Chapter 28 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Oh, this young man!

They wandered until 9 o’clock.

Lin Xian checked the time and said, “It’s late. I’ll take you home.”

“Okay. Thank you.”

Yan Xiaoman nodded and sat on the e-bike.

This is a very familiar scene making Yan Xiaoman feel a little dazed.

It was only a month ago since she met Lin Xian at the bus stop.

After getting on Lin Xian’s e-bike, the two people began to get acquainted.

A month later, she is seated on the same e-bike, this time as Lin Xian’s girlfriend.

Thinking of this, Yan Xiaoman suddenly said: “Lin Xian, be honest, when we met at the bus stop did you deliberately create an opportunity?”

Hearing this, Lin Xian couldn’t help but curl his lips and said without guilt: “I thought I hid it very well. I did not expect for you to see it.”

When facing your girlfriend, you should know when to tell the truth and when to lie.

Sure enough, when Yan Xiaoman confirmed Lin Xian’s feelings at that time, her heart felt sweet and her eyes were full of happiness.

Yan Xiaoman hugged his waist with both of her hands and said proudly, “Hmmph, I knew it.”

“By the way, where do you live?” Lin Xian asked.

“Green Stream Park!”

Soon, the e-bike stopped at the gate of the community where Yan Xiaoman lives.

Yan Xiaoman alighted and said: “Lin Xian, wait for my call tomorrow afternoon and meet me at the Yida Mall.”

“Okay!” Lin Xian nodded.

“Then I’m going home, be safe on your way.”

Yan Xiaoman turned to leave, but Lin Xian grabbed her hand and said, “Xiaoman, have you forgotten something?”

Yan Xiaoman immediately understood what Lin Xian meant so her pretty face flushed.

She felt a little panic since they are already at the gate of the community and if anyone recognizes her, her parents will know about Lin Xian.

After hesitating for some time. Yan Xiaoman looked around.

After making sure that no one was around, she quickly pecked at Lin Xian’s cheek.

“I’ll be going now!”

Then Yan Xiaoman ran into the community as if she had fled.

Lin Xian watched her back disappear into the houses and was about to go home when a middle-aged man in a police uniform walked towards him.

Yan Jianhua just got off from work only to see her daughter got off from a man’s e-bike at the gate of the community.

The most important thing is that her daughter took the initiative to kiss the man!

This is a kind of feeling of a Chinese cabbage which you have so long worked and cared for, suddenly being taken away by a pig which you don’t even know where it came from!

Who can bear such a sight?

At this moment, Yan Jianhua’s nose was almost crooked.

Seeing Yan Jianhua walking towards him, Lin Xian was also a little confused so he said, “Uncle, what’s the matter?”

Yan Jianhua looked at Lin Xian blankly and can’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

Although Lin Xian is not too handsome, he still looked good and with a decent and quiet temperament.

What he was most worried about was her daughter dating a messed-up member of society.

Now that he has looked at Lin Xian, he felt more relieved, but still very angry.

Yan Jianhua asked: “Battery car or motorcycle?”

Hearing this, Lin Xian let out a sigh of relief, thinking that he might have encountered a traffic police officer inspecting an unlicensed motorcycle, so he smiled and said, “Uncle, this is a battery car.”

This kid is really unbearable. No wonder he can coax his daughter into his hands.

Yan Jianhua said seriously: “Stop smiling at me. Get out of there!”

“Uncle, this is really a battery-powered vehicle.” Lin Xian reluctantly got out and explained.

“Driver’s license!”

Lin Xian was stunned. Who would ride an e-bike to visit the park with his driver’s license?

“I did not bring it with me!”

“Is that so?” Yan Jianhua snorted coldly and continued to interrogate: “How old are you this year?”

Lin Xian replied in a depressed tone: “Uncle, do you really want to check? This is not a motorcycle! I am rushing home!”

Yan Jianhua said sternly: “Be honest! As a citizen, you have the responsibility and obligation to cooperate with public security. Age?”


Lin Xian sighed and could only admit that he was unlucky. But he always felt something weird in his heart.

Is this because the city is becoming stricter with the traffic rules?


“Lin Xian.”

Yan Jianhua continued to ask: “Occupation?”

“Student. I just graduated from high school.”

“Which high school?”

“Experiment One, class three.”

‘Oh, so they are classmates!’

Yan Jianhua sneered secretly and continued to ask: “Which university did you apply for?”


‘Do you even have to ask which university I applied for in college?’

Lin Xian finally cut him and raised his eyebrows and said, “Uncle, aren’t you asking for some unrelated personal information?”

Yan Jianhua knew that his questions were a little inappropriate so he sneered: “Since you drove an unlicensed electrical bike without a driver’s license, you shall be punished!”

“What the…”

For a while, Lin Xian was a little dumbfounded.

But there is really no way he can refute the charges because nowadays, battery cars just like motorcycles need to be registered and the driver of it shall also carry a driver’s license.

But battery-powered vehicles are not checked strictly by traffic police officers. The main reason is that their number is too large to even check.

He didn’t expect he’d be this unlucky to encounter a traffic police officer.

Yan Jianhua said, “Now get down and do one hundred push-ups!”

“How many?” Lin Xian was dumbfounded.

“One hundred. Hurry up!”

Lin Xian, in desperation, had to bite the bullet and start doing push-ups

The first 20 were easy, but after that, he began to feel tired.

If he divided 100 push-ups into five batches, Lin Xian is confident that he can do it easily, or even three batches.

But he couldn’t finish a hundred push-ups in one go.

There was an old lady and an old man who saw Lin Xian doing push-ups at the gate of the community and talked a lot.

“Oh, this young man!”

“Young people do have great bodies.”

“This young man looks familiar. Isn’t he the grandson of the old Lin family?”

“Oh, this young man is so handsome. I suddenly remembered that granddaughter of Zhang who seems to be single? Shall we introduce her to him?”

“What nonsense?! Old Zhang’s granddaughter is 28. This young man seems to be less than 20 years old. It is not appropriate.

“Uncle…I made a total of 60. I really can’t do it anymore.” Lin Xian stood up and panted.

Yan Jianhua suppressed a smile and nodded: “Okay. You can go now. Pay attention to safety on the road!”

Lin Xian sat down on his little e-bike after doing 60 push-ups in one go.

His hands and feet felt weak and he didn’t want to move while sitting on his e-bike.

It took a long time for him to rest before he can finally ride his small electric bike back home.


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