Chapter 48 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

You really look at things from a different angle!

Ling Youyu didn’t know why she wanted to run. She should have asked for his name. But why did it end like this?

‘Sigh! I am still not brave enough.’

Back in the shade, Lin Youyu sat on the steps and her beating heart gradually calmed down.

The other girls got together in two’s and three’s and she was the only one sitting there alone.

Not far away, several girls looked in her direction and whispered, “Acting so cold in the dormitory but so active in giving drinks to boys.”

“Who makes her so beautiful.”

“She is quite proactive.”

“Lin Xian is handsome and rich. Of course, you have to be proactive.”

“What do you know. Of course, Jincai boys are very few. And we finally have a high-quality male God. Of course, you need to start early.”

Ling Youyu looked at the small circles of girls with envy in her eyes.

“Why sit here alone?”

The sudden appearance of Lin Xian shocked Ling Youyu.

Her small face turned red, and her big eyes kept on blinking under the tension.

Upon seeing this, Lin xian smiled slightly and sat beside her and handed over a bottle of iced black tea, and said, “Thank you for the watermelon drink. I don’t know what you like to drink, so I just took a bottle.”

“I… I… It’s okay!”

After receiving the iced black tea and finished speaking, Ling Youyu looked quite exhausted.

Lin Xian raised his eyebrows and wondered if she was nervous or stuttering, so he asked, “Are you nervous?”


While speaking, Lin Youyu stretched out her fingers and gestured for a short distance.

It was not until this time that Lin Xian was sure that she really stutters and it seems very serious and makes it extremely difficult for her to communicate normally.

Sure enough, you cannot have it all.

Ling Youyu has an exquisite face, but she has some serious flaws.

Thinking of this, Lin Xian asked softly: ”Is it serious?”

Ling Youyu knew what Lin Xian was thinking and so she nodded like a chick pecking at rice.

“It’s okay. Now the medical technology is very advanced. As long as you actively undergo treatment, you should be healed completely.”

Lin Xian comforted.

Hearing this, Ling Youyu shook her head and said: “No…No…No…”

After speaking, Ling Youyu took out her mobile phone in a hurry.

It seems that because of her frequent typing, she is very fast. In just a few seconds, she was able to type a long line of words.

After typing, Ling Youyu handed him the phone.

Lin Xian looked at Ling Youyu’s response which read as: “It’s useless. I have congenital stuttering. The doctor said that my brain, language, and nervous system are dysfunctional at birth, and there is no way to cure my condition.”

After reading this, Lin Xian didn’t know what to say. It seems that whatever he says might not make any difference.

‘Comfort her?’

‘Encourage her?’

‘Come on. She may not need it.’

‘Moreover, she has the courage to approach me and give me some drinks even if others will see. It only goes to show that she is a brave person in her own right.’

So, Lin Xian changed the subject: “Why did you think of giving me drinks?”

Ling Youyu’s pretty face blushed again. After taking her phone, she typed shyly which read as: “Because you look good when you smile!”

Lin Xian resisted the urge to pinch her face.

“Thank you!”

Lin Xian can fully understand Ling Youyu’s condition.

She has congenital stuttering, after all, which makes it difficult for her to communicate normally with other people. This also makes her inevitably sensitive and introverted.

Lin Xian looked around at the small groups of girls around and said, “In fact, they don’t hate you. It’s just that it is just the beginning of the school year and it is not easy to be familiar with each other. After some time, they can understand you and will accept you.”

Ling Youyu nodded and typed her reply once more: “It’s because of me. I always shook my head and nodded, so they are a bit reluctant to even approach me.”

Lin Xian understood immediately.

Ling Youyu stutters too severely. So in order to express herself properly, she would always just nod or shake her head instead of talking.

And so this kind of behavior was misunderstood by the girls who tried to talk to her. They are not aware of her condition and so they thought that she was very cold and disdainful.

This, plus the other girls’ envy of her physical appearance makes it difficult for her to get along with others.

But when they come to learn about the truth, Ling Youyu can surely get along with the other girls and find her own circle of friends.

“Thank you for the watermelon drink. I will go back now!”

Lin Xian then stood up and left.

Seeing Lin Xian leaving, Ling Youyu rubbed her cheeks again in annoyance.

She forgot to ask his name again!

Ling Youyu could only encourage herself to be brave next time.

Returning to the shade where he and his friends were resting, Wang Zejing leaned forward, winked his eyes, and said, “I didn’t expect that Brother Lin likes this type of girl!”

“She came to offer me a drink. Of course, I should say a word or two to thank her.”

Lin Xian glanced at Wang Zejing and said calmly: ”And I actually have a girlfriend!”

“You have a girlfriend?” Wang Zejing seemed surprised and extremely excited upon hearing that Lin Xian had a girlfriend.

Lin Xian looked at him strangely and raised his eyebrows and asked. “I do have a girlfriend? Why are you looking so excited?”

Wang Zejing smiled and said, “Hey, without Brother Lin as a strong competitor, wouldn’t I be able to become famous in school?!”

Lin Xian was taken aback yet he smiled and said: “Okay Lao Wang, you really look at things from a different angle!”

Zhang Kai also leaned forward and asked curiously, “Brother Lin, can I look at the picture of my sister-in-law?”

“Yes, Brother Lin, let us see her photos.”

“I bet my sister-in-law must be very beautiful!”

Lei Hongguang and Sun Jiacheng also joined in the fun.

Lin Xian couldn’t refuse and so he took out his mobile phone and looked for a photo of Yan Xiaoman.

Looking at the photos on the phone, Wang Zejing said in a pretentious tone: ”It turns out that Brother Lin likes pure and innocent girls.”

“Wow! My sister-in-law has very long legs. She should be really tall, right?” Zhang Kai asked in surprise. 

She is really beautiful and looked like an immortal.” Lei Hongguang commented.

“All the Department of Finance, gather!”

The fifteen minutes had passed and with the instructor’s shout, everyone stood up and walked reluctantly out of the shades of the trees and back to the school grounds.


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