Chapter 45 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

I am really a challenger!

Pushing the door into the dormitory, Wang Zejing was not yet asleep.

The small fan was useless and the wind that it blows is also hot, turning all over the beds.

Lin Xian put down the fruits and sunscreen. Then he took out the remote of the air conditioner and turned on the air conditioner units in both rooms.

The remote control for the air conditioner held by the dormitory aunt is equivalent to a master key that can turn on the air conditioning units installed in the entire dormitory.

Feeling the cool breeze from the air conditioner, Wang Zejing said exaggeratedly, “Brother Lin, you really are my good brother! You came back just in time!”

“Sleep for a while, and then wake up and pay the air conditioning rent. And take the network cable by the way.”

On such a hot afternoon, it is more comfortable when the air conditioners are on.

Lin Xian slept until two o’clock in the afternoon, and then woke up.

He went into the bathroom, and after taking a shower, he felt refreshed.

Seeing Zhang Kai and the others still asleep, Lin Xian took out his pen and then began to practice writing.

Practicing calligraphy is not only boring but also requires long-term persistence. Once you take a break from practice for a few days, it will be difficult to be at pace again.

After focusing, he quickly entered a focused state. In the quiet small bedroom, only the gradual rustling sounds of a pen rubbing against a paper can be heard…

While in the midst of his practice, Zhang Kai woke up. But seeing Lin Xian so focused on his calligraphy, he did not bother him and walked gently into the bathroom to wash.

Going back to the small bedroom, Zhang Kai looked at Lin Xian quietly, feeling a little amazed.

What is more scary than someone being better than you is that those who are already excellent are restless and works even harder than you.

This is how Zhang Kai feels at this moment.

Thinking that even if he had the same discipline as Lin Xian, he still might not be able to completely focus and practice calligraphy at all.

After writing the last word, Lin Xian put down his pen and took a deep breath.

After more than 20 days of continuous practice, he finally reached the entry level of hard pen calligraphy.

After Wang Zejing and the others got up, they walked out of the dormitory and went to the cashier to pay the bill, and then went to get broadband.

Along the way, senior sisters kept selling second-hand washing machines to them.

These second-hand washing machines are cheap, only four to five hundred yuan.

Seeing Zhang Kai, Sun Jiacheng, and the others ready to move and look into the second-hand washing machines, Lin Xian said, “Don’t worry about the washing machine. I will buy us a new one when the time comes.”

After all, they will use the washing machine for four years. A second-hand washing machine is not safe and prone to malfunction. It would be better to buy a new one.

Hearing this, Zhang Kai waved his hand and said: “Brother Lin, how can you spend for it alone? Let us share with the cost equally!”

Lei Hongguang, Sun Jiacheng, and the others nodded in agreement.

“It’s okay. You also know that I have money. But we need to buy now, so let me pay for now and then you can contribute later.”

Lin Xian took out 3,000 yuan from his wallet and handed the same to Zhang Kai and said, “You are in charge of buying the washing machine later. If the money is not enough, I will pay you the excess cost later.”

Lin Xian proposed to buy a new washing machine so he should pay for it.

As for the errands in looking and buying one, he let Zhang Kai and the others do so.

Zhang Kai took the money in a daze and asked, “Brother Lin, where are you going?”

“I need to go to South Street to buy something.”

Wang Zejing in the side opened his mouth and said. “I am familiar with South Street. Let me go with you!”

As a result, the six were separated. Zhang Kai and the three went on to buy a new washing machine, while Wang Zejing accompanied Lin Xian to South Street.

In the taxi, Wang Zejing couldn’t help but ask: ”Brother Lin, why are you going to South Street?”

“To buy a guitar!” Lin Xian smiled.

Although he has a guitar at home, he didn’t bring it with him. It was just a beginner’s product that he bought when he first learned guitar a few years back. With his current guitar skills, reaching level 6, the guitar at home can no longer keep up with his rhythm.

In fact, there are also musical stores in the Xianlin University town, but most of the owners are ill-hearted businessmen who sell to students their products at a high price.

“Fuck, Brother Lin. Do you also play the guitar?” Wang Zejing was surprised.

“I still have a long way to master it.” Lin Xian smiled slightly.

Downtown at South Street is the most prosperous commercial area in Jinling. There are also musical stores that specialize in a variety of high-quality musical instruments.

After getting off the taxi, Lin Xian and Wang Zejing went straight to the largest musical store.

The store seems to be very deserted.

The owner is a middle-aged man with long hair and a beard, who looked like a trustworthy person.

At this moment, he was seated behind the cash register while playing with his mobile phone.

Seeing some people entering the store, the boss stood up and said, “What are you going to buy? Just take a look around!”

“Are there any folk guitars?” Lin Xian asked.

“Yes! Over here!” The boss said enthusiastically as he led the two to the display stand.

There were more than a dozen guitars with different shapes on the display stand.

Lin Xian took a quick look and selected a guitar and asked, “Can I give it a try?”

“Yes. But you should act lightly so that it won’t make any noise.”

After receiving the guitar, Lin Xian plucked the strings a few times and tried its feel, and then played the song, ‘When you are old’.

The beautiful melody flowed slowly into the air.

The sound quality of the guitar is pure and no noise is produced. And the tone is also very accurate. The treble is bright and clear and the bass is strong and powerful. Coupled with Lin Xian’s superb skills, Wang Zejing, and the store owner couldn’t help but enjoy listening.

After playing, Lin Xian smiled and said, “Boss, I will buy this!”

The owner of the musical store replied and said, ”Nice choice. This is the folk guitar for the 60th anniversary of the Cotton Tree Classical guitar. I will give it to you for 16,000. You have a discount of 200 yuan.”


Lin Xian took out his bank card and handed It over.

”This boss is really honest. The Kapok’s 60th-anniversary folk guitar is worth 16,800 on the official website. It is at least a thousand yuan cheaper.

When they returned to the school, it was already past four in the afternoon.

Back to their bedroom, the guitar case on Lin Xian’s back, they found that the network cable had already been installed but Zhang Kai and the others hasn’t returned yet.

Seeing this, Lin Xian hurriedly took out his mobile phone and asked: “Lao Wang, do you play LOL?”

“Of course! I am already a Challenger!” Wang Zejing said proudly.

Lin Xian was taken aback. “Nice, Lao Wang. All the Challengers of the region can go to the professional teams.”

Wang Zejing nodded and said solemnly: “I have a plan to play professionally, but I am only Silver II in rank. I will contact those professional teams when I become a Challenger.”

“What rank did you say again?”

“Silver II?”

“Didn’t you say you are a Challenger?” Lin Xian raised his eyebrows.

“I do have the strength of Challenger but my luck is too bad. I always encounter weak teammates. And so, I am temporarily stuck in Silver II.”

Seeing Wang Zejing’s serious appearance, Lin Xian couldn’t help but be speechless…


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