Chapter 44 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Feel the despair!

“Yes, there are only you six guys in our class!” says a woman who is about 23 or 24 years old.

Her appearance is quite average, but she had an intellectual charm that makes people feel good about her.

Lin Xian was taken aback for a moment, and then quickly understood that this woman should be the counselor of their class.

Wang Meng and the others who were making their beds in the other room came to the living room one after the other when they heard the voice of a woman.

“Since everyone is here, let me introduce myself. I am Qi Ja. I am the counselor for the first class of Finance. We will spend the time together in the next four years. If you have any questions or difficulties, you can come to me anytime.” Qi Ja glanced at the six guys and introduced herself.

This is the difference between a headteacher and a counselor.

It is very rare to encounter a headteacher, who only appears before and after the final exam. The counselors are different. They show up almost every time.

“Hello, Teacher Qi!” Lin Xian smiled.

Wang Zejing and the others also greeted her one after the other.

Qi Ja nodded. Then she took out her mobile phone and said, “This is the Wechat Group of our class. You can add it. It is where announcements are made on any school activities or class meetings in the future.”

After all of the six guys added the Wechat Group, Qi Ja nodded and said: “That’s it. Okay, I’ll leave now.”

“Won’t Teacher Qi sit for a while?” Lin Xian asked politely.

“No, thank you. I haven’t gone to the girl’s side yet.” Qi Ja waved her hand and then said: “By the way, tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock, the school will hold a freshman’s meeting on the school grounds. You are all required to wear your military uniforms when you participate in the ceremony. Also, the military training tomorrow will begin in the afternoon.”

After Qi Ja left, Lin Xian clapped his hands to draw everyone’s attention.

He then said, “It is still too early. Let us go out for a meal together.”

Friendship among men is established very quickly, often over a meal or a drink.

If you want to get acquainted easily and quickly, dinner together is undoubtedly the best way.

“Brother Lin, are we doing anything else after dinner?” Wang Zejing winked.

Lin Xian glanced at him and asked, “What do you want to do after?”

“Do we really have to go?”

Zhang Kai flushed, there was a constant struggle in his eyes.

‘Oh, I see that this guy has the same character as Wang Zixuan, a mensao!’

After deciding, the six of them walked out of the dormitory building talking and laughing.

As Zhang Kai walked out, he said suddenly, “Brother Lin, the cafeteria does not seem to be in this direction.”

“We’re eating out. I will treat you!” Lin Xian smiled.

Hearing this, Wang Zejing said with arrogance: “Well, I also am a native of Jinling. I will do my best as the host. Brother Lin, don’t grab it from me. I’ll be the one to treat you all.”

Lin Xian nodded and said jokingly: “If Young Master Wang treats us to a meal, us brothers will kill him!”

Walking towards the direction of the school gate, the various orientation points looked busier than ever. There are constantly new students coming into the campus with large and small bags accompanied by their parents.

“Junior Brother!”

At this time, a familiar voice came from Lin Xia’s side.

Lin Xian turned his head and looked and found out that it was Li Yan.

“Hello Senior Sister!”

Li Yan glanced at Wang Zejing and the others who were with Lin Xian and asked with a smile, “School brothers. Are you going to have dinner together?”

“Yes. Would you like to join us?”

Li Yan naturally heard the superficial tone in his question so she shook her head and said, “No. I can’t. I still need to welcome new students.”

After bidding farewell to Lin Yan, Wang Zejing said: “Brother Lin is awesome! It is only the first day and you have already got acquainted with such a high-quality senior sister!”

Zhang Kai and Sun Jiacheng also looked envious.

This is normal for boys at this age. They are young and always yearning for things about men and women.

Lei Hongguang looked at the large population of girls at the school gate and said excitedly: “There are so many girls in our school. Wouldn’t it be possible for us to get a girlfriend?”

Lin Xian glanced at him and smiled but didn’t say a word.

In his mind, he said, ‘Brother, you are thinking too much!’

And then Wang Meng suddenly said, “Huh. How come you boys are always thinking about women. Can you talk about something else?”


As soon as Wang Meng said it, Lin Xian and the other four men couldn’t help but look at each other with a trace of shock and chills in their eyes.

Wang Zejing swallowed and asked: “Brother Lin, don’t you have two vacant beds in your room? I will move over and stay with you!”

“It seems that you can’t do that. I heard from the dormitory aunt that the number in your bed card corresponds to the number that has been assigned to you in the system. Even if you change your major, you still have to occupy the same in your years of stay here in the school.” Sun Jiacheng explained.

Thinking of staying in the same room as Wang Meng for the next four years, Wang Zejing was a little desperate.

Outside the school gate, Lin Xian and the others found a restaurant casually.

They ordered a case of beer, a few side dishes, and their main course was five catties of garlic crayfish.

After a glass of wine, the six quickly loosened up a bit, bragging all over.

After eating, Zhang Kai and the others were already a little drunk. They hooked up their arms in each other’s shoulders and called themselves brothers…

Walking out of the restaurant, Wang Zejing said: “Brother Lin, let’s go to the dormitory and have some sleep.”

“You go back first, I will need to go and buy something.” Lin Xian waved his hand.

“That’s okay. We’ll go back first.”

As Wang Zejing and the others walked back into the school dormitory, Lin Xian stopped a taxi and rushed to the Golden Eagle Shopping Center.

As for what he was going to buy, it is naturally sunscreen.

This weather is extremely hot. Even if it has entered September, the temperature has not dropped at all, but instead, it is getting worse.

He didn’t want to get tanned after half a month of military training.

Lin Xian didn’t know much about cosmetics, so he walked directly into a Chanel store. The recommendation of this big brand should be good.

Under the recommendation of the shopping guide, he bought two bottles of sunscreen and a bottle of facial cleanser, which cost only 1,500 yuan.

Lin Xian bought some fruits before he went back to the dormitory.

When he passed the dormitory station, he put a catty of apples on the dormitory aunt’s desk and said with a smile: “Aunt Wang, these apples are sweet. Please have some.”

“Oh, what are you doing? Auntie cannot accept such things from you. Take it back.” Aunt Wang said quickly when she saw the catty of apples.

“Aunt Wang, this is no big deal. Anyway, I might be of trouble for you in the next four years. Please take them.”

Aunt Wang couldn’t persuade Lin Xian to take back the apples and so she responded: ”You kid. You are not allowed to do this again in the future.”

Lin Xian’s thoughtfulness, made Aunt Wang feel very comfortable.

Then Aunt Wang asked, “Lin Xian, have you paid for the rent on your air conditioning unit?”

“Not yet. I plan on handing over my payment this afternoon.”

Hearing that, Aunt Wang took out an airconditioning unit remote control from the cabinet and said, “It is too hot in the afternoon. Take this and use the air conditioning unit first. And then, let Auntie know if you have already paid.”

“Thank you, Aunt Wang!”


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