Chapter 49 | I just want to be a salted fish quietly

Little dimples and long eyelashes

Since the school leaders paid special attention to the military training this year, the required hours of military training are also longer than in the previous years.

The students shall gather at 8 o’clock in the morning and be dismissed at 9 o’clock in the evening.

Between lunch and dinner is a four hours break.

It was five-thirty in the afternoon when the instructor disbanded them.

Everyone let out a sigh.

Wang Zejing’s physical condition is too poor. At this moment, there is a possibility that he will collapse. His whole body is completely lying on and depending on Lei Hongguang and Zhang Kai’s bodies.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian joked: “Lao Wang, with your physique, you still want to be famous in the entire school? Be careful as it might break your waist!”

“Brother Lin, aren’t you tired?”

Wang Zejing looked at him in disbelief.

You must know that in addition to standing all afternoon, Lin Xian also did a hundred pushups.

“A little tired, but not as exaggerated as you.”

Lin Xian’s physique is not bad, and with more than a month of exercise, although not as good as those physical education students, but not much worse.

After having dinner in the cafeteria, everyone went back to the dormitory to rest for a while. They waited until 6:30 in the afternoon to set off again to the school grounds.

Not only is the temperature cooler at night, but military training has also become more relaxed. The activities included military songs, chatting, showcasing talents, and the like.

About three hundred students of the Finance Department sat on the ground cross-legged and forming a big circle.

The instructor stood in the circle. His expression was not as serious as in the daytime. And then he asked, “Who can sing military songs?”

The whole audience was silent.

In fact, there must be someone who can sing but was too embarrassed to stand up.

Upon seeing this, the instructor continued: “Since no one knows, then I will teach you a military song. I will sing some lines and then you follow!”

“Being a soldier, I have no difference! Sing” (T/N: from the song ‘Being a soldier’. The Military Anthem of the People’s Liberation Army)


It was just the first sentence but it already made everyone laughed.

They laughed not at the lyrics but at the voice of the instructor.

He was not in tune at all.

The instructor was not angry and instead joked: ”You can’t stand this already? If you listen to our company singing, you will laugh to death.”


Hearing this, everyone burst into laughter again.

It is needless to say that a joke has brought the relationship between the instructor and the freshmen a lot closer.

After singing, the instructor also sat cross-legged on the ground and said with a smile: “I can’t sing alone. Anyone can show off whatever talent they have.”

There were some freshmen who love to express themselves who were about to go ahead and volunteer. But when they saw that no one is taking the initiative, they all held back.

Seeing that the atmosphere was a little dull, the instructor glanced at the crowd and called out, “Lin Xian, come here!”

Lin Xian was originally blending with the crowd and was bowing his head while messaging Yan Xiaoman.

He didn’t expect the instructor to call his name.

No way!

Today is just the first day of military training and the instructor is still completely unfamiliar with the freshmen.

But his performance today impressed the instructor and so he was naturally remembered by him.

He reluctantly stuffed the phone into his pocket and then stood up and walked into the center of the circle.

The instructor patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile: “Be an example. You start!”

“But I don’t know what to perform!” Lin Xian said helplessly.

He had been chatting with Yan Xiaoman and he was not prepared at all at this moment.

“Perform whatever you are good at!”

“I can play the guitar, but my guitar is in the dormitory.” Lin Xian said.

“It’s okay, Brother Lin. I will get it for you!” Wang Zejing shouted from the crowd.

The instructor nodded and said to Wang Zejing: “Okay. I order you to run forward and bring the guitar over in three minutes!”


Lin Xian couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Wang Zejing’s face was bitter. He didn’t expect to get the guitar with a time limit.

Three minutes later, Wang Zejing came to the school grounds panting with the guitar case.

Seeing him looking like he was going to die any time, the instructor joked: “Oh I didn’t know. I thought you were holding a missile!”

“Sit down and rest!”

Lin Xian took the guitar case and took out his guitar and asked loudly, “What would you want me to play?”

“Far away!”


“Huangmei Opera!”

For a time, everyone spoke out.

At this time, Lin Xian suddenly found Ling Youyu was seated in the front row.

At this moment, she was blinking her big eyes and showed a smile and looked at him expectantly.

She smiled and showed two cute dimples.

Seeing this scene, a song unconsciously appeared in Lin Xian’s mind.

“Your requests are too difficult to meet. I will play freely!”

After Lin Xian said that, his fingers gently plucked the guitar strings and a beautiful melody was suddenly heard.

When the melody flowed freely, everyone couldn’t help but feel relaxed.

Staring at Ling Youyu, Lin Xian starter to play the guitar and sing. (T/N: Little dimples)

“I’m still searching for

Someone to rely on, and someone to hug

Who will pray for me? Worry for me?

Get mad and fight for me?

Little dimples, long eyelashes. These are your most beautiful features

Every day, I can’t sleep well, longing to see your smile

You don’t know how important you are to me

With you, my life is perfectly complete

Little dimples, long eyelashes.

So irresistibly mesmerizing.

I slowed my pace. It’s as if I’m drunk”

Ling Youyu’s small dimples and long eyelashes are just so recognizable that Lin Xian can’t help but put it in a song.

Lin Xian’s singing skills are actually average, but he plays the guitar very well. In addition, the song is really great and sweet. Anyone can easily relate to it.

Ling Youyu had already noticed Lin Xian’s gaze and so at this moment, her face was flushed and she looked even cuter.

Because of the tension, her two small hands held the military uniform tightly.

She felt that the song seemed to be dedicated to her.

Thinking of this, Ling Youyu shyly raised her head and took a quick glance at Lin Xian, and then quickly lowered her head.

‘Pa pa pa!’

After singing a song, everyone applauded.

Many girls stared at Lin Xian with hot eyes.

He is both handsome and talented, who can stand it?

Wang Zejing and Zhang Kai applauded loudly.

“Brother Lin you are awesome!”

“Brother Lin, one more song!”

“Brother Lin, I want to give you a monkey!”

At that moment, many girls also followed and shouted that Lin Xian play another song.

This lively atmosphere of the Finance Department has attracted the attention of other freshmen from the other departments who cast their curious eyes.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xian waved his hand and said helplessly: “This is not a solo concert, handsome guys and beauties, please start with your performances!”


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