Chapter 25 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Oh, the sour smell of love!

Lin Xian is worried for Yan Xiaoman to go back home alone so he accompanied her back to Wang Lan’s house.

Before she got out of the car, Yan Xiaoman took the initiative to peck at Lin Xian, and then she said, “Go back to the hotel early and don’t fool around outside!”

Lin Xian smiled and nodded. After watching her walk into the neighborhood, Lin Xian said to the driver, “Mister, let’s go back to the Four Seasons Hotel.”

At home, Yan Xiaoman’s aunt and uncle were seated on the sofa, watching tv.

Seeing her come back, her aunt asked: “Have you had dinner Xiaoman?”

“Auntie, I have eaten.” Yan Xiaoman replied.

Noticing the redness on her face, her aunt asked, “Did you drink tonight?”

“I drank a little bit, Auntie. I’ll go back to the room first.”

With a guilty conscience, Yan Xiaoman hurried to her room with the shopping bag.

Wang Lan’s family is not very wealthy. They are already fortunate to have bought a house with a total area of 80 square meters in Shanghai.

However, since the space is too small and there are only two bedrooms, Yan Xiaoman sleeps with Wang Lan.

Looking at her back, Mother Wang frowned and said worriedly: “Did Xiaoman get a boyfriend for herself?”

“Isn’t it normal to fall in love? Xiaoman is also going to college. And she is not a kid anymore.” Father Wang opened his eyes wide, curled his lips, and said, “You should care more about your daughter. She is almost 25 years old but still doesn’t have a boyfriend.”

Mother Wang was immediately unhappy and retorted: “Are you blaming me now? Who was in favor of her taking the post-graduates?”

After the topic was diverted, Mother Wang immediately forgot about Yan Xiaoman.

In the bedroom, Wang Lan was seated by the desk and was typing on the keyboard. There were piles of books next to the laptop.

Hearing that the bedroom door opened, Wang Lan joked, “Oh you are back! I thought you would be staying in the hotel tonight!”

“Cousin, even you are starting to bully me.” Yan Xiaoman said in a shy tone while sitting on the bed.

A few minutes later, Wang Lang typed the last word, stood up, and stretched.

“Done finally!”

Picking up the coffee on the table and taking a sip, she smiled and asked, “Where did you go today?”

“I went to FD University in the morning and accompanied Lin Xian in the shopping mall.” Yan Xiaoman replied.


Wang Lan found out that there was a Chanel bag on her bed, so she couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Lin Xian bought this for you?”

“Yes! I think it is too expensive. But he insisted on buying it for me.”

Having said that, the sweetness cannot be hidden in her eyes.

‘Oh, the sour smell of this love.’

Wang Lan was a little bit jealous and couldn’t help rolling her eyes.

Up to now, she only has one Chanel skirt which she had saved up for several months before she could afford it.

Picking up the packaging and taking a look, Wang Lan said: “Wow, this dress is so beautiful. Put it on and show it to me.”

At this moment, she suddenly discovered a gift box together with the dress.

Holding the gift box in her hand, Wang Lan couldn’t help but exclaim: “Damn, Cartier?!”

“Lin Xian also bought this watch for you? A watch or a necklace? Or maybe a ring?”

Seeing the gift box, Yan Xiaoman was also taken aback and wondered: “Why is the lighter that Lin Xian bought with me?”

“A lighter?”

Hearing this, Wang Lan curled her lips and said with a little disappointment: “I was looking forward to it. And it turned out to be lighter.”

She then continued: “Can I take a look? Seriously, this is the first time I learned that Cartier even sold lighters.”


Yan Xiaoman felt that a lighter is not a very private matter so she agreed and at the same time was about to call Lin Xian to tell him that the lighter was in her shopping bag.

However, when she was about to make a call with her mobile phone, Wang Lan suddenly let out a scream.

Yan Xiaoman shivered at the scream, and her phone fell on the bed.

The gift box in Wang Lan’s hand was opened and revealed a silver-white bracelet.

The bracelet looked gorgeous under the light, especially the pink gem.

“Cartier Love Series summer collection!!!”

Wang Lan recognized the bracelet at a glance and looked very envious.

She had seen this couple’s bracelet several times when she was shopping. But she only looked at it. After all, the price is a whopping 380,000 and is claimed as close to the people.

Yan Xiaoman looked at the bracelet with a very complicated expression.

Upon seeing Yan Xiaoman’s expression, Wang Lan couldn’t help but wonder: “What’s wrong with you Xiaoman? Don’t you like it?”

“That guy…”

With a slight sigh, Yan Xiaoman spoke about what happened earlier.

After listening, Wang Lan sighed and said “How can I not meet such a perfect boyfriend?”

Of course, Wang Lan just thought about this.

She really didn’t want to have such a boyfriend.

It’s not that she doesn’t like a boyfriend like Lin Xian. It’s just that having a boyfriend like him is too much pressure. It is a given that such a kind of man has attributes that can attract bees and butterflies everywhere, and there will never be a lack of women around him.

Even if he doesn’t take the initiative, there will be a lot of women swarming around him.

Shaking her head, Wang Lan smiled expectantly: “Put on the dress and then the bracelet, quickly. Let us see what you look like.”

As her cousin urged her, Yan Xiaoman changed into the dress and put on the bracelet.

The style of the dress is a bit retro but had a sense of fashion in some details. With Cartier’s bracelet, Yan Xiaoman instantly became a little princess.

“It is so beautiful Xiaoman. You have such a great temperament!” Wang Lan envied.

Biting his lower lip, Yan Xiaoman picked up her phone and wrote a text message to Lin Xian: “I like it very much, but please don’t do this again!”

At the Four Seasons Hotel, Lin Xian lay on the bed and glanced at the message and couldn’t help but smile.

After putting down the phone, he returned his attention to the system interface.

In the next minute, the system shop will be refreshed.

The shopping experience yesterday made him look forward to the system shop at this time.

After a minute, the system shop refreshed and a product immediately appeared in his sight.

[ Silver Skill Upgrade Card ]: Specify one of your skills. You can use this card to upgrade that specified skill to another level. (PS: It is also possible to specify a skill that you haven’t mastered yet. But it can only be upgraded to the beginner level. When the skill is already at the master level, this card cannot be used anymore.) Price: 300,000!


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