can’t go to see you off today.”

Lin Xian replied: “It’s okay. Are you going somewhere?”

Yan Xiaoman quickly replied: “No. My aunt seems to suspect that I have a boyfriend”.


Lin Xian almost choked from the milk he was drinking. After a few coughs, he typed: “Then you shall confess. Are you ashamed of me?”

Yan Xiaoman replied: “No. If she knows about us, she would tell my parents. Let’s talk about it later.”

During the short chat, Lin Xian finished his breakfast.

Lin Xian then picked up his backpack and went to the front desk to check out.

Lin Xian then embarked on his journey home.

It was already afternoon when he arrived at Jianzhen City.

Lin Xian did not go home directly and instead took a taxi directly to their restaurant.

At this time, lunch was over, so the restaurant looked particularly deserted.

Seeing him walk in, Wang Hongmei said in surprise: “When did you come back? You didn’t even call in advance.”

“I just arrived.”

Wang Hongmei asked again: “Have you eaten?”


The food on the high-speed train was so unpalatable. Lin Xian only ate some potato chips to ease his hunger.

Hearing this, Wang Hongmei shouted at the chef: “Lin Guodong, cook two dishes for your son!”

“Oh! Xiao Xian is back?”

Lin Guodong walked out of the back kitchen with a cigarette in his mouth.

Lin Xian put down his backpack and took out the jade bracelet and the lighter with a smile saying, “Mom, Dad, I bought you some gifts.”

Hearing this, the couple hurriedly accepted their gifts.


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