Chapter 29 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

I met with your dad

When Yan Jianhua returned home, his wife Chen Lei immediately brought the food out of the kitchen.

Yan Jianhua looked around the living room and asked, “Where is Xiaoman?”

“She went to her room.” Chen Lei replied casually.

Yan Jianhua glanced in the direction of Yan Xiaoman’s bedroom and saw that the door was closed.

He lowered his voice and said: “Do you know what I saw at the community gate on my way back home from work?”

“What did you see?” Chen Lai stared at the TV and asked absent-mindedly.

“I saw Xiaoman getting off a boy’s e-bike. The two behaved intimately.”

Initially, Chen Lei’s attention was on the TV, but after she heard what her husband said, she asked excitedly: “What? Xiaoman is in love?”

“You keep your voice down!” Yan Jianhua hurriedly reminded her.

Chen Lei then asked in a low voice, “How intimate were they? Were they hugging?”

“Even more intimate.”

Yan Jianhua was not ashamed to say that his daughter took the initiative to kiss someone.

“How old is the boy? What does he do? Where does he live? What is the occupation of his parents?” Chen Lei asked a lot of questions like a cannonball.

Yan Jianhua replied: “The name is Lin Xian, and they are in the same class as Xiaoman. I don’t know any more details as I am afraid of revealing my identity so I didn’t dare to ask more.”

“How’s the boy?” Chen Lei continued to ask.

“He looks okay. He is handsome. If he is ugly, do you think our daughter will look at him?”

Chen Lei had an annoyed and complicated look. “This girl has promised not long ago that she will not fall in love before graduating college. It hasn’t been long since then and now she had a boyfriend?”

Chen Lei got angrier and angrier and stood up and said, “No, I have to ask her!”

“Hey, why are you so excited?!”

Yan Jianhua asked her and persuaded: “You’re rushing into things that might embarrass your child. Xiaoman has grown up and definitely wants to save face. What if you provoke rebelliousness?”

“Then what do we do?” Chen Lei asked angrily.

“Let’s observe for a period of time. According to Xiaoman’s personality, she should take the initiative to tell us when the time comes.” Yan Jianhua comforted.

Chen Lei asked: “What if Xiaoman would continue to keep this from us?”

“That means that our more than ten years of raising and educating her have completely failed, and it is time to look into the problem we brought upon ourselves.” Yan Jianhua said while spreading his hands.

Upon hearing this, Chen Lei fell into silence.

After a while, Chen Lei asks, “After you asked him, you just let the kid go?”

Yan Jianhua understood what his wife meant and said with a smirk: “How can I just let him go?! I punished him to do a hundred push-ups, and the kid is still shaking as of now.”

On the way back on his bike, Lin Xian felt that something was wrong the more he thought about it.

After returning home, he called Yan Xiaoman.

“Lin Xian? Are you home yet?”

Yan Xiaoman’s voice was very soft. It could be that she was worried her parents would hear her.

“Just got home!”

Lin Xian replied further and asked, “Xiaoman, what does your dad do?”

“Why do you suddenly ask?” Yan Xiaoman asked in confusion.

“Hehe. I need to know the work and hobbies of my future father-in-law in advance and prepare for my future visit.”

Yan Xiaoman on the other end of the phone blushed and said proudly: “What future father-in-law? Did I promised to marry you?”

“My dad works at the police station.”

‘And so it was!’

The middle-aged policewoman earlier was Yan Xiaoman’s father!

He wondered why the police officer asked strange questions when he was supposed to check only his battery-powered e-bike. His questions were too stringent and personal.

It must be that Yan Xiaoman’s father saw the behavior of the two of them earlier at the gate of the community.

Thinking of this, Lin Xian smiled and said, “After you left, I met with your dad!”

“My dad?!”

Yan Xiaoman was startled and hurriedly asked, “He saw it all?”

“He should have!”

As soon as Yan Xiaoman’s got off the ebike, her father arrived.

He should have seen the behavior of the two of them.

“Oh, it’s over…”

On the other end of the phone, Yan Xiaoman glance at the door with a guilty conscience and said: “Then what did my dad say to you?”

“He told me a lot. He told me to be nice to you and visit your home when I have the time. Finally, he urged me to exercise and made me do one hundred push-ups.”

Lin Xian said in a depressed voice.

Hearing the last sentence, Yan Xiaoman snorted and couldn’t help but smile: “I will also urge you to exercise. Serves you right!”

There was a little bastard who always pestered Yan Xiaoman before.

He later met his father and was also punished to do push-ups on the street.

After two to three consecutive times, that little bastard never pestered her again.

Yan Xiaoman couldn’t help laughing at the thought of Lin Xian being caught by her father and made to do one hundred push-ups.

“Let’s not talk about it. I’ll take a shower.”

After Lin Xian hung up the phone, he immediately took a shower in the bathroom.

The next day.

At four o’clock in the afternoon, while Lin Xian was singing and practicing with his guitar, his cellphone suddenly rang.

As soon as the call was connected, Yan Xiaoman’s cheerful voice came across the phone, “Lin Xian, get ready to go.”

“Okay! Do you need me to pick you up?” Lin Xian asked.

“No need! You can wait for me at the gate of Yida Plaza.” Yan Xiaoman shook her head and refused.

After hanging up the phone, Lin Xian tidied up, took his wallet, and then went out.

He arrived at Yida Plaza and Yan Xiaoman arrived shortly as well.

Today, Yan Xiaoman wore the Chanel dress that Lin Xian bought for her, with the Cartier couple bracelet on her wrist.

Her whole body looked so radiant.

Walking up to him, Yan Xiaoman asked shyly: “Does it look good on me?”

“Miao Shanshan will hate you.” Lin Xian sighed.

Yan Xiaoman was taken aback for a moment and then smiled sweetly.

Every woman likes to listen to praise.

Lin Xian knew why Yan Xiaoman dressed beautifully today, but he didn’t mention it.

After all, he should not meddle with things between women.

It is not a secret that she and Zhang Mengyao dislike each other.

Since Miao Shanshan invited Yan Xiaoman to her birthday, she has definitely invited Zhang Mengyao as well.

Ordinarily, according to Yan Xiaoman’s personality, she would never wear a Cartier’s bracelet, but today she wore it on purpose to be more appealing than Mengyao.

“Let’s go buy a present for Sister Miao Miao first.”

Yan Xiaoman took the initiative to hold Lin Xian’s hands and then the two walked into the mall.

After shopping for nearly an hour, Yan Xiaoman finally chose a silver bracelet which price is not expensive, just more than 300 yuan.

For high school students, birthday gifts between classmates are expected to be not too expensive and shall mainly come from their hearts.


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