Chapter 41 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Who agrees? Who Opposes?

Today is the day when the JinCai freshmen will report.

Lin Xian came early, and there were not many new students who came to report on their first day. There were also many old students around.

In front of the school, signboards for the registration process were set up, and volunteers from the Student union are gathered to set up welcome banners in the school.

The ratio of women to men in JinCai is astonishingly, about 3:7!

70% of the students in the entire school are girls!

And it can be said that JinCai not only has many beautiful women but also high-quality ones. With a quick glance, Lin Xian found several senior sisters with a face value of 80 points and up.

Some people would definitely think that there are so many JinCai girls for very few boys.

Not to mention changing girlfriends every day, they can have a girlfriend at the very least.


Regarding this, Lin Xian just wanted to say that you guys are thinking too much.

On the contrary, the number of single boys in JinCai is the highest in Xianlin University Town.

Why is that?

The reason is simple. The young ladies of JinCai have studied economics and naturally understand the principle of marginal utility.

Being a high-quality single is far better than settling in a low-quality relationship. Everyone knows that where marginal utility is higher, the opportunity cost is also higher.

In addition, although having more girls in the school has its advantages, there are also many disadvantages.

If a male student fails to pursue a girl the first time, then congratulation, it will be difficult to find a girlfriend in his entire college life.

As it is known, girls are always competitive.

Once a man is rejected by a certain girl, other girls will insist that she is no worse. The first girl doesn’t even want the guy, so why should the second settle for him?

All these reasons altogether, make JinCai boys’ life really sad.

The men in Jincai are obviously living in a ladies’ kingdom, but some still remain single.

Of course, the above is only applicable to ordinary boys.

If there is a high-quality male god, then he shall experience the madness of the JinCai girls.

Lin Xian already had some feeling that as soon as he walked out of the taxi, countless eyes would be focused on him.

Boys can look at girls, of course, girls can do the same.

Lin Xian’s physical appearance is not low, and his fair and smooth skin adds a bit of charm to him. His quiet temperament coupled with wearing famous brands, make him the most eye-catching freshman without an exception!

At this moment, under an awning, five to six junior girls were staring at Lin Xian with scorching eyes.

One of the yellow-haired girls said: “Hermes shoes, Versace men’s clothing, Prada bags, Vacheron Constantin watches, Cartier bracelet! Damn, what kind of fairy is this schoolboy!?”

“Could it be fake goods?”

Upon hearing this, the yellow-haired girl sneered and said, “You can question my appearance, but please don’t question my vision!”

“This new schoolboy is so handsome! And his skin is very fair too! I really want to squeeze his face!”

“The time has come to test our friendship. I want this junior. Who approves and who opposes?”

“Get out! Obviously, this old lady saw him first!”

“Stop it! You saw him first!? Childish!”

“You little bitches. Do you still want to be good sisters for a lifetime?”

Just as they discussed intensely, a girl had already started to act.

Seeing that a girl had already walked towards Lin Xian quickly, they couldn’t help but curse in their hearts: Bitch!

“Hello, brother. Are you a freshman who is here to report on your first day?” A girl named Li Yan asked with a smile when she came to Lin Xian.


Lin Xian smiled and nodded, not enthusiastic but also not cold.

Li Yan’s face value is about 85 points, and she is well-dressed, so she looks even more beautiful than Miao Shanshan, a high school school flower.

But for Lin Xian who is familiar with Yan Xaioman and Zhang Mengyao every day, that’s it.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Li Yan, a junior in the Department of Law.” Li Yan said reaching out her hand to him.

“Lin Xian!”

The two shook hands. When Lin Xian was about to withdraw his hand, he suddenly felt something scratching his hand.

When he looked at Li Yan, there was no change in her expression, as if nothing happened just now.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian couldn’t help but shook his head and laugh.

Li Yan continued to ask, “What major did Lin Xian apply for?”


“Do you need me to take you to your department?”

Li Yan put her hands behind her back, tilted her head slightly, her hair wafting in the wind, and her big eyes staring at him closely.

This woman is very sultry and knows what poses best amplifies her figure.

“Then let me trouble senior sister!” Of course, Lin Xian is very much willing to let her lead the way.

The other freshmen at the school gate looked at Lin Xian with envy.

They don’t have this treatment, and they can only find their own.

Along the way, Li Yan kept being sultry, but Lin Xian’s responses were neither salty nor indifferent.

“Where are you from?”

“Jiangzhen City!”

“It’s very close to Jinling, so it’s no wonder that junior brother came to report by himself.”

“Junior brother’s watch really looks good. It should be expensive, right?”

“This is just a fake good, worthless.”

Lin Xian’s attitude did not make Li Yan feel annoyed but instead aroused her eagerness to win him.

Glancing at Lin Xian, she bit her lower lip and said in her heart: ‘I don’t believe that I can’t win you!’

As for Lin Xian’s claim that his watch is fake, Lin Yuan doesn’t buy it at all!

A person wearing luxury brands all over his body, is claiming his watch to be fake?

When they arrived at the Finance Department, Li Yan said suddenly: “Junior brother, the Finance Orientation Point is here. I am leaving now!”

Lin Xian knew clearly why Li Yan suddenly wanted to leave.

This girl is a being tricky.

“Thank you, Senior Sister!” Lin Xian said flatly.

“See you next time!”

After Lin Yan said it, she turned around and left.

At this moment, when the two senior sisters under the awning saw Lin Xian, their eyes lit up.

A senior sister said enthusiastically: “Did you bring your admission notice and ID card?”

“I brought it!”

Lin Xian then opened his shoulder bag and took out his admission notice and ID card and handed them over.

After the confirmation, the senior sister enthusiastically told him the admission procedure and the fees to be paid.

Finally, the senior sister took out a freshman registration form and said: ”Junior brother, fill this out and sign here!”


Taking the ballpoint pen, Lin Xian quickly signed on the form.

He practiced his hard pen calligraphy which made his handwriting more beautiful and his style elegant, free, and easy.

One can judge a person by his penmanship.

After seeing Lin Xian’s signature, the senior sister had an even better impression of him.

Lin Xian’s handwriting looks really good which shows how much effort he had put into practicing and improving his handwriting which is actually a very boring thing.

Therefore, just by looking at his signature, one can tell that Lin Xian is a very patient person.


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