Chapter 42 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Bright people don’t speak secrets!

“Brother, your assigned dormitory is at North Gate. It is a bit difficult to find. Do you want me to take you there?”

This senior sister is not very good-looking with a few small freckles on her face. But then the way she smiles looks cute, with two small dimples appearing on her face.

Lin Xian said politely: ”If it isn’t much of a trouble to senior sister?”

“No! No!”

The senior sister waved her hand quickly.

Another girl was a little disappointed when she saw this. She then quietly took out her phone and took a few photos of Lin Xian. And then she sent them to a WeChat group.

The photos she captioned: ‘A new male god junior brother, Finance major.’

Soon the WeChat group that had been quiet for a long time suddenly exploded with countless messages.

Fall in Love with Melbourne: “Damn, his face is really handsome!”

Trying to lose weight: “In three minutes, I want all the information about this junior brother!”

Qingqing: “Which campus is he in? The south gate or the north gate? I will be there soon!”

Mengbao: ”I just noticed. Is this junior brother wearing famous brands?”

Xiao Huanxi: “@Mengbao, you talk a lot. What are you doing? Now they all know it!”

Mengbao: Trembling.jpg (T/N: emoji I think)

Lipstick is not red: “I am in love!”

The senior sister was very enthusiastic and kept on talking to Lin Xian about certain precautions along the way.

“Brother, the conditions when it comes to accommodation in JinCai are far better than other schools. Electric fans are made available in every dormitory. Air conditioning units are also available but you need to rent them for 1,920 yuan. You will receive your rent deposit after graduation. It is also very convenient to have a network cable connection. You just need to apply for a telecommunications card and rent it monthly for 90 yuan. But do take note that the network cable can only be used for a single computer and a mobile phone, which is a bit rigid.”

“You also need to buy a washing machine of your own. It is not recommended to buy a new one. As soon as you are settled, seniors will come to you and sell second-hand washing machines that are cheaper than new ones.”

Lin Xian nodded. He didn’t care about the money. He cared more about convenience and comfortability.

He then asked, “Senior sister, will the dormitory power be shut down at night?”

“There will be no power outages. Usually, at 11:30 in the evening, the aunt at the dormitory station will turn off the lights, but the electricity for outlets will not be cut-off so that computers and air-conditioning units can still be used. The living room has electricity for 24 hours. But do take note that if the standard electric consumption had been exceeded, the power will be cut-off. You will need to go to the residential management station to reconnect electricity!”

The senior sister paused for a while and then continued: “Moreover, the school will provide you with your basic necessities such as quilts, beddings, pillows, washbasins, water cups, mosquito nets, etc. But of course, if you are not satisfied with the quality, you can buy them yourself.”

Hearing all these, Lin Xian raised an eyebrow.

He remembered how Zhang Mengyao said that JinCai’s accommodation conditions are far better than any other school. But he didn’t expect the same to be true.

It is almost the same as renting a house outside the school premises!

Thinking about whether he can rent a house outside, Lin Xian couldn’t help but ask: “Senior sister, are new students allowed to rent a house outside the school premises?”

“Strictly speaking, you can’t rent a house outside. But if you have a good relationship with the counselor, you can get away with it.” The senior sister said in a lowered voice.

The two of them walked for more than ten minutes before reaching the dormitory at North Gate.

Lin Xian couldn’t help asking: “Senior sister, are we there yet?”

“Here we are.”

The senior sister pointed to the front and explained: “Although the north gate has the best accommodation conditions, it is farthest from the teaching building. It would take about 20 minutes by walking.”

The so-called dormitory station is a small but covered post in front of a dormitory, similar to a security guard post.

The senior sister accompanied Lin Xian to the dormitory station and said to the dormitory aunt: “Aunt Wang, I will take this freshman to the dormitory.”

“Hello, Aunt Wang. I will be troubling you in the next four years!” Lin Xian yelled sweetly.

For him to live well in the university, he needs to establish and maintain a good relationship with the dormitory aunt.

Otherwise, his decorum will be deducted a few points when he returns late at night and it will be troublesome to go inside the dormitory.

Lin Xian has a very good temperament and so Aunt Wang had a very good impression of him.

“The young man is so handsome!”

Aunt Wang smiled kindly, and after registration, she gave Lin Xian his bed card and key.

After all of the formalities were completed, Lin Xian thanked the senior sister: “Senior sister, thank you so much. As my way of thanking you, I will invite you to dinner when I have the time!”

“Sure! Okay then, I will go first.”

Lin Xian’s smile and remarks made the senior sister blush. After waving her hand to bid goodbye, she hurriedly walked away.

When she was halfway, she suddenly realized that she had forgotten to ask the junior brother’s WeChat…

Lin Xian’s bedroom is allocated on the third floor.

When he came to the third floor, he pushed the door of the dormitory and walked in.

At first sight, it is an empty living room with not many things but a coffee table and a wooden sofa.

Lin Xian didn’t expect the living room to be this big.

The entire living room alone is already very spacious, about 30 square meters.

Adjacent to the living room is a quite spacious balcony that is more than enough to dry clothes. There is also a laundry room where students can put their own washing machines.

After visiting the living room, Lin Xian strolled around the large bathroom and toilet.

As soon as he walked out of the bathroom, Lin Xian discovered that there are only two small rooms.

“Isn’t there supposed to be three rooms and a living room? Why is one bedroom missing?”

After thinking about it, Lin Xian thought it would be nicer to miss one bedroom.

If there would be three bedrooms and a single living room, there should be a total of 12 people who would live there. It will be more inconvenient to take a shower or go to the bathroom.

Since there are only two rooms, only a maximum of eight people will be living there together, which is just right!

Looking at the number on his bed card, Lin Xian walked into the small bedroom on the left and found his bed.

Each room has four beds. And there are also two small wardrobes.

There is a brand new air conditioner installed on the wall, but the remote control can only be secured after paying the rent.

In addition, just like the senior sister said, the beds are filled with a complete set of daily necessities.

Lin Xian doesn’t plan on changing the beddings provided by the school for the time being.

The reason is simple. Although the quality of the beddings provided by the school is not very good, they are basically lightweight which makes them easy to fold and unfold. During the military training when there would be random checks, it can definitely save him a lot of time in folding the quilts.

Lin Xian thinks that there is no need to change the washbasin and the mosquito nets. As for the pillows, Lin Xian decided to buy new ones himself.

Years of being independent have given Lin Xian a strong hands-on ability.

Within a few minutes, he has already made his bed. He then opened his shoulder bag and put his clothes into the two small closets.

After he is settled, he heard footsteps in the living room.


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